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Really, LJ?

Beware if you're at work and you go to the main page. Whoever is the person that picks posts to highlight there has posted TWO posts from people with dick pics.

Thank goodness I have a private office but yeah, not interested in unsolicited peen pics, k thanks livejournal

Hoping for some vintage horrors

I received some Woman's Day magazines from the 1940s and 1950s last night and it really surprised me about the number of name-brand products that are still around today. I'll try to get the chance to find a scanner to show off some of the awesome old ads. Mom wants me to scan the page with a whole ton of cottage cheese recipes since we were talking about cottage cheese just before I opened the packages.

Unfortunately they didn't have a lot of the fun, gross content we like to go EWWW! over. Then I found this beauty for a song on ebay this morning and I hope it comes soon. The cover alone is delightfully horrible

I mean look at it! Those olives are just staring at you! I have to wonder, did people really make and eat these?

In other news, JonJon was being a little bit of a whiner on camera after I left. But then the jerk wasn't satisfied with harassing Junie out of the window seat (I couldn't see it but I heard the mini spat) but then he started chasing her down. She did her usual thing of running under the chair and he was there pawing at it. So I turned on my microphone at work and told him to knock it off. He sat up all surprised and looked at the camera. It took another couple of orders to leave her alone and he actually wandered away. I doubt it will work every time but if I can reduce the amount of times that he bugs her when I'm not home, maybe she'll have less gastro issues. She has her good days and her bad - fortunately more good lately. But some days her poor tummy is a wreck. I feel for her since I get the same problem out of the blue some days.

EDIT: Oh! Forgot to mention that hopefully tomorrow I'll get a package from Misfits Market to try out. I paid about $20 for a box of imperfect organic produce since people in my area seem to like it. I'm hoping they don't have any green bell peppers in there since I dislike those but I'll try to use about everything I get. I'll make sure not to buy a lot of produce tomorrow morning on the weekly TJs trip since I want to use my goodies when they come. I'll have to take pictures and post. If there is some truly unusual stuff, I may have to request some ideas!

Pings halo

On a Facebook group for food porn, someone asked what to use in her trifle that she had pears and angel food cake.

Naturally I couldn’t help but suggest beef sautéed with onions and peas 😇

I'm just sayin'

They need these guys in the US

This video was fascinating. Japanese moving companies are incredible

Oh and spikesgirl58, you'll like some of their graphics on the truck. Heh.

Et tu, kitties?

Boy, and here I was all concerned that there was sadness and drama every time I leave the home. It's been over three hours and the camera hasn't spotted JonJon so he's been snoozing in the window seat the entire time. JuneBug, however, did go to the bedroom for a while but she's back in the living room somewhere (likely plastered up against the heater just off camera)

No wonder he doesn't let me sleep at night. 


I'm all in the cloud

I have the ol' living room on picture-in-picture at work

Kind of disappointed that I've been gone for about 45 minutes and not one peep or anything out of the kitties. Yeah, I feel missed. Not. lol

I don't know if it's the angle but man...my couch looks sad and droopy, eh?
So you may remember the dope on Facebook that irritated me with his disdain for the plight of Federal workers? Link to post for reminder.

Well about a week after that business (I quietly unfollowed him but didn't unfriend him at that time), the crap with ex-Bosslady went down and that's when I made the decision to trim back Facebook to the bare minimum. Basically family and folks that I'm close to but they aren't on LJ or Twitter or email. No coworkers, no acquaintances from high school that haven't looked me up until it was conveient. I even deleted my brother in law (ok that one felt gooood) I made this post at that time:

I'll be doing a drastic FB cut down to the bare minimum. I'd delete it altogether but I'm admin of a group as well as local news I need to know is on here.
It's truly nothing personal if I disappear from your f-list. The only people I may leave on are folks where I have no other way to communicate

Mind, that was three weeks ago and yesterday morning I get this DM out of the blue from Mr. Dramapants

Hi Diane. I realized that I hadn’t seen you on Facebook in a couple of weeks. I then went to your profile, and I see I’ve been deleted. Over what? A difference in opinion. It’s funny though.....not one of my comments was directed at you personally. I’m sorry you took such great offense.
I always liked you, and have fond memories of you. I do believe, however, if someone unfriends another, then they’re basically ending their friendship with that person.
I wish you nothing but the best.

