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Cooking fail

Oh, remember that video of the cashew cheese I posted and wanted to make so I went on the hunt for agar agar? Yeah, well I made it on Sunday.

It tasted utterly disgusting. I took one small bite and tossed out the rest. There may be a better recipe out there but the nutritional yeast was entirely too pronounced of a flavor for one and it tasted absolutely nothing like cheese. Guess that's one thing to leave to the professionals.

I wanted to make vegan sour cream in a similar manner. I think if I go for this, I'll definitely use a recipe with no nooch. This one seems promising


Another sick day yesterday

Had to use another damned sick day yesterday. In the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday, I thought I slept wrong by laying on my left side. I had a stitch but it seemed to get somewhat better in the morning. However, by Sunday night it was just hurting like hell no matter how I lay or sit. Walking around wasn't as bad but one cannot sleep while standing and I even had to get out the silicone-ended tongs to pick up and put down kitty bowls since bending was a no no.

I took a full Xanax to try to calm my panicky brain that was upset to think that I might be down for the count again and to hopefully let me sleep off the worst of it. My brain got somewhat calmer but boy did my side fight me. Ice packs didn't do much good, the lidocane only helped minimally. However something was nagging at me not to take the strong steroid series that my rheumatologist prescribed. Because it was so strange to me that the pain was only on one side and wasn't quite as high as my usual problem where it goes into spasm. It made me think this wasn't just my usual back issues but instead a kidney stone.

So yesterday aside from laying down for an obnoxious amount of time, I drank tons of water, drank lemonade and took cranberry gelcaps. By yesterday evening I was starting to feel considerably better. This morning now that I'm back at work, my back doesn't feel all that bad so I do think I was right that a little stone was giving me hell.

If it ain't one thing, it's another. Criminy.

Well played, sir, well played

Since my knees are unpredictable, I take the elevator down from the 2nd floor to the basement to use the restroom (yeah, no fun not having a bathroom on this floor). I saw this bit o' graffiti on my second trip and I know I would have noticed it earlier if it were there.

As I was heading down the hall to the elevators, I passed a kid who was heading to the offices near ours. Since it is super empty in the building today, I'm pretty sure he's the dude that did it but since I find it amusing, I'm not saying diddly squat about that.

If you don't get it, hint is in the song listed under music.
Ok, I just wanted to be a smarty pants with the subject line. The fact that Elaine is off today alone makes it a VERY Good Friday for her boss and I.

Yesterday I was just worn out and achy and mentally frazzled on top of it so I took the day off. Once I took a long nap and got up at 8am which is super late for me, I managed to get over to the laundromat to wash the few things like bras and such that I don't send out for bulk laundry. I had over two months worth there alone between being reluctant to take the stuff out in winter and iffy back times. I haven't taken any pain pills since my stomach started objecting to them so I guess I'll just have to get used to this. Ice packs and pain patches do some good but some days when the aches are just in too many spots and especially when the mid-back starts feeling iffy, it's time to take a short break.

I also finally made it over to the DMV to get my disability hang tag. I'm glad that I hunted down one a little further away from the one everyone goes to. Instead of waiting for an hour with the line starting outside the building, I was in and out in ten minutes, the people were friendly and the tag was free. It comes in handy since I'm still all achy today and there's a chance of rain this afternoon so I want to be close to the building.

In less whiny news, they're finally starting to slowly release the lineup for Kcon in July. I don't know either of the bands that they've announced so far but Emily sent me a link to a song that I thought was pretty good by a band of younguns called NU'EST. One of the guys wasn't your usual look of manorexic pretty boy. Get a load of the dude that goes by the stage name Baekho

That there's some eye candy. Nothing wrong with admiring the pretty even if I'm old enough to be his mom. lol
Today's been a bit disheartening and annoying but I'll spare the details.

