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Bracing myself for today

Today is already on its way to sucking so I just need to gird my loins and do my best. It's the deadline for faculty to get their reports in and every year so many of them get a case of the stupids.

Also, a...AARRRGHHH, already in the last THREE MINUTES I've gotten the same dumbass question. People, you're logging into the WRONG ACCOUNT.

Annnnyway, I also have the idiot woman from the budget office suddenly coming back to me after weeks of agreeing to fund something with her trying to say that I've told her that the deal would be "net zero zum" and that "salary savings" would be applied to an account. Considering I haven't the slightest fucking clue what those terms mean (at least in the context of our funding because we're different than the rest of the University's accounting), she's trying to put words in my mouth and the senile bitch needs to retire. She's also driving my suite mates nuts with stuff of theirs where she's suddenly forgotten agreements. In fact last week she made Joe - who is not the type to lose his temper - punch a wall.

Then I have a guy that's over across town in the chemistry department (yes, I actually have to assist people that aren't even at our campus) with submitting his project in the electronic system. Of course he's having trouble on quite possibly my worst day of the year.

I took a xanax when I saw - but wisely did NOT answer - these issues at home last night. I knew I needed a good night's sleep to be in tip top shape. I hope I don't need to take any more but it's not looking good.

But before I start walloping people back into place, I'm going to make a Nespresso coffee in my adorable new kitty mug and will have a wedding cookie I made leftover from yesterday's staff party. I need to center myself before jumping back into the fray.


Kitty mug!

Dawwww, I got this ADORABLE present from my suitemates. They clearly appreciated me getting the Nespresso for the office lol

Other side

Squeaky wheeling and helping friends

Working on a college campus, going out at lunch is a pain in the butt. Between dodging idiot young adults who are staring at their phones while crossing the street and risking losing a good parking spot, when I don't pack lunch, delivery is the solution. It was handy at first when Panera Bread started delivering. They came quick, actually come up to the room and the food is decent. However it didn't take long before service started to get lax. Last week I thought I was getting a fabulous deal when they replaced four small coconut macaroons they ran out of with four HUGE lemon cookies (they called to ask what we might want to replace them with), but unfortunately my sandwich was crushed. I didn't file a complaint since we got the cookies which were worth more.

There have been a few times recently where they've been 15 minutes or more past their late estimate. That bugs me because hey, if it's going to take a while, just admit it up front so we can anticipate it. Don't say it'll be X time and then leave us to watch the little tracker drive all over the place delivering to others before they get to us. After last week, I was reluctant to order delivery from them again but I didn't sleep well so didn't pack a lunch and Julie the AA didn't get herself together either and I had a $2 off offer so we ordered. Big mistake. Not only were they now 20 minutes past the late estimate for delivery but I had ordered a full size baguette to take home to use for sandwiches and I didn't realize until after they left that they forgot that altogether! Bah!

I filed an online complaint and after a while when I didn't hear from them, I started bugging them on twitter. It took some squeaking of the proverbial wheel but I FINALLY got them to respond. I was hoping for a refund of the baguette and the gratuity that I pre-paid for but their solution was to put a "reward" on my account that I have to use within 30 day. Ugh...FINE. But hey, the reward was for $10 so I think what I'll use it for is when I go to Trader Joe's on Saturday, I'll go down the mall and have breakfast at Panera (yo veritasema - free brekkie for youuuu tooo!). Considering that their vegan options are slim (was bummed to find out the white bean spread I got yesterday had parmesan since I had high hopes for it), then I won't be eating there much anymore as it is.

In the "helping friends" part of the title, I'm getting closer to the work friend that I thought was fading away. She left her weirdly jealous boyfriend - thank GOODNESS and is now searching for a place to live. The guy is so jealous that he was actually harassing her about picking a male doctor (the guy I go to now that is awesome) and was even looking up pictures of the doctor. What an insecure freak. I was crossing my fingers HARD because she was checking out my apartment complex but unfortunately they didn't have a first floor place available and her elderly dog can't do stairs everyday. Boo. But today I helped her dodge a bullet because she was going to check out the nightmare of an apartment complex I moved out of a few years ago. Yeah sure the place was big, had a walk in closet you could fit a bed in if so inclined and had washer and dryer in it but between the BUGS (massive camel crickets, ants, termite swarms) and mail theft, car break ins and paying an INSANE electric bill in winter when I kept it at 60F, it wasn't worth the trouble. She's cancelling that and checking out a complex that I've heard decent enough reviews about...and crossing my fingers there because it's right down the street. Now that her daughter is living with her boyfriend, I think it would help if she had a buddy right nearby.