Gee, dumbass, guess you didn't look at "my profile" all that closely, now did you? That and give me a break, "fond memories" when we barely interact on Facebook as it is and it's not like you tried to reach out to me through any other means in the nearly THIRTY YEAR GAP since I bothered to ok your friend request on the toxic FB platform. I would be easy to find contact information for since he lives in the same town as my parents and they've been in the same house with the same phone number all that time. I rolled my eyes - quite literally - and responded with this.

If you went back and looked at my timeline, you'd see the public post that notes that I was scaling back on Facebook. It’s not you, I've trimmed my list down to barely anyone. I had thought about deleting my Facebook account altogether but it’s the only place where I can keep up with local news and I have some family that it’s the only method to contact them

I wasn't going to respond but why not let him know that he's not all that observant since he decided to go all bullshit drama fit on me. His response?

Ok....thank you. No hard feelings. Enjoy your life

Whatever, bud. No, I didn't respond to him because gee, if it was so gutting for him to lose me, what? No phone number? No email? Guess I wasn't all that great of a loss and your previous message was patently ridiculous. BUH BYE.

Book Meme Day 7

Oh you knew one of these was going to come up. Saved it for the last day.

ASMR and kids

This article popped up as a recommendation when I opened FireFox

The dodgy, vulnerable fame of YouTube's child ASMR stars

I read it since my 16 year old nephew has an ASMR channel. He currently has a very modest 1.8K following but that's enough for him to monetize his channel, which he's done. He also pimps a PayPal link which I personally think is in bad taste. I haven't watched one of his videos in a long while. I like ASMR but for one, he puts ads in the middle of the video so it's like a needle scratching across a record and secondly, I am creeped the fuck out by ones he's making more of with pedobait titles of "Lollipop ASMR with mouth sounds & teeth sounds," "ASMR mouth sounds and kissing sounds," and the grossest "ASMR mic licking mouth sounds and nibbling."

Guess his parents don't care that he's appealing to a certain crowd. Ugh. I've brought very inappropriate comments from followers to the attention of his mom and she has an account that she thinks the nephew doesn't know it's her (clearly she thinks her son is a moron since it's pretty obvious). But still. Guess they're fine with it as long as he's making money?

That article, though, was flat out disturbing. It's one thing for my 16 year old nephew to be doing this but little kids? COME ON. That shit is tantamount to child abuse to let them do that stuff.

On a lighter but gross note

From the 1952 magazine...feast your eyes on these delectable recipes!
Click at your own peril!Collapse )

Yum yum! SIgn me up for some fried heart slices. *gag*

I'll have to say "variety meats" is one hell of a euphamism.

Maybe it's you. Actually, yes, it's YOU.

Coworker Elaine continues to show her true colors. She has a problem with autistic people and shy people - she doesn't "get" them and she clearly doesn't want to try.

First case - our student worker in his late 20s. As I mentioned in the past, he's very clearly autistic - high functioning, though, and detail oriented. Elaine makes him nervous because her energy is such that she's always ON ON ON. Even though her boss, Joe, had to tell her to have all tasks go through him since it was getting to the point that he couldn't concentrate or do a good job because she was freaking him out, it still doesn't stop her from feeling the need to bombard him with intense "HOW ARE YOU DOING?" shit. Elaine, you dumbass, LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Today since neither he nor her boss were here, she came to tell me about how she gave him a task of hunting down presentations at other Universities about "project management" and that he didn't come up with much and what he found wasn't all that relevant. Hell, I'd have a hard time finding that stuff and it's closer to my actual professional field. I told her as such because I could tell that she thought it was funny that she thinks he doesn't know what he's doing. Bitch, he's autistic. Giving him vague, open ended searches to do isn't in his wheelhouse and just because YOU can't understand that, it doesn't make him defective in general.

Second case - her own young daughter. They're running her through a battery of medical tests because she vomits frequently at night and has headaches. They've ruled out leukemia and are now going to check for brain tumors. However, from what Elaine is telling me, it sounds like the kid has severe anxiety and social anxiety issues. She gets agitated and overwhelmed in social situations and has to be told to go to her room to settle down. Evidently she also is shy to the extreme at school but is improving now that the teacher had her move her desk and deals with her differently. Thank goodness she has an understanding teacher but her mother seems to be a fucking moron. When I asked Elaine if she's checked out whether her daughter is on the spectrum, she claims that she was told that her daughter isn't but the fact that the kid relaxes when doing math or other puzzles and is able to get away from social interaction...jesus, how much of a massive flashing billboard do you need? Elaine then said that she doesn't "get" how that kid and potentially one of her other daughters can be like that because her and her husband are "outgoing."