But the phrase of the day comes from a frantic faculty member who needs some data from me:

"Bless your heart. I am spinning out of control with Arbor Day"

A little gallows humor

My parents were contacted with a survey from a local funeral home, which prompted an updated discussion about what they want to happen when one or the both of them go off the earthly plain, as it were. I knew that Dad didn't want to be buried or anything fancy but Mom has been on the fence about it. But it seems she's come around to Dad's way of thinking. It did sink in to her that heck no, she didn't want to be buried in that hell hole of a town and there wasn't really anywhere else she could think of that would be any more suitable.

Anyway, they got stood up by the funeral home people who were supposed to come by at 10am on Monday and they were pissed. Then they were even more pissed with the jerk from the home called yesterday and gave conflicting excuses for the woman that was supposed to show up. First she had some "family emergency" and then further along in the conversation "her car was stuck in a ditch" (boy, was this woman having a bad day or what?) and then he said "but she called you." Dad coldly told the guy that no, they weren't called and they waited around for three hours. The guy STILL tried to make a sales pitch and Dad said they weren't interested.

But anyway, on to the fact that we're a weird-ass family. We started talking about how HELL NAW they wouldn't get any pre-dead package crap because firstly, neither one of them need to buy a plot that they won't use and secondly, when one of them goes, it's likely the other one is going to get the hellll out of town. We also talked about how having a fancy pants funeral isn't something we'd likely want to happen because why waste money paying some dumb funeral home to do some ceremony when we don't even know anyone in town and most of the relatives may not be able to make it there for a specific time anyway? May as well have folks come by the house when they can to pay their respects because there's not going to be a casket anyway. Both parents want to be cremated - Mom especially likes the idea I have of taking some of their ashes and making really beautiful glass art with it. -> Example

Then we started to get slap happy. I was making the comment that we weren't about to buy any dumb old urn from these shysters since they're creepy looking and too expensive and there's always that story about a pet knocking over grandma's ashes and rolling in them or something. So I started making jokes about finding something better - like a coffee can. But nowadays it's hard to find a metal coffee can. I then piped up with
Me: "Hey! I have a Cafe du Monde coffee can in my kitchen that I've not even opened! Which one of you want?"
Dad: "Geez, you in some sort of hurry?"
Mom: (is absolutely wheezing with laughter)
Dad: "Oh great, now you're going to kill off your mother first and she'll get the can"
Me: "Slow down! I haven't even used the coffee yet! You guys got time"

Yeah, we're nuts. When I was making cracks like "We've replaced your Mom with Folgers' Crystals," Mom was laughing so hard that her eyes were red from wiping away the tears.

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That extra bit of customer service

I received my new swim cap in the mail today which arrived pretty quickly. They included this little bit of extra which I thought was very sweet.




Notre Dame on fire

This is so sad. A nearly 800 year old building and it's unlikely to survive. Live feed of the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral:

The world's most dull floozy

I did as best I could as not to physically overdo things this weekend but I did get some stuff accomplished. Aside from the usual weekend grocery runs, I did get to the health food store and found one type of the agar agar. It's flakes rather than powder but it should work. I was surprised that as big as the place is that they only had one brand? Since I'd like to use the agar to make other things sometime, I'll try to get to an Asian grocery to see if they have any before I resign to ordering some online. Not that I'm in any rush since my tiny little kitchen is pretty full. At some point I'll really have to think of ways to reorganize things and also get rid of stuff.

I managed to get the litter-covered bathroom floor swept and the throw rugs shook out as well as cleaned the surfaces. I do need to give the tub a good scrubbing but I didn't want to push it by kneeling and stretching to do that. I also took the throw rugs and standing mats out of the kitchen and swept and wet-swiffered the floor and it looks nice and clean. That had been bugging me since my back issues since it was looking grungy.

Yesterday I was hoping to get the card for amethyst_witch's aunt mailed as well as a package to my parents with some Easter bits and also some useful stuff like bandages that Emily gave me to send to my parents. Old people have thin, fragile skin and accidents and the two sample ones I sent to Mom evidently helped heal up a small wound that she'd had for weeks. Have you noticed how hard it is to find shipping boxes at stores, though? Yesterday I couldn't find ANY in the dumb litle stores in Highland Park and almost wore myself out by parking at one and walking all around the block to the other stores. Fortunately Emily came through again and gave me a good box to use.

