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This one's for you, Spikey

From the DC Comics FB page. I especially thought of you with this one spikesgirl58


I can hear the sounds of the shoveling truck making the first passes in our parking lot. I'm sure they'll be back a time or two since it's finally now just snowing. I guess they thought it best to try to scrape up the layers of sleet that fell earlier (ugh). Here's a scenic picture taken from my doorway

The white stuff is coming down at a steady pace now and there should be many inches before it's over. I'll go out around lunchtime and start the slow process of digging out the car. I don't want to wait until tomorrow morning since it's supposed to get rather cold tonight and it'll be even heavier and harder to dig once it's settled and frozen solid.

The kitties are hanging in the bedroom at the moment. JuneBug is still intermittently hissing at JonJon who must have that "I got shots" smell. Also, so far so good on the FortiFlora stuff *crossing fingers* as she had a relatively normal visit to the litterbox this morning. That and holy MOLEY does she love the stuff. I usually have to crumble freeze dried shrimp on top of her food to encourage her to eat but not with this stuff. She goes for the gusto and even looks up at me for more when she's finished her food (which she doesn't get LOL). It's expensive stuff but if it works well, I'll have the vet write me a 6 month script so I can get it for tons cheaper at chewy.com. They have it that if you get it on autoship, a 6 month supply is $140. That and once her tummy is ok, I'd likely use half portions for maintenance so $140 for a year for a better kitty tummy is worth it.

What $50 bought me

Work folks tweeted out the video of the breeding celebration they had on November 4

Anna works in our office next door and is a sweetie. Brad's my boss (and yeah, not a natural speaker there lol). The only person interviewed that I haven't met in person is Doug Fisher from the State of NJ though I've corresponded with him.

I also had to watch it to make sure I didn't make it into the video. Whew! lol

Oh and that dish with the chopped up mango was a fantastic oyster and scallop ceviche which Anna had a TON left over so *urp* I had it for dinner that night. 


Happy Birthday Veganhothead!

Love you, sweetie!

Looking to lose a few pounds? Join in!

I only have four folks on my DietBet but I hope that'll pick up when it gets closer to the initial weigh-in this weekend. If you're looking for some motivation to lob off a few pounds and build some better habits, feel free to join in at ->this link<-

Also, feel free to share anywhere! The more folks that play, the more in the pot (and then also likely to make their front page to get more people to join). Personally I'm going to join a second DietBet that runs concurrently since I'm motivated like whoa. It's only a month long and designed to get you paying attention and building better habits.


Well this is odd

Ancestry DNA actually came in today and it's rather different than FamilyTreeDNA

Scandinavian down from 26% to 1%? It fits better with the tree I'd been doing and on ancestry, evidently either my first cousin or my aunt took the test since I got a DNA match to them. Interestingly, it was listed that they had trace amounts of Caucasus, European Jewish, Asia Central in their trees which I don't have. Makes me wonder about ol' Grandma since Mom thought she was a cheater. Mom got grumpy when I asked if she might consider taking a DNA test to find out more about our matches, though. Bummer

My first cousin on Dad's side said she just sent in her ancestry.com DNA today so soon I may have even more answers - cool!


I am so very whitebread lol

The first of my DNA tests are done. Oddly, I didn't get an email and it's not showing matches so it must still be processing but there is a map that according to their FAQ gives me a rough combination of 50% from each parent. How not a shock that I'm 100% European lol

One thing that I am surprised about is that the percentage of British Isles is so low since most of my work on fleshing out Dad's side shows that most of the ancestors go back to the UK. I'm interested in the 7% Sothern Europe and WOW at 26% Scandinavian with another 5% in Finland and Northern SIberia?

Hopefully ancestry.com comes through with their testing so I can compare the two.


Fuck you 2016

Was a huge George Michael fan and just heard that Carrie Fisher just lost her battle. DAMMIT

oh, still lying down mostly but very slowly improving in case anyone was pondering

Typing while flat is hard

Well back is kaput again. Thanks for the vibes, I'm hoping they'll get me to the psych this afternoon. I did venture out long enough to get a couple of small batches of needed laundry done and pick up kitty food. If I can't get out to get any food for anything special on Xmas, I'll order Chinese delivery and have leftovers.
EDIT meh. Rescheduled the psych for Jan 6. Seemed counterproductive to worry all day about it

Just a little vibe if you could spare one?

