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Doing ok, feels weird though

Kittysitter sent this pic of the curious but skittish duo debating whether to come in the kitchen

Their hungry tummies won out and they both devoured dinner. Proud and thankful.

Going to be strange to try to sleep without them. It's been 3 1/2 years

Birthday love

I'm wishing a very happy birthday to two absolutely lovely people
a_phoenixdragon and threecee

Peaceful Cuisine

I stumbled on this YouTube channel last night and had to subscribe. The channel's title of "peaceful cuisine" is so accurate. You can almost meditate to the food preparation. Also, the food he makes looks delicious - such as this marbled carrot cake/ginger cake (which is also vegan)

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Hey there, Matthew

So looks like we are getting some of the rain from Matthew coming up from the south after all. Thankfully nothing like the intense stuff that happened to others. Guess laundry is waiting for another day but I do need to venture out sometime soon this morning to buy food for the week.

Happy Birthday MRUA7

This kitty will wish you happy birthday too - when he wakes up

Love these "Life Where I'm From" videos

They updated with showing a Japanese family restaurant. I'd love to go to one!

Ok, that was pleasant. Now some debate unpleasantness - for as long as I can stomach it

Lameness accomplished

Ah, it was just as lackluster as anticipated. The "gift" was a bell but not a cowbell. I've a feeling they had a LOT of swag left over from the Rutgers 250 celebration that they recycled on us

Keys for scale. Yeah it's "cute" but the University led us to believe that they had a big ol' stash of money to do right by everyone with fancy parties. Since our admin wanted me to pick up her gift and I didn't want mine, I left it on her desk. Oh and the "prizes" were things like t-shirts from old promotions and cheap coffee mugs. I didn't stick around long enough to see if I won any more useless clutter.

The food was clearly left over - if not from last week, from a slightly more recent event. Stale soft pretzels, stale popcorn, stale brownies - I didn't bother to eat anything. Thankfully I had eaten a decent lunch. They had a volunteer employee from our Camden campus who fancied himself a DJ who needs to not quit his day job. lol.

All in all, they put forth the bare minimum. The table at this thingie that actually was the most put together was our own little Anna who was showing off the turfgrass stuff and serving candied cranberries that she made, grapes and brie and salsa that she made. I knew better than to touch the salsa since it was pretty much all habeneros. But I'll have to say that I'll be having her help us out planning stuff when we have to host folks from other land grant schools on the east coast next October.

And fortunately I didn't see the guy I blocked on FB. Whew!
I'm not looking all that forward to this afternoon's rescheduled faculty/staff appreciation thing. For one, I've heard it through the grapevine that the "fabulous gifts" are complete shit (he was sworn to secrecy as to what they are but he's not the type to mislead). We've also heard that they're actually going to recycle the week plus old popcorn and feed it to us. Additionally, we're going to have to file outside and get nametags and tickets then sit outside and listen to the higher ups bluster about bullshit at length before they'll bother to give us the promised shit prizes. It's like forced mingling. Yes, attendance is optional, but you know that it really kind of isn't optional since it's "expected" that you show up and put on a happy face.

On a personal note, I'm not looking forward to this afternoon since I really don't want to run into the guy I recently blocked on FB. Fortunately he's not tried to contact me via other means so I'm crossing fingers that either he's not showing up to this thing today or that he'll leave me be. Since it's outside and it's sunny today, it'll help a bit that I'll wear my sunglasses and maybe a hat (oo - like a celebrity!).

Anyhoo, it is so typical of this place that to show their "appreciation" for our dedication or some such hoo-ha that instead of giving us a little monetary bonus or sending everyone gift cards to someplace, it has to be some sort of self-serving bombastic "party" that no one here down in the trenches really wants and as usual, is tossed together all half-assed but we'd better appreciate our appreciation and not complain, daggonit! 
Watching the end of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith because it was on the channel when I turned the TV on just now. Totally not because anytime there's a chance to drool over McGregor's Obi-Hot or anything, noooope. Anyhoo, it comes on to the whole Padme birthing vs. Anakin becoming Vader scene and I've always had an issue with this part.

Ok, I get that you're trying to show the parallel between the connected characters being in pain and shit but it always bugged me that you have spacecraft that can zip around the galaxy in no time, wear elaborate fancy clothing paired with intricate hairstyles, have droids that wait on you hand and foot including some floating chair for Yoda to zip about, yet childbirth involves a droid cooing an-absolutely-NOT comforting "oooombaa" noise while it savagely melon-balls your offspring out of your girly bits. Somehow there's no galactic-senate-approved epidurals in this highly technical medical bay? I don't buy that she's crying out in mere emotional pain since it's a bit too timed with the ooomba-ing about.

Now I can more easily buy that there's no pain meds for Darth KFC Mainly because the Emperor would deny them because he absolutely is a sadistic bastard that was likely getting off on all the caterwauling that crispy-fried Ani-Vader was doing and was also pissed that his golden boy didn't finish his job properly.