That leads me up to some absurd funny. I wanted to make sure to get both items mailed in a timely manner and it's a pain in the butt to do this during the week. For one, I work during the times the post office is open and two, the nearest post office with one of those 24 hour postal machines isn't convenient to stop by on the way to work or right after work. So when I had the card and package ready to go about 5ish yesterday, I thought I'd better drive over and mail them. I had ungirded myself for the evening but since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be running into anyone much - if anyone at all - I didn't bother to put a bra on to make the quick trip. I was wearing one of my middle-aged lady special cotton knit printed shirts that's a little more heavyweight than a regular t-shirt so aside from being saggy, it's not like I was showing off anything. Not that I have anything to show off. I'm big but small chested.

Anyway, I discovered something. It's annoying to drive without a bra, at least for me. Because my chunky gut pushes the seat belt up. I have this problem regularly but it seems to be far worse braless. I barely made it out of my parking lot before the seat belt was rubbing annoyingly on my neck. By the time I'd gotten a block, I was grumpy. So what was my solution? Yep, I grabbed a modest boob and some shirt and wedged it over the seat belt to try to push it down.

I made sure to follow all traffic laws as I certainly didn't want to get pulled over looking like that. Also, while driving, it started to sprinkle and I thought "Oh great, I'll get back home and it'll be pouring and it'll be the World's Saddest Wet T-Shirt Contest" - fortunately that didn't come to pass since it stopped raining. Since there's not a lot of ol' boob girth, I had to adjust through the trip but I managed not to get strangled. Moral of the story is - always wear a bra whilst driving if you're big in gut but small boobinated.

To take a riff off someone's previous post - not a ho. Though I'm not an exhibitionist either. I just figure no one cares to look. 

Vegan cheese

I'd like to make this - though maybe with dill instead? I'll have to get the ingredients. I'm assuming the easiest place to find agar agar will be an Asian grocery

Good grief. She didn't even make it a week before she brought up the rude relative's wedding gift nonsense again (link to the original story)

She asked her boss whether she should start on some task and he told her to go get lunch first. She THEN started moaning that going out will be annoying because she has to go out and get a gift for a "wedding" and that there are "rules."  Mind, I hear about all this because she's rude and sits in her office and talks rather than getting up.

Basically, she was ramping up to going into the whole story again which I KNOW that her boss DOES.NOT.WANT to hear about. So I piped up with "Ohhhhh no you don't. Not that. Don't be dumb and enable bad behavior from a bridezilla. You are not obigated to follow her rules. Put money in a card, give it to her and be done with that"

She tried lamely objecting but I cut her off. If she's going to give into that stupidity and get the gift and spend oodles of money to go to the dumbass destination wedding, every single time she brings it up, I will openly mock her for it until maybe just maybe she shuts up about it. If you're going to give into your misplaced Catholic guilt, Elaine, fine. But neither I nor your boss want to hear about it. Because you're driving us bonkers with this shit.

After she left for lunch/gift procurement, I filled in her boss of my plan. He is all for it.

Ah, why not. Mememememe

Thanks spiffikins

Answers have to start with the first letter of your middle name.

Animal.............. Sea Lion
Girl's name....... Sophie
Boy's name...... Stanley (I love baby special needs kitty Stanley on TinyKittens)
Color...............  silver
Food................ spaghetti (love me some carbs)
Something you wear..... socks
Drink............... seltzer
Place............... Sweden
Restaurant....... Sushiana (local kosher asian fusion/sushi place that I'm going to try with a friend on the 24th)
Reason to be late.....slept late
Job title............ Senior Program Administrator (HA! Mine makes the list)

Mainly for my own reference - health update

I finally had to call the PT place who claimed they totally were going to call me today. Riiiiiight, suuuuure you were. I'm taking a gamble at scheduling my first aquatic PT appointment for 7:30am on May 7 when at 10am that same day, I have my big work presentation. Oy vey. I'll just make sure to keep an eye on the clock as well as will bring stuff so I can shower at the place so I'm not choking my coworkers with chlorine whiff. Also reminds me that I need to find or buy a swim cap since my hair is dyed.