I've been trying so hard to keep my back from going out on me since I overdid things a week and a half ago. I'm still fighting and today at work was damned rough. I'd really like to be able to go to work to get things done tomorrow since is only going to be the smallest of crews and I can get so much accomplished with less interruptions That and I have my first appointment with the new psych at 5pm which I'd like to get to as well.

I did have some nice things. My downstairs neighbor left me a little thank you gift and a sweet note for the cookies and coffee I gifted them and Mom and Dad sent me a box of Harry and David pears.

Oh, also I may be organizing a diet bet for January for the building at work. Elaine, Latisha and I VERY much need to lose weight. Latisha because she feels sluggish, me because I'm obviously in shit health and Elaine because she has her 20th high school reunion this year. We're even going to have a healthy work potluck on the Thursday when we get back from break in January

Ok, need to get in jammies and get back flat on the couch *sigh* I hope things are going ok with everyone *hugs*

Mmmm nog

I've been wanting one of those copper mugs so I got one at a very good price at Target today.

Coconut nog sprinkled with nutmeg

This and that

I've been told it's therapeutic for me to blog more regularly so here we go and stuff.

Even though this week at work has been absolutely insanely busy, occasionally drama-laden and frequently frustrating, and since my back has been iffy enough to warrant sleeping mostly on the couch, it hasn't been all bad.
I kittysat neighbor kitty Miles a few days who was pleased to see me as usual.
I took the time to bake cookies - first the ones with nuts which were very popular at work and then I made lemon butter cookies and packaged them up and left them on my three apartment neighbor's doorsteps. Miles' mommy Natalie was especially pleased and left me a gift in return of chocolate and her family's tradition of fresh dates (I don't like eating them on their own so I'll have to figure out putting them in something).
Emily and I went to see Rogue One today which we enjoyed very much and had lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill. I'm STILL full. She also gave me a Xmas gift of a book about cats and a skirt that actually has stars that light up. lol
I had dim sum with my friend Lena last Sunday which was so nice and I'm pleased to have the prospect of a few folks that may want to hang out over holiday break.

I'll ponder doing more than bullet points when I can organize the brain enough to do that. 

This kid is amazing

Saw this on CBS Sunday Morning today and it got me choked up. This kid - Rishi Sharma is trying to visit a WWII vet daily

He's actually made his GoFundMe goal which is great. He's doing a wonderful thing.
Though it's been tempting to do it to Mr. Needy Early Riser JonJon

In case you were wondering - kitty is FINE. lol

Not feeling the love, Rutgers.

So about half an hour ago, we get an email containing this:

Attention Rutgers Community:

The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating a report of shots fired which occurred at approximately 12:00 PM at the intersection of Jones Avenue and Seaman Street in the City of New Brunswick.

In this incident a local resident reported seeing a male who was standing in the intersection point and fire a handgun towards the direction of Commercial Avenue. The male then fled on foot into the City and away from University property. There are no known injuries as a result of this incident. Police patrols have been increased in the area.

The perpetrator was described as a black male wearing all dark clothing and a wool cap.

The New Brunswick Police Department asks that anyone with information, or who may have been in the area at the time, to contact the New Brunswick Police Department Detective Bureau at..."

Are we on lockdown? Nope. I mean gee, it's "off campus" and the person ran "away from University property" But let's take a nice look at where this dude was in comparison to where I am, shall we?

How comforting. That's the route I typically drive home. Right past that intersection to Commercial Ave. Methinks I'll be taking a different route this afternoon.


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I hope I wouldn't be THIS bad

I admit, I snorted when I saw this on TV and had to go look it up.


Subliminal Christmas Helltunes

So I'm sitting eating lunch at a little bakery and they have a radio station playing Xmas tunes. I foolishly started paying attention to the lyrics and realized that damn, many of them are creepy as all hell. Now there's the more obvious depressing ones like "Blue Christmas" where most of the time it's Elvis pissing and moaning about some chick that clearly doesn't have an interest in dealing with his drama around the holidays, and the same sort of whiny theme for "Please Come Home for Christmas with this oh-not-depressing-at-ALL bit:

My baby's gone I have no friends
To wish me greetings once again

Bud, pull it together! Even "I'll Be Home for Christmas" leads you to believe it's hopeful until you get to the end:

I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Passive aggressive much, dude? Ok, so I get it. It's the time of year people off themselves because they're depressed. No need to beat us over the head. But then there's other ones that seem ok until you listen to them. The song that first made me go "damn, really?" was "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" which prompted me to tweet
"We Wish You a Merry Xmas" is a bunch of bitch-ass extortionists demanding pudding or they'll continue their singing sit-in.