Then again, it also bugs me that the Jedi are supposedly so one-with-the-Force and can sense all kinds of super secret intent but never pick up on the fact that Padme's knocked up until she's in labor. Although considering they're supposed to be celibate, I guess they don't teach the younglings where babies come from.

I'd like to see more of this

Michelle Obama hugging George Bush at the opening of the National Museum of African American History & Culture

I may have not been a big fan of him as president but this kind of sentiment I can totally get behind and there needs to be more of it. You can tell this is a genuine moment and it's lovely.

(Photo credit to David Hume Kennerly)


Viking kitties were REAL!

Scientists Find DNA Evidence of Viking Cats and I'll bet that they were pretty darned badass. Of course the moment I read the headline, I knew that I was going to have this in my head all day


You're welcome! MUAHAAHAA!

Harry Potter and the Boring Screenplay

I thought it was just my lack of attention span and the fact that reading a screenplay isn't the same as a novel but nope, it wasn't that. Since I have a meetup on Saturday to chat about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and since I took today as a sick day since hormones were roughing me up but good, I was determined to finish it.

Alas (earwax), I thought it stunk. Didn't feel the vibe of any of the known characters and didn't care much about the new characters. It read like cheesy fanfiction and while I was mildly curious to see how the drawn out plot was going to end, when I got there, it was a big ol' "meh, whatever."

Ah well - it doesn't ruin my love for the "real" Harry Potter series so that's good at least.

Well, that's that

The "friend" felt inspired to respond to my one non-silly posts on FB today. This is after I noticed that he was turning his anger on his FB up to eleven with an attitude of OBAMA SUCKS (now that he supports HC) and more shock articles about refugees, Soros, rioting, etc. I, however, was saddened by the protest news I saw and also worried because my friend - and friend of some others here and on FB actually works in downtown Charlotte. So I posted this:
Screenshots and disappointmentCollapse )

A sacrilicious fall for you Catholic types!

Hipster Priest Consecrates Fresh Batch Of Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Eucharist

Mmmm, what goes with pumpkin spice Jesus instead of the boring standard blood? Mulled wine? Hard apple cider?

If I were a believer, I'd be wondering why the big daddy G to the D hasn't smited all this pumpkin spice nonsense yet.
It's been one long, annoyingly hot summer with only a few breaks. Even though Autumn begins in about ten or so minutes, it's supposed to get into the 80s again today and near 90 tomorrow before it is supposed to dip down this weekend. I'm looking forward to being able to cover up with a blanket and have JuneBug snuggle instead of just lie next to me. I'm looking forward to getting off my lazy behind to take a walk and admire all the different colors like this (taken a few years ago)

I'm hoping that they don't turn the heat on in the apartments until I've had a chance to bake something and I'm certainly hoping we don't have too much of a stretch of "Indian Summer" where it'll be warm outside when the heat is on inside.

I've already visited my favorite orchard a couple of times and would like to go visit one I haven't been to before. Everyone seems to love summer but it sucks the life out of me and I've gained weight and have been in a schlump. I intend to try to rectify that...ok...I might indulge a wee bit so it'll be the slow and easy path back to health.

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I have a cunning plan

Why don't we just go sneak up to Canada and steal Justin? C'moooooon! You know ya wannnnaaa

Or maybe at least we can work a trade deal to send them back the "other" Justin
Not following the friend daily on FB but I do check his feed now and then since I may run into him at work functions and want to see if he's still ranting. Yesterday afternoon he posted this (along with increasingly more disturbing memes and biased blogs)

So it makes sick to see people supporting Hilary. First, she cheated her way past Sanders. Second, she takes millions from George Soros who basically wants a borderless world and destroy Israel Third supports bringing in more refuges that we can't possibly check so we can have problems like Germany. Fourth, she shared and attempted to delete confidential emails even violating the law.

The media is intentionally misdirecting people. The media is part of the same machine. If Hillary gets elected and things go sideways. Her supporters might as well unfriend me now because it'll be day after day of I told ya so!

We're being divided with this Black Lives Matter movement, not standing for the flag, and other bs. It's like a magic trick. We're being distracted with bs while they take our country away.

A few things strike me about this. I'll bet you a million dollars that last week he hadn't a damned clue who George Soros is - hell, probably not even the day before yesterday. But Soros is "left wing" and giving half a billion dollars to "refuges" (sic) so therefore he's horrible. That and I'm also betting he knows anything or cares jack squat about Israel himself either. That and the "refuges" - this friend is the son of Cuban immigrants. However, according to him, his parents were the "good kind" of immigrants.