I had a very difficult time sleeping last night since my back couldn't get comfortable at all when lying on my left side and my hip was aching on my right side. Ugh! But I can't take Aleve since it was definitely the thing screwing up my stomach. I'm at least seeing a big improvement with the gastritis by stopping the NSAIDs. I've not had any knotting stomach pains for a few days now *knock wood*

The drawback to stopping NSAIDs is that I didn't realize how regularly I was taking them and how truly effective they were. In the few days after stopping them, I realized that my rheumatologist was oh so very correct in that I DO have arthritis in my left knee. Here I thought it was just hypermobile and wobbly. Nope, it's aching like a SOB constantly so it's hypermobile, wobbly AND arthritic. Awesome. Additionally, I have to lie down many days after work with an ice pack on my back when it starts to knot. I can't risk it going out so I have to baby it. But here's hoping as hard as I can hope that May and moving in the water starts to make things stronger and less damned achy all.the.bloody.time.

But I'll keep on plugging away. 


Bah, I hate trying to decide when it comes to spending big-ish hunks of money. An email went out today about a store that sells mostly Apple products with a sale on laptops, desktops, etc. I've been tempted to get a "real" computer from home to be able to work from home. I could probably appeal to have work pay for it but I'd feel more comfortable if the computer wasn't property of the University (yeah, mostly because I'd be tempted to put stuff like the Sims on it lol)

I'm pondering getting an iMac which would be around $1200. That's a lot of money. The benefit to this sale, however is that for a $25 fee, they can do payroll deductions for no interest for a year. That would save me a lot of money. I'm about to pay off the mattress that I got (that I can't currently sleep on *sigh*) so it's REALLY tempting.

However that would also mean I'd have to get a desk so that I'm not trying to set this up on my dinky dining table. They have some small options at Ikea but then how do I get it home?

Argh! I don't knooooow

Little glimpses

My iPad is quirky about backing up photos to the cloud so here's my IG post about the tofu scramble I made this morning. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and fast it was. I see more tofu scrambles in my future and definitely in my own breakfast burritos. NOM. I wonder how hard it would be to make some to freeze. I'd have to get the thick, sturdy tortillas since frozen burritos - especially breakfast ones - can get soggy when you heat them in the microwave.

Also, for amethyst_witch, a picture of the mini-succulents I have in a container on my desk that are the same size as the ones I have in a little bitty white magnetic cup on my fridge.

Vegan recommendation

Last week at the grocery I bought mild Beyond Sausage since I love the Beyond Burgers. I thought it was going to be Italian but it was actually bratwurst. Don’t get me wrong, though it was really good and next time, I’ll make sure to have sauerkraut on hand.

This week I took the chance and got hot Italian sausage. I’m a little leery of hot sausage but it was not too burnout at all. I cut it into slices and pan fried it with red and yellow pepper and had it atop brown sprouted rice. It was absolutely delicious. With the other sausages, I’ll make some pasta with pesto. Pondering other combinations if anyone has ideas?

Each container is $8.99 for four generously sized links. That’s about the same price as four good quality meat sausages. Also, if you sign up for emails at the Beyond Meat site, they will send coupons now and then. They now make a block of ground fake beef and I am looking so forward to getting that to make maybe tacos or even stuffed cabbage.


Pretty birds and odd birds

Ah, there's an update on the escapee peacock
So after some long hard detective work, our friend Chester has returned.
unfortunately it was not due to our excellent detectives, or awesome patrol officers.
Our gallivanting peafowl returned on his own because he missed his friends. a few nights on the lamb apparently made him realize what he was missing!
Thanks for all of the support in locating our majestic winged friend! Highland Park Police Department

That is just SO Highland Park NJ.

Emily amuses me by sending me "lottery houses" on the market. But then she stumbled across this gem. You have GOT to check out the interior. Hey, according to the listing, all furniture is included! Ooo, where do I sign up? o_O

Gurl, you exhaust us.