Tomorrow is the big deadline I gave to the faculty and I have barely over half the reports from them. Stress levels will be ramping up to eleven over the next day or so as they all try to make excuses and ask moronic questions and try to plead for more time because two and a half months is supposedly not enough. Oh, on the last, tough shit. Late is late. I've sent many reminders. 

Online friends ARE "real friends"

For example

Want some cheese for your whine?

Coworker Elaine is driving us batshit. She's complained of a headache from the moment she walked in and she's been whining about it ALL DAY LONG. She even moaned and groaned when she brought up that maybe she should drink water and when I agreed, started grumbling that she doesn't liiiiiiike to drink water. Woman, shut the eff up.

Chances are it's
a) Allergies (she's prone to them and also Emily has them too and her coworker Joe had them last week and this building is under major construction)
b) Stress (she's also freaking about the holidays. Because we evidently needed the running commentary about the panic in not getting to use a Macy's sale today)
c) Lack of sleep (she went shopping at 11pm last night and NEVER sleeps much at all)
d) All of the above

Either way, if it's that bad that you feel the need to irritate your coworkers by bellyaching about it all day, GO HOME already. You have plenty of sick days and the building won't come falling down if you're not here for one of them.


I just followed this adorable kitty and kitty dad on instagram. If you don't have IG, this might persuade you since he posts multiple ones like this
Though my JuneBug (see icon) isn't a bengal, who are known for being vocal and attention seeking, lately she has been ALL about the love. No, she's not a lap kitty like JonJon is becoming - as long as I have a pillow in my lap for him to flop on - but she'll mew at me and hop up on the dining table and want me to sit there and pet and scritch and let her headbump me. She would be at it all day if I let her. The boy was super snuggly yesterday and every time I sat down, he was up and wanted lovins.

Almost makes up for him waking me up at stupid hours of the night for food and attention. Almost...

Speaking of JuneBug, I don't know if the I and Love and You food I've been giving lately OR the CBD oil OR the combination of both is what it is but I'm finally seeing some improvement with her IBD. She still has not so great days but for months now she's been having litter box woes and I'll take any improvement I can get. So I ordered a case of the food and placed an order for more oil. 
I like the videos by this gal since they're so visually pretty, especially her "what I eat in a day" but is it just me or is that a LOT of freaking food to eat in one day?

I had to look it up, the breakfast roll things are rice rolls with pernilla being some sort of leaf in the rolls. That looks like the equivalent of a small stack of pancakes. Then a big ol' serving of carbonara for lunch and then pretty much half the vat of that big ol' weird looking stew with a big bowl of rice AND appetizers?

My stomach swelled up with indigestion just looking at it all.

But her pup is totally adorable. 

And the winner is...

For first holiday card to arrive is feodora! Thank you, sweetie

I had big plans to get lots done today but monthly hell has descended so I’m taking it easy today. I’ll try to get some stuff done around home but otherwise will be chilling out. I do need to bake cookies for the work party on Tuesday.



Bossman is having me come represent our org at a meeting with the feds in DC in March.

Dude clearly lost his mind.


Since it'll be suitably cold enough outside to combat my apartment complex always having the heat (that I can't control) turned to 11, I'll be baking cookies this weekend!
I have a work potluck on Tuesday and so far I'll be making wedding cookies rolled in red or green chunky sugar instead of powdered sugar but I'm wondering whether I should also make a batch of another kind.

What are your favorites especially at this time of year? The only kind of cookies I don't bother making are sugar cookies since I always find them to be too fussy with all the cutting out and such and most of the time too dry anyway.

Inquiring minds want to know!
So my parents like to know just about everything. They would probably like to know everything but hey, yeah, too bad old people. lol I of course let them know about upcoming vegan swap. Especially if by describing the yummy stuff I have planned to make I can convince them to eat less processed foods too so I can keep them around a little longer. But they're old and well...ditzy.