Mind you, this is a woman that thinks that there's something "wrong" with introverts and has told me as such. And I constantly school her on how she's wrong. That poor kid. I almost kind of hope she has a treatable physical condition rather than mental issues because with parents like that, having mental health issues are going to be so hard to treat because her mother can't empathize for shit (never met her husband but he sounds like he is great, though he is a disabled vet that also suffers from PSTD so that can't be easy on the kids either).

Want to hear some extreme irony? Joe told me when Elaine wasn't around that he was amused yet appalled when Elaine told him that she'd like to go into the field of counseling.

You have GOT to be kidding me. I can't think of anyone in the world less qualified for such a job. Narcissists have no business in the mental health field. 


Friday Five!

It's a seemingly never ending task - grocery shopping.

1. Do you make up a dinner plan for the coming week?
I try to come up with a rough plan of what sorts of dishes I'd like to make. I should be better about making a menu - at least for lunches.

2. Do you make up a grocery shopping list and stick to it when shopping?
Sometimes. Though you do always need to get that oneeeee other thing. ;)

3. What is one thing that you always buy, but never write down on a list?
Probably bread. Or spinach (mostly baby but this week I went with Chinese spinach) because I freaking love the stuff - always have

4. Is there anything that you always think you are out of and come home with it to discover you already have a year’s supply on hand?
Lately rice. I gotta eat my stores of it down.

5. Do you get your groceries delivered?
Every now and then I'll do FreshDirect when I have a free shipping deal. I like their prepped food like their mango mint salsa.

I hate clothes shopping but I love grocery shopping. It shows. LOL *pats round tum*

Book Cover Meme Day 4

I swear, veritasema that I downloaded my covers to use the other day! Ray Bradbury love, FTW!

Vintage addiction

The magazine that I ordered to find the funky food from what spikesgirl58 posted is in pretty rough shape, but I'm sure I can take some pictures of the funky stuff within. It was so cool to flip through that I just ordered three other Woman's Day copies (from an ebay vendor where it looks like they're in a bit better shape) for $17. Two of them are from the 1940s and the last from the 1950s. I can't wait to get them and tag things to scan. In fact some of the ads and articles were so fascinating that I'd love to take high quality pictures and blow them up to make them wall art.

Thanks to the lovely amethyst_witch, I didn't wear my traditional all-black for "that" holiday today. You can take credit for inspiring warm fuzzies, dear.

Speaking of warm fuzzies, remember the video of those kitties being ready to be born? Well they're still little but they have SPUNK now. lol

Book Meme Day 3

Book covers of ones I love, you know the drill. lol

Vintage Valentine food ewww!

Nothing like a tartly bitter heart for your Valentine.
I got a copy of the February 1952 issue of Woman’s Day and there are tons of these sorts of food oddities and ads

And there ya go.

Yesterday the University had a delayed opening due to the weather. But they opened when it was sleeting? Uh, yeah, sure. I said the hell with that and took half a vacation day instead. I wasn't super worried about driving since there was a layer of snow in there so I'm sure there was traction. However, between my wonky knees and wonky back, I wasn't taking a chance at walking out there.

Amusing but stupid thing. It finally turned to just rain around 5 or 6ish. Around 8, it was coming down at a pretty steady pace, though the maintenance guys went out and scraped the icy slush off the sidewalks. Great. But then about quarter after 8? They were walking around salting the sidewalks. IN THE RAIN. They seem to have an unhealthy obsession with salting. BTW, yes, this morning the salt was washed off and the sidewalks were wet and slowly drying off but the salt was washed away. Guarantee those dopes are going to go out and put down more salt.

Oh give me a break...Elaine. You were not taking two and a half hours to clear off your car and I know you're lying when you try to feed me a line that it was sleeting at 6pm. You're very far SOUTH of me and Julie who is a little north of you said it turned to a steady rain by 4pm. You are so constantly full of attention-seeking shit.

Anyway, in other babble, I knowingly ate a non-vegan thing this morning. But I'm kind of pissed about it. On a vegan community on Facebook, someone asked about what to get at Trader Joe's and some people suggested their meatless breakfast sausage. I don't know why it didn't click because I'm sure I saw it before and didn't get it for some reason. So I picked it up this last Saturday. I turned the package over this morning to read how to cook it and spotted "egg" in the allergies. WHAT? I looked and yep, there's egg white in the ingredient list. Sonofabitch. For a second, I pondered tossing them out but no, that's wasteful. That and since I'm primarily doing this for health, as long as the yolks were missing, fine. You know I went back and found that Facebook thread, though.