Elaine, when your own boss has daily dialogues with me before you arrive about being tired of the unnecessary drama you perpetuate, that's not a good thing. If there's no real juicy stuff going on, she'll go out of her way to go find some or more often, she'll blatantly make some up. Her boss was telling me that yesterday she got back from some meeting that should have been benign, but Elaine spent the afternoon being all animated about spreading gossip that she either heard or spectulated about. She's blind to the fact that he doesn't CARE to hear it. But she's the type that if he tells her that, no matter how nicely, she goes into wide-eyed passive aggressive apology mode and parrots "are you mad at me?" about a million times. I swear, one time I'd like to hear "Yes, I am, now shut up." out of him. She needs to hear that.

This morning right from the get go she comes in and is flailing about how baaaaaad the traffic was. It was soooo horrible! Amazing that everyone else that takes the same route to work that she does (Julie down the hall and idiot business guy) managed to get here in a timely manner. So while she was readying herself for a fainting couch in the outer office, I checked traffic status and cameras. Not shockingly, they showed lighter than normal traffic. In fact, much lighter than normal. Did I bother to mention it to her? Nah, because I'm sure it's something that she'll say totally happened in the five to ten minutes before I checked it and somehow magically disappeared right after. Like the magical snow clouds that seem to dump tons more snow and ice on her particular house than any other house in the area (a previous BS drama fit she had).

Her latest other thing is claiming that she's got the inside track about whether the faculty at the university are going to strike. They're threatening to but they're also updating everything on a reddit message board and the news has also picked it up. This morning after the traffic claim, she claimed that they are definitely going to strike any moment. So I checked the reddit page. Nope, no update. I googled for news and while they're still threatening, they are still going to give the university another chance tomorrow. That one I sent her the news article about so that maybe she'll STFU about it today.

Oh, she also has no clue what reddit is. When I said "it's a text-based message board social media platform" her answer was "Oh, for Rutgers?"

Mind, she's ten years younger than me. I'd expect someone my age or older not to know what reddit is but...damn...clueless.

Birthday girl

Many happy returns anisiriusmagus Here's hoping one day that you'll get the chance to come visit the US again so Veri and I can spoil you *hugs*

This perp needs apprehended!

Yep, this is real. LOL

EDIT: from replies on the post, the peacock is wandering around my old neighborhood. I can only IMAGINE my kitties freaking out at seeing him outside the window. lol

Grape head

It turned out more pink purple than I’d hoped and I’m finding missed spots. Eh. But it’s fun enough and I may order some blue purple shampoo to try to fill in the gaps and also make it closer to the color I’d hoped for

Maybe this is why I don't get invited to wedding showers nowadays.

Coworker Elaine feels the need to tell me her tale of supposedly amusing woe about some family member and how rude she thinks it is that the person put rules on the shower gifts. Evidently:

  • You must wrap the gift in clear paper so the bride doesn't have to unwrap it

  • You must put the receipt on the bottom

  • You must fill out the address and put a stamp on a thank you card.

Oh, and the wedding isn't until October and it's a destination wedding in some obscure, hard to get to location. Sounds like Elaine is going to actually feel obligated to follow the rules and take her brood of children to the wedding which is going to cost a mint.

Then she groused because this person had a registry for the engagement party which was two years ago. At this point I was mentally done with listening to this asinine story and we had this exchange:

Me: Don't tell me that you actually bought these selfish moneygrabbers an engagement gift?
Her: Well yeah.
Me: You're an idiot.

She laughed but nah, I'm serious. You're a complete moron, Elaine and your relative is an ass. Stop buying into her nonsense.

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Hopefully eventually we'll get to this

So I called back the PT people and now the estimate for first appointment is May and I still need to wait for them to clear my insurance before they can schedule it. Effing really? Well, it's the most convenient location and I'm sticking close to work/home for this. I'll have to see what hours the University pool down the block is open so maybe I can get a little activity in before the aquatic PT people check me out more thoroughly...or something.