Last night Mom was telling me about how they went to Ma Wilson's. Well, the real name of the place is Mom Wilson's Country Sausage. We've gone there for years and they have the BEST pickles. They also used to have yummy cracked corn and amazing super sticky popcorn balls. But what they're obviously really known for is their sausage and other pork products which granted, are pretty delicious. Last night she was telling me that their souse wasn't ready yet. She was alluding to the fact that she might want to try to send me some but I reminded her that after the beginning of the year, I won't be eating it. Souse...if you're not up on it is also called head cheese made from parts of the pig and stuck together with aspic.

Even though we've had the conversations that I won't be doing eggs, or dairy, evidently it didn't sink in that I wouldn't be eating meat...of any kind. She was all shocked and was asking me what I would even be able to eeeeeat. Uh...veggies? Grains? Pasta? Rice? Beans? Seeds? Nuts? Fruit? Basically allll kinds of stuff I already love that doesn't happen to be meat. Not rocket surgery. It's no big deal so fret not.

I'm sure in January, coworker Elaine is going to get the vapors because I won't be ordering pizza with her. Considering that she drives me up the wall when it comes to ordering lunch with her, I'm glad to have the reason not to order pizza (not like she's going to get it sans cheese). But I predict that she'll be putting on a performance worthy of needing a fainting couch because of how HAWWWAD it would be FOR HER if she had to try to give up meat or dairy. Yeah, not about you, babe. Hell, she acts like a dumbass when you even suggest ordering food  from some place with any semblance of health regardless of whether it has meat or not. It's like she has some sort of childish stubborn streak. It's also why she still looks like she's 9 months pregnant several years after her last child (no, really. Someone asked her the other day when she was due). She also still has an abdominal hernia after getting it surgically repaired. Gurl, don't worry about what I'm eating. Worry about what you are.

But I don't get it. I'm not preaching and I won't. (Ok, I would like the parents to eat a bit better but unless I'm there, I can only have so much impact). Why does it mean jack squat to you that I'll be all about the veg? I don't get it.


Last night when I was looking in the fridge and wondering what to have for dinner, I thought that I'd better start slowly getting ready for January so that my digestive system can ease into the transition to plant-based. So I'm going to make an effort for the next couple of weeks to make at least one meal per day vegan. Then the last week and a half of December, I'll try to do at least two meals per day vegan. Last night's dinner was SO yummy
I took some regular white mushrooms and chopped them into little pieces and sauteed them with a bit of oil and some basil. Then I tossed in a couple of spoonfuls of tomato bruschetta that I bought at the "Mediterranean Bar" at Wegmans on Sunday. It wasn't saucy enough so I added about a teaspoon of tomato paste and added the linguini not draining it fully so that the starchy pasta water would bind things. It was delicious.

I don't think I'm going anywhere in particular on Xmas Day so I'll have to plan a special veggie-based holiday meal of some sort. I hope it's cold that day since it'll make it easier if I want to roast veggies or something.

In other random news, my nephew's ASMR YouTube channel has crossed 1000 subscribers. He's excited - and yeah, partially because that means he can monetize his channel with ads if he wants.

While the USDA website is down, I took a philosophy quiz. Interesting results.
Test resultsCollapse )
You can take it HERE if you'd like. 

Workplace holiday nonsense continues

She wouldn't confirm it but the smile by Julie said that she was hoping that no one would bring up the holiday party that was tentatively slated for Dec 11. It figures that in the already frustrating-as-all-hell Staff Meeting of Doom yesterday (won't go into the details of how and why I got especially salty about something), Bossman brought up the "are we having the holiday party?" and everyone looked at me. My response was "hey, don't look at me, I'm not in charge of it this year."

I find it rude that the coworkers down in my office are chucking the lion's share of arranging things to Julie just because she's the AA. They were the ones that want this and initially brought it up all they did was have Julie find a date good for the two people in charge and Joe booked the room upstairs. The sticking point was...

oh HOLY SNOTBALLS...some woman has arrived that is going for a grant and needs to sorely switch to decaf because she's in a constant state of annoying mania and is always so loud that I can't concentrate. I'm not meeting with her but GAH...wait, mania woman just declined a drink from worker because it has caffeine? SHE'S LIKE THIS UN-CAFFEINE-ENHANCED? Maybe she snorts coke or eats sugar by the pound and the caffeine takes it one step too far?