He's posting more and more memes that look increasingly more racist which saddens me and then on a personal level, the "Her supporters might as well unfriend me now because it'll be day after day of I told ya so!" is really depressing. No difference of opinion permitted, according to his feed, now all "libs" are "communists" Uh...but he is a Bernie supporter...supposedly? I don't understand that connection at all. The fact that he's threatening to harass me and other friends that haven't been rude to him at all is truly sad. All over a difference of politics where mere months ago he proclaimed to side with someone most definitely not right wing.

It looks like I may lose a friend - but it won't be my fault. I'm not going to be threatened to change my vote to keep someone as a friend. A real friend wouldn't ask such a thing of me.

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Now this is a spoiled kitty

Kitty doesn't get this on the regular per the comments at youtube. It's usually just a birthday treat but she got spoiled so he could do the video (I'll copy/paste them under the video here so you don't have to go to the source). I don't know if mine would appreciate all the effort like this kitty does.

Video comments from Jun from the youtube pageCollapse )


Laundry money!

Had decent luck peddling my wares out in the community garage sale today. I had no big ticket items and was pricing to get RID of stuff so I set a goal of $30. I made $36.75! I'm taking my leftovers to work to see if I can sell more there. I'm debating whether to just give the CDs and DVDs away instead of trying to bother with bartering. Yeah, I know, money but I've gotten my full use out of them and honestly? Even at a quarter a piece, they weren't moving well at all. Might also be due to the fact that they aren't in jewel cases. They have all the original art but years ago I purchased plastic sleeves to save on space and weight in moving.

Hey, if anyone has a hankering for anything in particular, I can look and send for the buddy price of nada. It's mostly pop, some 70s oldies, some rock, a few classical-ish and entirely too many soundtracks and compilations.

One thing I got rid of was a small IKEA table that was taking up needed apartment real estate (sold it for a buck, it cost me originally $7 and I was NOT about to bring the darned thing back upstairs lol). When I got done garage sale-ing, I moved a lightweight cabinet from the living room to the bedroom where the table was so if I get the energy to straighten up the living room properly, I'll do a "What's your living room look like?" photo thingie.

Oh and doggies found me irresistable. Coconut came while I was setting up and nudged for pets and flopped on her side for a thorough belly rubbing. Two pitties gave me snuffles and licks. A poodle gave me sad eyes until I administered scritches. Little dog Lucy (not sure what she was) put her paws on my lap and licked my nose and nudged my phone to type a tweet and there were other dogs pleased as punch to tell me hello. Fortunately my kitties were more interested in sticking their heads into my sweaty sneakers when I got in than bothering to notice dog smell on me.
So I was driving home from work this afternoon, sitting in a bit of backed up traffic when I grew tired of the same old, same old on the radio. I bumped the scan button until I landed on a classical station which was nice since they were playing a symphony of some sort. Then Hoedown from the Rodeo ballet came on. Oh, you know the song:
But you probably also know in the back of your head that the song is forever associated with "BEEF, IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER." If you don't, here's what I'm talking about:

What's even worse for me is that I always end up having a gigglefit because I remember a silly conversation from years ago that veritasema and I had where she asked me what I was having for dinner and it was one of those nights where I wasn't inspired to cook so my answer was "Toast, it's what's for dinner."

I don't know if it's a good thing or not that my brain went off on a tangent about that and I kept chuckling (and hence kept getting weird looks from the cats) because yeah, toast. Just doesn't have the same umph, the same MANLY MAN feel, the same gravitas as gnawing on that roasted hunk of steer. I mean can you imagine, the circle around the fire and non-meat-eating cowboys with their bits of bread on a stick trying to turn it a nice shade of light brown over the campfire without it falling in and burning to a crisp?

Then cowboys and commercials naturally made me think of this and yeah, done for

I can watch that damned thing about a million times and it'll start me into a tear-filled gigglefit EVERY flippin' time.

Insubordination, ahoy! I keed.

We had a group meeting today to discuss website updates since the whole University is all het up about making stuff look fancy. I'll actually have to do the USDA Capacity website stuff from scratch since we don't even have a web presence at the moment.

Anyhoo, Peggy, made us all pose this week at this stupid giant sign out on the lawn (the version with us is still being processed)

Now she's poking us to get headshots for our respective sites. UGHHHH. I no waaannnaaaaa have a headshot. So this afternoon I was making jokes that I want to do one of those cheesy 80s photoshoots and bring my cats. Then I forwarded her and Bossman this picture saying they can use it on the website

Honestly? I'd find it totally hilarious if they did use that. I mean hey, then people would definitely know what they're getting into when they look me up to get my contact information and see that. Heh heh.
Kitties being all dramatic when their owners return:

Cat parents - do you get this?

Lately JonJon has NOT been wanting me to leave to go anywhere. He angsts and meows and rubs against me when he even thinks I'm going to head out. I've been giving him calming treats but I need to figure out something else for his separation anxiety. Poor fluffbutt.


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