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Was checking work email to find the agenda for our conference and saw an email from the asshole faculty guy we’re hoping to dump. He’s still being a jerk but is backtracking and saying he will put in his report and we don’t need to change his salary. I’m hoping Bossman doesn’t wuss out, because the guy still continued to gripe and moan about filing reports and not “seeing the money” and shit.

I’m going to be pissed off if I’m going to have to continue to deal with the asshole and his griping every few months

Oct. 21st, 2018

I’m on the Amtrak on my way up to Northampton MA and missing my emotional support kitties already. But I know their auntie Veri will take good care of them. It’s a lot more crowded on the train than I expected. I thought Kathleen and I managed to evade Michael but he found us. He can’t change seats yet and even more of a bonus that we’re on the quiet car.

While getting ready to buy a sandwich and drink at Pret a Manger in Penn Station NYC to take on the train for lunch, a homeless guy asked if we could get him some food. He wasn’t just asking for cash and he looked legit hungry so I had him come in to the store and he picked out some oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a couple of drinks. I didn’t mind. He told me he was a vet and they messed up his paperwork so he wouldn’t get money for a while and appreciated the food. He asked for a coffee after the person rang us up and they told him to just go get a small cup and they wouldn’t charge me again. Was about $20 that I’m glad helped brighten someone’s day.

It’s cold in here and I need to move a little so I think I’ll get up and grab my coat from the rack above us. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!

Oh and Ms Veri is naughty and when I said that I wanted to go to the Star Wars A New Hope orchestra concert (I saw an ad at the transit station), she got us tickets!
Coworker has been angsting this week because she ordered a Doctor Who costume for her young daughter and when it came, was shocked that it was a plus size women's costume. Ok, I can see maybe when she ordered it, she clicked on the wrong adult vs kid link.

No, nope, she ordered it here...from TORRID. For those of you not chunkily-inclined, all that they sell is adult plus sized women's wear aimed at the younger hip generation. She got it in a size 0-0 thinking it would be just right for her elementary-school, average-sized nine year old child. Just...what? Since when is 0-0 a kid's size and if you were shopping online and yes, that picture of that obviously larger, adult woman came up, how the hell would you think you're buying a kid's costume?

According to the coworker, she wasn't aware that Torrid is a plus size shop. I could excuse that if she were older but she's several years younger than me. Also, I could excuse that if she weren't a plus-size woman, but alas, the coworker is a plus-size woman in deep denial. She shops at Kohl's and Macy's and I know for a fact that she refuses to venture into the plus section there either. I've been with her at Kohl's. The largest that she will dare buy is size XL in the regular section, not even XXL and it's cringe-worthy because at work, she'll have tops stretched tight across her stomach and she'll have her pants unbuttoned under them - and it'll show.

She lives in the past and can't accept that she's now big. Not just big but it really does look like she's still 8 or so months pregnant. Her past pictures show that she was non-plus size until she had kids and her youngest is at least four, I think. She also will go on "diets" (and I use that word loosely) for at most a week and whine and complain about how it's awful to eat healthy. Or she'll do things like lose a few pounds and then will reward herself...with fatty food. She'll sneak out to "run errands" and will claim she's being good (no, we don't ask about it) and I've walked past the trash in the hall to see empty Popeye's containers. She's also had hernia surgery and also had a kidney infection scare and still denies that it has anything to do with her weight.

Sad, really. I mean I know I'm not one to talk about eating healthy but at least I admit that I have a problem and that it's my fault and my responsibility to do something about it. I also buy clothing that fits properly. 



Damn, Sis, you want to hold off asking me asinine questions until I don't have cramps and nausea? Her text and FB message to me this morning which sent up red flags immediately:

"Hey, any plans for New Years Eve?"

Oh lawdy. I know what she's likely up to. The nutcase probably wants to go to TIMES SQUARE for New Years Eve.
My instant reaction:

My answer to her:
"Um...going to bed around 9ish like usual?lol"

I sense that's not going to be the end of it. UGHHHHHHHH.

EDIT: She's being deciptively reasonable and proposing NYE in the town I work in (across the bridge from the one I live in) because the hotel she likes to stay in (where we held our conference last year) is shooting fireworks off the roof. I'd be groggy but that would actually be doable. 

Family and money

Interesting conversation with the parents last night, but I'll back up a bit because I have a feeling that this was spurred by an incident my brother has going on.