ANYWAY, back to my holiday party rant. So they're leaving the planning for catering and likely decor and making sure we have plates and crap to Julie. I would volunteer to help but you know what? I'm tired and didn't want this stupid party anyway. No one ever helps me so while I feel bad for Julie, she needs to advocate for herself for once.

(psst...just lied and said I had to make a call so I could shut my door to hear them less and I have on holiday music. It'll probably get over 80 again but it'll save my sanity some)

At the group meeting yesterday, one of the dudes in the related center downstairs brought up doing the white elephant that most of us thought was especially stupid last year. I ended up with the complete shit gift so I boldly said that I don't want to do it and I was thanked after the meeting for saying that. Second in charge Peggy wasn't at the meeting but I found out today that she wants to do the damned white elephant at the damned party. Well fine but I'm not participating. If I needed more useless shit, I'd go out and buy more toys for my cats that they won't play with anyway. I honesty don't give a rat's ass if it displeases Peggy that I won't toe the line and play the idiotic party game. She's not been showing me much respect lately and my job doesn't hinge on her approval so PTHBBBBT.

I am taunting my coworkers down here about it because they were the dopes that suggested we even have the party. I sent them this video and asked which one of them was going to get this for the white elephant. (hope it plays in other countries!)
SNL - The Christmas Candle

Hey, I volunteered to bake cookies for this thing and they'll be good cookies so stuff them in your gob, coworkers.


Since we're the ag school part of the University, it makes sense that there would be a good deal more Earth Mother/Granola Crunchy folks here and this email pretty much confirms it. I didn't read it until coworker Julie forwarded it with "DID YOU READ THIS COMPLETELY????"

Here goes...see if you can spot what she's referencing.
12/7/18 Friday --Responsible Drinking Happy Hour!- 4:00 7:00 p. m. Cook Student Center
is held on the first Fridays of the month. Come and enjoy an evening of free food and soft drinks, music, and friends! Beer/wine for sale with ID. LIVE MUSIC with THE PROFESSORS! Co-sponsored by Cook Campus Dean and Cook Associate Dean of Students Offices, Cook Community Alumni Association, and SEBS Governing Council. As always at Happy Hour: Support Rutgers Against Hunger (RAH). Bring $ or canned or boxed food item (no glass) to the RAH table at Happy Hour-- Help in the fight to end food insecurity!

Extra! Clothing Swap this Friday at Happy Hour-- the Rutgers Zero Waste Collective will be hosting a clothing swap! Bring your gently used clothing items for a free, sustainable alternative to shopping- just in time for the holidays! If you would like to be entered in a raffle to win a menstrual cup, bring 5 items to the swap. You don't have to bring anything to take anything. All are welcome!

Sad kitty is sad

This video shows why I wouldn't get a camera to check in on my kitties. I know it would kill me to see and hear them doing this since I know that one or the both of them do it since I've found toys near the door several times. Warning for sad kitty noises

But the ending is sweet. When I get home, my two little kiddos are meowing for food and I ask them how their day went while I get it ready. Then after eating "first dinner" I sit down at the dining table and give JuneBug some pets and loves and then I sit on the couch and put a pillow in my lap and JonJon climbs up to snuggle.


Well I know you'll be digging this, veganhothead . With the new doctor I have, I can log into an app on my iPad or go on a website and send non-urgent messages. This morning I decided to let him know that I'm going to be participating in Veganuary. One is I wanted to make sure he didn't want to test anything additional before I do this and secondly, as a litmus test to see how he would react. Some doctors seem to dismiss a plant-based diet as unhealthy. The fact that on my recent test results that he recommended lowering my carb intake made me wonder.

I mentioned that if the month went well that perhaps I'd continue it. I mentioned that I was doing research on ways to transition healthily as well as I said that I have done "vegan for a week" in the past with success. His response was quick and positive. He thinks it's a good idea and wants to retest my level in May. Wait...May? So I guess I'm committing to this longer term! Oh my! Well, guess I'd better continue prepping, eh?

I'm on three medications to lower my blood pressure. My A1C is slightly higher than it's usual 5.8 at now 6.0. My total cholesterol is slightly high at over 200 - my LDL is a little high and HDL is low. I also have all these structural issues which could use some weight loss and lowering of inflammation. So as long as I don't eat a bunch of crappy processed-but-still-vegan food, I should see some improvements in all of these things.
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Family fretting

Last night I received another call from the parents where they let me know that dad wasn’t feeling well again. He’s been having episodes of dizziness and some chest pain and things like that. I believe he actually suffers from congestive heart failure and has for some time. His doctor had prescribed some medication but sometimes it makes his pulse rate too low. The fact that he’s actually willing to consider going to the hospital means it’s pretty serious. He has my sister on call, fortunately.