Ok, now Elaine is telling us the story of her stepdaughter's sudden and surprising wedding that happened Monday. Evidently it was officiated by a rastafarian and they've changed their last name to "Storm." Elaine had to go get her a fancy bouquet and shoes and shit. She's no fun. I would have shown up wearing a Halloween costume. Oh and no, the stepdaughter isn't pregnant, though she hopes to be soon. I told her that the kids better be named stuff like "Thunder" and "Snow" because that would be fucking spectacular. I also told her if they want to get married again, I will totally officiate as a legit Jedi Knight. She thinks I'm kidding. 

Book Meme Day 2

amethyst_witch nominated me to post covers of seven books I love - one cover a day for a week. There is to be no explanations or reviews, just covers.



I convinced veritasema to post

Go friend her y’all . She’s awesome ❤️❤️

Book Cover Meme Day 1

amethyst_witch nominated me to post covers of seven books I love - one cover a day for a week. There is to be no explanations or reviews, just covers. On the first day, I will ask someone else to take up the challenge (changed the meme a bit - you can nominate someone each day if you have a larger, more active friend list). Obviously it goes without saying that if I tag you and you don't want to it, you don't have to do it. Please do not feel obligated to join in.

I nominate njlorelei <3

I'd also like to nominate veritasema if she'd come back to LJ to post since I'm sure she'd have some cool choices


So goofy

Our local police office posted this on Facebook to let people know that schools are closed today. They are so dorky. LOL

As far as work, the precipitation hasn’t started yet but we have a delayed opening at noon. However, if we get the ice that’s forecast, I’ll use half a vacation day if they don’t close in the afternoon
There wasn’t a gift message but I think I can guess who the culprit is. You’re a doll! 😚🤣

Recently, I had to toss out a kitty mug my parents got me years ago because the finish on the inside was wearing off. This mug is staying home and is going to be the honored “first cup of coffee” one.

The Friday Five - Bedtime

1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed?
Full - though with space at a premium and only the cats for company, I wish I just had a twin

2. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Generally two. One for under my head, the other between my knees

3. Do you have a weighted blanket? If so, does it help you?
Lawd no. I get overheated so quickly and sometimes on cold nights, only use a sheet.

4. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?
Sometimes my kitties are pretty full!

5. Do you have to have the TV on to go to sleep?
No. Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep and having a hard time, I'll play ASMR videos on my iPad.

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You say gloomy, I say soothing

I'm looking forward to some rain that we're forecast to get this evening. It's going to remain warm enough in my area that I'm not all that concerned about it freezing over. Also, my apartment complex has frankly been obnoxious with oversalting. I can't go down my back stairs to the parking lot because there is SO much rock salt caked on them that I know I'd slip. It was completely unnecessary because when it rained (and washed away the previous ridiculous amount of unnecessary salt), the sidewalks and lot dried up nicely. But then in the middle of the night I heard the tell-tale sounds of them pushing a salt spreader and of them tossing craptons of salt on everything and groaned.

In fact, it's been completely counterproductive. There is so much salt that it's leeching moisture from the nearby soil and making the sidewalks wet which then allows them to freeze over anyway. You look across the street and it's bone dry concrete sidewalks. So stupid. I swear if it stops raining overnight and I hear them caking on the salt again, I'm tempted to do the crazy old lady thing of going out with a broom and shaking it at them. Makes me feel especially sorry for folks that have to try to walk their dogs over the crap.

As long as it doesn't get too warm inside - I'm hoping it doesn't rain too hard that I can leave more than one window open a bit - it's the best weather to sleep to. So that's a bonus.
Maybe on my birthday...

We'll Tell You Your Best And Worst Quality Based On What You Order At Dim Sum

The first choice alone was killing me since that's pretty much the selection I get. lol

My result:
You got: Trustworthy but moody
Everyone confides their problems and woes to you because they know you'd never share their secrets. Your trustworthiness is such an admirable trait, but sometimes the weight of having everyone's problems resting on you can make you a little moody. Don't get me wrong, you love that people trust you, it's just that you can sometimes feel like the ear for everyone while no one is the ear for you. But then you get over your mood just as quick as you got in it!

Hm...semi accurate.

Well boogers

My trip to DC has been cancelled.

That means I don't get to dazzle the feds by bragging about our fabulous forestry projects and even MORE of a bummer is that I don't get to meet up with my good buddy Mojo while down there. BOOOOOO.

I would have felt badly, though, if there was a shutdown and people would have had to work for free on this conference. That would have been really uncomfortable.