Hugh and Stephen say Hello!

Ah, memories

My buddy pmoodie who hasn't been around LJ in ages shared this on FB with his commentary "In case the world's getting too depressing, and we're looking for the sublime":

Queen - LiveAid 1985. I remember getting up early and watching as much as I could all day when I was 15. Looooove this

So "vetting" is what the kids are calling it these days?

Oh a_phoenixdragon you know what this article trending on FB made me think of*

Chris Christie’s Shameless Shilling For Donald Trump May Pay Off After All

It's a timeless love story. Hate turns to love, turns to sad, sorry ass-kissing, maybe to mawwaige? Or possibly just BOOM CHUCKA WAH WAHHHHH

*Why no, I haven't been sleeping well for a while, why do you ask? *snoooorrrrttt*
Junie and Bunny

Poor put-upon kitty

I have this feeling my girl kitty JuneBug gets exasperated with me every time I shower. She lies on the rug in the hallway outside the bathroom looking dramatic. Then when I start to step out of the tub, she comes in the room and walks around "assessing" my legs (yes, I leave the door open. It's me and the kitties, why bother shutting doors?)

She waits, wandering in little circles as I towel off and put on my bathrobe and don the slippers. When I start walking out of the bathroom, I get the insistent "MrrrrrrrrrOW!" and she jogs ahead of me and jumps on the bed then looks at me expectantly. I'll give her some butt spanks (yep) and head scritches. When I start to get dressed, she watches and waits and then wants petted again. This time it's so she can rub her head on my bare arms and lick my elbows (huh?) and I lean over so she can headbonk me.

It makes me wonder if she's thinking "GOD MOM! Every DAY I have to work SO HARD to get my smell back on you!"
SW ObiWan thinks you smell

Buh bye, Wegmans

My tweeting my rant to Wegmans got a response and this is the lame letter from the store which I'll insert my opinions in bold:

"Good Afternoon, I wanted to take the time this afternoon and reach out to you in regards to your recent shopping experience here at our store. First off I want to apologize for your poor shopping experience as we would never want that to happen to our customers. I will first address your experience with the Sushi not being ready for your convenience at 9 am when you were in shopping, due to the freshness of the products we aim to have all of our sushi set around 10 am, with that being said we have our employees here starting as early as 6 am, so if you ever want a specific roll that is not out we would be glad to make that roll for you. I apologize that the new cauliflower rice roll was not out for you and I hope in the future you are able to give this a try."

By 9am on a weekend, any grocery store is HOPPING with business and food that's advertised as prepackaged should be ready to pick up. If the staff members already been there for two to three hours, having only three kinds of rolls prepared is pretty sad. It reeks of poor management. There's no actual visual menu of sushi rolls to pick from that I've ever seen, what would I even know to ask for without pestering someone for a listing? Besides, who else would feel shitty about interrupting someone making regular stock for them to stop and make me something special?

In regards to the Produce department not being fully stocked in the morning we have 3 overnight employees that come in to assure the department is ready to go in the morning. If there is ever a specific item you are looking for don’t hesitate to ask as it should be on the fresh delivery that we receive every morning.

Yet again, what a cop-out putting the burden on the customer to hunt someone down to ask for something. I wasn't not talking about one or two items being out of stock, entire WALLS of produce were completely empty at 9am. Well, except for obnoxiously overpriced crap like the $7/pound pre-cut cauliflower and the other expensive pre-chopped produce. It's all about the profit, clearly.

As for the Merchandising side of the store, we have a full team of overnight employees who stock our store and make sure It is ready for our business first thing in the morning when our store opens and we have employees here throughout the whole day to ensure our product levels are good for our customers

Uh...except that I observed that the product levels were not ready for business even three hours after opening much less first thing and that the product levels were not good. It was the primary point of the entire previous rant. Pay attention, bud.

I also want to apologize for your poor check out experience and we will address this with the cashier, if you are able to reply with the operator Id number located at the bottom of your receipt, it would be greatly appreciated.

No. I'm not laying the burden of shitty bagging on one person. I noted and have tweeted and emailed them in the past about bagging problems. It's a MANGEMENT problem. A TRAINING problem and I won't have one individual cashier punished for a systemic issue.

We do take a these concerns seriously and they will be addressed. We put a lot of time and effort into training our employees and if there is ever a time we can get better we will always seize that opportunity. I would love to chat with you and help resolve any more of your concerns in the future, I hope we do not lose you as a customer as we are always looking for way to continuously improve our business. We appreciate your feedback and will do what we can to be better every day. If you are ever in our store again which I hope you will be don’t hesitate to ask for one of our Store Leadership members so we can assist in the future. Thank you so much.

You know, if it weren't for the lame excuses given earlier, I'd believe this. But after all those deflections and requests to blame things on anyone else except management, this comes across as a copy/paste form statement.

This reinforces my thought that I'm going to see what else is out in the big, wide world of food shopping. I'm sure there are some nice and maybe nearby Mom and Pop places I haven't explored that could use my money. Is Wegmans going to go under from not having my piddly bit of business? Maybe not, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that's displeased with a lack of customer service.
Bunny Standing

Am I a member of the club?