Naturally since I’m prone to anxiety, I had a good amount of it last night. I started fretting about what would happen, what I would do, what would happen with mom. Mom would want to eventually come and stay with me, but at the moment there is absolutely no room here. There’s barely room enough for me and the two cats. That and I live on the second floor and she is barely mobile. But she definitely wouldn’t live with the crazy sister-in-law in Texas, and she wouldn’t like living with my sister and BIL and their three manic miniature Schnauzers.

I also started fretting about things like what would you do about their house since they are on a reverse mortgage. I know I have to get dad to send me some details on their financials because frankly I don’t see either of my two siblings taking care of anything.
I can't quite play holiday tunes for long at work before I find them cloying and saccharine. Maybe I'm listening to the wrong type? But I am loving seeing holiday decor around. I just got all happy because I didn't notice before that the little glass Xmas tree I got for my desk at work had a switch on it. I had to borrow some batteries but now it's cycling between blue, purple, red, green and aqua below the glass. I'd take a picture but I don't think it would translate very well. I want to make holiday cookies to give out, though this weekend will be too hot to bake. However next weekend's forecast looks like it has potential.

The hippy-dippy gal in our group that works down the hall is very much up for doing Veganuary with me. Sweeet. It'll be good to have someone that if I slack on packing one day that we could get delivery from the local places that are too much of a pain in the butt to park at or if the weather doesn't suck (and my back is being cooperative) we can walk over to the Food, Nutrition and Health dining hall when it re-opens when the students return in late January.

I'm actually looking very forward to giving it a go for the entire month since I'll have no choice but to think for an entire month about what I'm eating. I've already started slacking again which I'm not pleased with myself about. Since I need to eat the non-vegan food I have in my fridge and freezer to make room, then I should work on making a game plan this weekend on how to slowly do that. I don't have a lot of meat-based items but there are enough and I'd rather not have them around for temptation. I know off the top of my head that in the freezer there is shrimp, gluten free battered halibut, some chicken thighs and a few entrees that have cheese in them. That and the Asian bread that has dairy. I just cleaned out the fridge this morning to take a bag of trash out so what's left in there that's not vegan is some cheese, eggs, half and half, jello, and some deli ham. 

Family Scandal: Karma Comes to Play

So, when last I mentioned, I sent a message on Ancestry to someone that may have been a half-sibling to my aunt but NOT my mom. Never heard back, alas.

Last night, though, Mom got the skinny on some details about her sister and what she's been up to. We haven't heard from the nasty woman in years, thankfully. Before I reveal that, let me give you a brief example of this woman's loveliness. For one, my Mom is actually afraid to be alone with her because she thinks her sister would hit her. When I found that out, I told Mom to make sure I'm there. Because Aunt Pat puts one finger on Mom and I'll clock a bitch. Second example: years ago her son, my cousin Mark, was staying with us. We almost had him weaned from the insanity and he was attending a branch of Ohio State in our town. Well unfortunately he was driving their family car and my sister was a passenger and an old couple turned too slow in front of them and there was a wreck. My sister smashed the windshield with her head (fortunately no serious injuries) but unfortunately the old people in the other car were taken away by ambulance. Pat knew the details before she came down to retrieve her son.

I wasn't there but I'm sure that the story is accurate as it is much like many other times with Pat. She breezes into my family's house and dramatically says "So how IS everyone?" of which my sister, sitting there with an ice pack on her head says. "Well, I'm ok but my head hurts." Pat whirled and said nastily to her "Your head couldn't hurt NEARLY as bad as mine. My car is wrecked. I hope those old people die!" I think one of them may have. I don't recall.

So, back to the present. According to some cousin of Mom's, she actually got a call from Pat and got some details about her life out in Idaho. Pat followed her daughter and their family out there (no, they didn't want her there) and at some point they moved away but Pat stayed behind. By some circumstances she ended up homeless and then someone stole all her stuff before she met some guy while homeless and evidently now they're married and living together.