If you listen to it, it's annoying AF:
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
Now bring us some figgy pudding
And a cup of good cheer

We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
We won't go until we get some
So bring it right here

If I got that kind of crap from carolers, I'd be tempted to yell "Now listen you rude drunken asswipes, get off my porch before I toss a carafe of hot coffee on you!"

Heck, even in "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" the parental frustration with the holiday is palpable with this bit:
A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots
Is the wish of Barney and Ben;
Dolls that will talk and will go for a walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.

Heh, hope I didn't ruin too much for you. Just spike the hell out of that eggnog and warble "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and you'll be fine.

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My little Thanksgiving for one

Turkey breasts and thighs work very well in the crock pot, btw

I'd like to stop by the Jewish bakery tomorrow to pick up a couple of challah rolls to make some stuffing to go with the leftover turkey.


Was bending down to give the kitty scritches and have managed to pinch a nerve in my neck. Crud.

Certified Cat Lady confirmed

I don't recall if I mentioned that my friendly downstairs neighbor Natalie asked if I'd come in and hang out with her kitty while she is gone a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday. He has an automatic feeder and is generally fine for a day or two but she worries if she's gone longer than that. Of course I agreed. Kittyboy Miles gives me little demure meows and sniffs the screen when I go downstairs so I hold my fingers near the screen and tell him hello and that he's a good boy.

Natalie was super curious how he'd receive me fully in the flesh and we got the answer right away when I visited her for a meet and greet this evening. The minute I stepped inside, meows abound as Miles came lumbering up (he's a bit of a chunky love) quickly to greet me and demanded patpats and attention. She told me that he will get SUCH a sad look on his face if he hears me coming down the stairs and doesn't get to the window in time. Also, he even recognizes the sound of me coming down over the other upstairs neighbors.

I guess I have a kitty boyfriend? lol. Oh and I refused her offer of money for the visits. I told her next time she makes some yummy preserves to keep me in mind is all.

Ain't she a little ray of sunshine?

Local bird-worshipper on a community FB group

Guess she's not a fan of cats. Hmph.
EDIT - ah, her own FB page - reeeeally not a fan. Sheesh, lady

Holiday humdrum

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

So far I'll be flying solo on Thanksgiving and likely checking in on the neighbor's kitty. Christmas might likely be the same. Between being unable to get a kittysitter and not really having the money (or inclination, really) to travel, it'll be another year of nothing going. I should try to do something, at least so I'll have to ponder.


Something cute for a switchup

Oh spikesgirl58 this looks right up your alley if you don't already have it:

The CatDala coloring book


It boggles my mind with the number of people - mostly on FB - that keep insisting that people just need to shut up and calm down and respect Trump now that he's about to be president. It's not just Trump having his finger on the proverbial button that's the entire problem and they don't appear to get that. Republican president all set to appoint a gang of wackadoo sycophants to his cabinet, republican congress, republican house, soon to be a handpicked judge to add to the Supreme Court. Tell me, where are the checks and balances? Yes, there isn't an overwhelming majority in Congress, thankfully, but still, a lot of damage can be done in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, I have friends legitimately freaking out because Congress is already chomping at the bit to pick apart the ACA and Trump and evil freaking Pence are poised to go after taking away LGBTQIA rights. One friend in particular I feel especially horribly for. She has life threatening health conditions and her ACA insurance and the elimination of pre-existing conditions is what's been keeping her going as well as a special work program for disabled people. If the job and the insurance are picked away bit by bit, make no mistake, she will die. It is not media trumped-up fearmongering, these are things that were promised by Trump himself AND by the now nearly unchecked congress that's been cockblocking Obama from day one are poised and ready to do their level best to accomplish.

Oh and to those who think that the hate Trump stirred up is overblown, good grief, someone hollered "KILL OBAMA" at Trump's victory speech. Yeah, these sorts of folks are tooootally going to just chill out and be happy go lucky good, honorable citizens that haven't planned celabratory KKK marches, or instigated racial or gay intimidation. All just the media, right?

I'm one of the lucky ones, I know that. But I have friends that aren't so lucky and I worry for them.


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