I follow my new dermatologist on FB, the one that excised my pre-cancerous mole and will be doing regular checks. She or her admins posted this thing this morning
June 2nd is National Cancer Survivor Day. Shout out to all #melanoma and other cancer survivors out there! You are so strong and amazing!

I wonder. Does my little mole removal count for me as being a "cancer survivor"? Yeah, I do have a scar and when I raise my arm, you can see a pretty darned funky looking dimple but in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing compared to someone that's had real, invasive surgery and/or radiation or chemo. It's so small and I was very lucky to have caught it before it became "real" cancer.

I certainly don't feel brave or at all worthy of any accolades or credit (aside from getting off my pale ass and finally getting checked out). When I saw things like that before, it was foreign to me. Now it's familiar but not.

Don't know if I'm making any sense here. :/
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kitty HELL no

Like a tapeworm in the brain

Anxiety is a parasite. It's a living being that thrives on the adrenaline it makes you generate. It's a tricky thing that evades being caught and eliminated for good. It'll go into hiding somewhere in the dark recesses of your brain and lies in wait until everything is quiet before striking hard. Why does the parasite wait? Because it has learned somehow that the adrenaline is sweeter if allowed to stay down for a while before being prodded back again all nice and plentiful and fresh.

Damned parasite. It decided last night that it had waited long enough and started to prod at my subconscious when I was drifting off to sleep, causing broken and nonsensical mini-nightmares. It woke me up and decided it wasn't pleased that I wasn't reacting enough so it squeezed at my back so that I couldn't sleep in bed anymore. Then when I was foolish enough not to take anything aside from pain meds, decided to worm back into the dreams.

Suffice it to say, I'm tired today and glad that I'd already planned to take the day off. However screw that parasite. A little white pill will take care of things tonight...I hope.
Amelie turns off the tv

Because I have more to rant about this

My buddy veritasema retweeted this and it got me irritated. This is such crap - CBS Passes on Nancy Drew Adaptation For Testing “Too Female” For Lineup

As I groused about on FB - "Too female" The fuck is that shit, CBS? Last I checked it doesn't require a penis to use a remote control.

It's patently ridiculous and regressive to make a blanket assumption that a show with a largely female cast or a strong female lead won't do well in ratings. Gee, it's never worked in the past. Shows like Charlie's Angels, Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Orange is the New Black, The Carol Burnett Show, That Girl, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Good Wife, Laverne and Shirley all totally tanked after the first episode, right?

It's also interesting that this is the network that just passed off Supergirl to the CW. Yes, they did keep a few female-driven shows like Two Broke Girls, Madam Secretary, and Mom but for how long? I'm starting to wonder about the trend. It's like they're trying to "bro" up the lineup or something.

SW Padmé crybaby

Agent Carter cancelled - aw MAN

This sucks - I really enjoyed Agent Carter

Originally posted by leenerific at Agent Carter cancelled



On the flip side, not so torn up at hearing about Castle getting cancelled after hearing about how Nathan Fillion was such a douchebag. Disappointing since he seemed like such a nice dude.
Evil laugh

Found on FB

This has just SLAYED me this afternoon. Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd (too bad he didn't shave) doing a SPOT ON remake of Styx "Time on My Hands"

And if you have any doubt that the original isn't as amusingly, hideously, hilariously, bad, check the original:
SW Dorme Tiny

Waving from the train

Next stop Philadelphia! Good wifi on Amtrak

Need to meet Elaine's boss to share a taxi to the comference. I'm anticipating whiny kitties when I get home since it might not be until *gasp* 6:30

Evil laugh

Bathrooms are important, yo

Hey spikesgirl58, you might want to see if this is available in London!

I saw a report on the news about being able to rent things more nowadays like AirBNB and such. One that I found amusing that I looked up was AirPNP to find potties for rent. I might have to download it on my phone the next time I have a trip to NYC. What was especially funny was the signup confirmation email tagline:

"Urine good hands"

Kitty checking out bird

Watching Cat TV

I was giving JuneBug a snuggle when she hopped up next to me near the bedroom window and was curious when she seemed hyperfocused since anymore the kitties seem to take the constant viewing of birds and squirrels in stride lately since they get so much of it at the new place.

I looked to see what had her attention and laughed. There was a blue jay on a branch of one of the several spindly trees and there was a squirrel right below it. When the blue jay would hop to another branch or tree next to it, the squirrel was following! On and on it went, hop, scamper, hop scamper. It was clear they were actually playing with each other. The squirrel seemed to almost lose interest so the blue jay chirped and after a moment a second blue jay came along and the game was on! The birds teased the squirrel and the squirrel hopped and leapt around them. They were having a grand old time.

By that point, JonJon hopped up to find out what was going on and I watched with them for a good five minutes before I gave up my spot at the window so they could have the best Cat TV viewing since they're not interested in Mommy's TV.
TBBT Howard - recognize

And does my icon fit, or what?

Oh my GOSH. They made a movie about Florence Foster Jenkins!

If you don't know who she is you can check out her Wikipedia page. Or you can listen to the real deal - brace your ears!:

The top comment on this YouTube tells it - I played this loudly and I've never seen my cats more pissed.

I love my kitties so I shant assault their poor little ears by turning up the volume.