I've been taking Aleve at minimum a couple times a week - until the back episode where it was multiple times daily - that I didn't think it was all that effective. But now that I've not taken it all week to try to improve my stomach, I'm getting the clear signs that it was working. My knee started to ache yesterday and it's doing a nice low throb today. When I got a regular PT script from the rheumatologist months ago and didn't go, it was because she listed the diagnosis as arthritis in that knee since that's what was on the x-ray. But I was confused since the knee rarely hurt, it was just loose from the hypermobility. Welp, guess I'm finding out that it really IS arthritic. Bleh.

Oh jeebaslug, Elaine, shut the F up. The dopey woman left the window in her office open so our suite is a bit cool this morning (my office is 71 which is downright chilly since I"m landlocked). But she's now chirping up now and then with BRRR! and whining because she's SO COLD. For one, it's not THAT damned cold now that you closed it about half an hour ago and secondly, you caused it so you don't get to bitch. Honestly, I swear she does this stuff on purpose subconciously so she can have drama.

But anyhoo, it's FRIDAY and as long as there are no disasters, I will have finally been at work a whole full week. Here's a gross Jello mold from the 1970s to celebrate.

This is especially gross to me because growing up, they served the most slimy canned peaches in the school cafeteria and made us eat them. To this day, I hardly ever eat peaches and especially never canned ones.    

Progress on some fronts at least

Still no call back from the PT people. If they don't call back, I'll pester them tomorrow morning.

However, I have an appointment on Saturday to get my hair cut back into my super short pixie cut and to get it bleached. I'm hoping I can also convince her to put the purple color on that I bought. I probably can since it's a professional color. If not, I'll do it myself at home but I'd rather have her do it even if she charges a few bucks so that I know the back is properly done since I'm doing all over color.

I also got an email from USDA of something I pestered them about months ago which no one responded. It so happens to be the thing that I was going to try to bug them about again because it's the item that I'm going to be presenting about next month and I wanted to ask some questions. I'll be hopefully talking to them Monday afternoon so I'll have to come up with my list of questions. I'm excited to get this moving forward since it's a BIG thing. Yeah, so research compliance, something I should totally be excited about?

We started out ok...

Weeeeelllll, sonofabitch. This day started out SO well and now the site where I have faculty submit their effort reports is down and no one is answering us as to ETA of restoration. This is shit timing since the deadline I gave people is 4pm TODAY. THANKS GUYS, APPRECIATE IT.

I called to set up an appointment for the aquatic therapy and after being on hold for several minutes, the gal said she'd call me right back. That was an hour ago.

On a less shitty note, I experimented with packing rice paper summer rolls for lunch and was relieved that the rice paper stayed nicely moist but not too much so. I'll be packing more of these once I get more rice paper since you can put a combination of veggies and flavors and have a nice healthy lunch.

EDIT: Oh thank goodness, poked enough people that the site is back up now. Better damned well stay up, too.
Guess I gotta call and schedule an appointment with the PT folks for aquatic therapy now that my swimsuit has arrived. I should probably have gotten it one size bigger but I can wiggle it on and well...hopefully some activity will make the suit feel looser eventually. Here's a picture from the Macy's website which is an accurate representation of the suit

I like the higher neck and the skirt. I also like that it's NOT underwire since I freaking hate that stuff.

In other news, stopping the NSAIDs is helping the stomach. Unfortunately that means I'm starting to get achy but for all I know, that could also be a.) somewhat psychosomatic pain since I'm already anxiety-prone by nature and/or b.) something that will resolve itself if I'm patient. I'll try to limit my use of lidocaine patches for my back but they do help stiffness in spots so that I sleep better so if possible, I'll keep them to nighttime use.

Is today Kooky McNutball day or what?

Oh Facebook, you never disappoint with the wackadoos.