I'd feel badly for the homelessness and the theft but well...karma. Wish death on people for a stupid car accident and bad things will come back to bite you.


It's 82 in my office again and yep, the AC still doesn't work.
I woke up at 3am with a horrible leg cramp
My back/side has been aching for a good day despite resting.

However, I just got the BEST card from the delightful amethyst_witch and am giggling like a dope. I took my mail into work since it was easier to detour on the way to the car. So yes, the fabulous rainbow unicorn magnet with the spot on phrase of "The side effect of weird is awesome" is now proudly stuck to the side of my metal work desk where it will remain.

And the STAMP! I love that Canada is doing a ST:DS9 stamp! (What I wouldn't give for a stamp with Lt. Barclay from any of the series he's shown up in but alas, that would be too obscure for a stamp)Cut for flashy gifCollapse )
When I got into work, it was 80F in my office so I went and turned on the AC where after about half an hour, it got down to a more reasonable 76F. However even though the AC still appears to be running, the temperature is back up to 80F again. What the hell? Also, my mid back is achy for some unknown reason so sitting here and reading half-assed reports by lazy faculty is going to be especially tedious today. I did send Bossman an email yesterday that he has yet to answer to see if he's ok with me putting the thumbscrews to the department chairs and tell them that if I don't start to get reports - and GOOD reports - that we're going to reduce their funding next year. That's about the only way we get through to these people is to hit them in the pocketbook.

Though there's this to lighten things up

Ok, enough lollygagging, back to boring reports.

EDIT: Oh great. The basement bathrooms are closed. That means for a building with four stories, there is only the one set of bathrooms up on the third floor open (yes, the building only has bathrooms in the basement and third floors) and these are two tiny stalls and one handicapped one and one sink squeezed in so you have to wait your turn for that. Joyous day. *changes icon accordingly*
I am somehow strangely in support of this change:

Brain synapses randomly firing

Coworker owed me lunch and we overindulged today at Houlihans. Urgh. Now trying to stay awake at the desk. Have holiday tunes playing.

Need to make them peppier holiday tunes as they're not helping. Baroque keyboard? Really? Zzzzzzzz.

I'm breaking in the new flower Docs. I like them very much though I may have to get those things that stick inside the back heels to keep them from scraping.

I should be doing more work rather than skimming things like 16 Things About Cats That Cat People Find Disgustingly Endearing

Despite my typical lack of interest in such things, brain has been lately refiring with past verrrrreh frisky thoughts with characters from past fandoms

I'm not considering that a bad thing, per se. Odd, though.

Wondering if such thoughts could develop into what lupinfriend would term ~scribblings~

Need to get back to reading and editing reports about plant microbes, foodborne microorganisms and pitch pinewood decomposition in the NJ Pine Barrens. Woo.


I'm not one to pass up a free gift

We normally don't get diddly squat for a holiday gift from the Executive Dean but this year he's feeling generous and having folks from the Rutgers recreation department come and do ten minute chair massages on Dec 18th. So I have mine booked for 1pm. Considering that my deadline to the faculty to get in their annual reports is the week before that and I fully expect the slackers to not adhere to the deadline, I could use the stress reliever. I'll have to tell them to be careful around the mid back but if they could loosen up my tight neck and shoulders, that would be awwwwwesome.

Speaking of work and holidays, I'm trying to stay out of the planning of the potential holiday party. Evidently Bossman and his cohort Director Peggy are not in agreement. Bossman wants to have it here in the building and Peggy wants to go out. I'm in favor of the first. I'd much rather have it in-house and more casual. I think the sticking poing with Peggy is the suggestion of caterer is the same old boring one that we've used a billion times for work functions (since they take a purchase order). Since this will be paid by cash/check, we're not restricted to that caterer so I've been dropping suggestions to the people claiming that they're organizing it of better places to get food.

Ok, speaking of work, need to get back to it.

I have this fluffy damned song in my head all morning, though


These are my peeps.

I was asking folks this morning on my Facebook Food Porn community about the Nespresso to know whether I should jump on a Cyber Monday deal and explained the bit that it'll also curb stingy coworkers nagging me to make pots of coffee. I adore this comment someone made

I love this combination of generosity and fuckoffitude.

Followed up by another person: It’s the gift that stops giving.

Oh, these folks have me pegged. LOL


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