Background - got this email yesterday:
Please be advised that Highland Park has contracted with a company to conduct a census of the deer living in and around Highland Park. They will be performing the survey via a drone flight tomorrow, Wednesday (4/3) from noon until dusk (weather permitting). The drones are operated by trained UAS pilots who have been approved by the FAA. The flight plan includes the areas over Donaldson Park, the Meadows Trail area, Rutgers Ecological Preserve and Johnson Park, as well as the natural areas along the Raritan River between Donaldson and Johnson Parks. Census data will inform possible solutions for dealing with the growing deer population, which will be presented at an open public forum in the coming weeks.

I thought this was pretty cool. I did email the contact to make sure they cleared it with the university to fly a drone over the ecopreserve since Rutgers has air restrictions (they did do their homework which go HP!). I'm also hoping we can get access to the data since we have some folks here that do study the deer population.

Naturally the game of telephone happened and some misguided but well meaning granola cruncher posted this

Can someone please PM me Regarding what's happening with the deer in Highland Park? Last night one of my neighbors thought that there was a company going to shoot them today?... I have been working with white tell the are an exotic for many years.... There are several techniques for remove oil and relocation that do not harm the animals.. I currently live in Highland Park and happy to be a resource to our community...ty

I replied that there was no current plan for culling, that they were just doing a survey of where the deer are and how many there are. But that baited one of the local wackjobs who posted this

What the f***! They are little families and they don't even harm anyting! Leave them the f*** alone

Of which when I replied with this, that set her OFF

All they are doing is counting them and then having public forums about what to do about the overpopulation. Take it down a notch.

(She thinks we should just go hug the deer and that GOD will sort it out and merely counting them is OMG!WROOOOONG) and also said

And if you want to get into a Biblical discussion I'll take you on on that also!

Naturally since I can't help poking bears, I replied

I've no interest in discussing mythology, thanks

Which her head exploded and she's declared me an evil demon and that she was going to get the media to come and protest...counting deer. I told her to record it when she contacts them so we can enjoy all the laughing.



I felt ok all day yesterday but when I was leaving work, the stomachache returned. Oddly, however, it seems to improve if I eat something simple and filling and when I look that up, it's a pretty definitive diagnosis of gastrits - which is likely caused by taking the prescription NSAIDs that I should have refused last week and possibly some stress too. Could have developed a bit of an ulcer. Greeeeat. So I've stopped the NSAIDs altogether and on the safe side will reduce coffee consumption and will avoid acidic foods. Coworker Julie said she's had gastritis before and that Prilosec worked very well but takes at least a few days to kick in. I think I'll try that too.

I feel like with the health lately that I just can't win. The wobbly knees start cooperating a bit and the back goes out, now the back is getting a little stronger and the stomach is going out. BAH.

But I'll keep on truckin. And right now, will get back to work until lunchtime in an hour and a half or so.


Tired but busy

I couldn't wind down last night so as a result, I feel like crap today. So tired. But at least *knock wood* the stomachache I've had the last couple of days has improved. I'm assuming that the tummy issues were caused likely by stress exacerbated by the fact that I stopped taking the Xanax I was taking to relax my back the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping when I get home and lie down to rest my back from being upright that I don't fall asleep. It'll be much easier to get my sleep improved without chemical assistance if I'm just naturally so tired that I can't help but zonk out. But you can bet that once kitties have had "second dinner" that I won't be awake much after that.

The staff meeting was short today since Bossman had meetings to get to but there was lots of interesting news. One big thing was that as of July 1, Peggy is going to be 100% with us rather than only 40%. It sounds like the big whigs at the University are pretty stupid with reorganization and must be eliminating her Central office? Dopes. We'll be thrilled to have her. But there were also hints about reorganization of our office as a result and if part of it is to make it that I report directly to Peggy, I will be freaking thrilled. She gets that we need to get shit done and get it done in a timely manner and properly and I am all about that.

Since this month's meeting had to be short, what I was going to bring up could only be mentioned in passing but evidently next month it's going to be the Dine Show since what I need to drag everyone into needs to be a full-on group effort. My stuff will be the only thing on the agenda. I'll need to bring them all up to speed so I guess I should start working on a powerpoint presentation and handouts and shit. Go me. 



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