Last week, I heard through the parents that the SIL and kids were in their van on a rainy day and some jackass in a truck rear ended them and some other guy behind them. The parents and I talked about the fact that the brother is going to probably want to buy a new van even though he should get his spending under control and buy a used one. Or the kids should go to school and the SIL should get a job. I'd heard some time ago about how my idiot brother is screwing up his retirement by taking money from it to upgrade his house. They have been working on the house for YEARS and when I went there last year, it wasn't even close to done. The brother is a successful civil engineer but he's always looking over the neighbors' fences and bemoaning how he should be rich. He lives too far beyond his means, getting the kids professional cameras, fancy karate lessons, fancy music lessons and hell, even a freaking DRONE.

According to the parents, I heard a couple of days later that the brother is now "depressed" and saying he can't afford to get another van. I'd feel sorry for him but how could he let his credit get so far fucked up that he can't get a used vehicle on his good salary? If SIL can't drag her looney tune diva ass to get a full time job, SIL should at minimum get a seasonal retail job and earn some money to get them in better straits. Hell, the nephew is turning 16 in a few weeks, he can also start contributing to the family. However I don't see any of that happening, especially since the SIL is now saying that she and the niece need to start going to the chiropractor because they're sore. Well yeah you're sore, who wouldn't be? But from times in the past, she'll milk this for sympathy far beyond the reasonable time for her to be healed up. It's her usual shenanigans.

Anyway, the talk with the parents was interesting because they were mentioning about how in a couple of years, there will be no more of Dad's retirement money left and all they'll have to live on is a little savings and the SS (which with the current state of the government, who knows what'll happen there). They're already on a reverse mortgage so they've said they're going to have to budget better. But instead of being like the brother and bemoaning their plight, they're talking about how they're going to do the smart thing of NOT stocking the house with tons of groceries like they're getting ready for a nuclear winter (a habit they've had as long as I can remember) and that they're going to roll up all of their built up change and put it in the savings. They don't know how much longer that they'll be around, but clearly the bro isn't prepared to ever help them out financially. My sister has money but she and the BIL are also living far beyond their means with a huge house when it's only the two of them and their yorkies and new cars all the time and vacations and shit.

That all said, I do live beyond my means as well - it's an epidemic in the US - but not anywhere as badly the siblings. Since the parents are going to try to do what they can do to keep above water, then I will also do the same and shop smart and pay things off better. Perhaps if the parents and I are successful at it, if something happens to them, then at least *I* might be in an ok position to help them out which is what I'm supposed to do.

Awww yeahhhhh

I'm going to have to try REALLY hard to control myself this Monday in Northampton, MA. Since I didn't sign up for the "food tour" (Michael did so I don't have to eat with him - yayz), I did a google search to find close restaurants to grab a bite since we're on our own on Monday evening.

Practically across the street from the hotel is a restaurant that serves my favorite food - DIM SUM. *bouncybouncy* Breakfast (likely continental) and lunch is provided by the conference so I'm going to eat light. I'll not make the mistake I made on Saturday by eating like a pig and feeling ill after but I'll get DUMPLINGSSSSSSSS.

Unless one of the other folks want to go eat with me (one gal from University of CT that I like may want to), I'll have my iPad with me and maybe it'll be smart to order online, pick it up and take it back to the hotel so I don't get too crazy. lol


Anyone try this with their pets?

I was surprised that on Facebook, Cole & Marmalade made a post where they mention giving Marmalade CBD oil. I was curious whether it would help with JonJon's anxiousness or JuneBug's persistent IBS.

If it is something you've tried with success, what brand do you use?
I watched the first episode of this Netflix show last night and I'll definitely be watching the other eps. The woman clearly loves what she does and the visuals are stunning.

I wouldn't recommend it for vegans/folks sensitive to seeing meat in it's raw state, though

On the flip side, spikesgirl58 this one made me think of your posts. LOL

I need a weekend for my weekend

By the time Friday came, I was done, DONE. Brain toasted to a crisp. Then it was a chilly night because the temperature had dropped drastically yet the apartment folks still hadn't turned on the heat. Just in case, while running errands on Saturday to stock up on PetValu cat food and stuff, I picked up a small space heater and ran it on and off during the day until it got up to at least 70F before I headed out that evening. Late Saturday night they finally turned the heat on and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as insanely hot as they usually run it. Famous last words because holy MOLY did they crank it to eleven overnight last night. With it being in the low 50s outside and with a window open, it shouldn't still be 75F inside. I have a couple of the windows open while I'm at work today so hopefully it's a decent temp when I get home.

Saturday evening I had dinner with a friend and it was a pleasant and yummy meal. However, I made the huge mistake of eating too much. I don't usually eat big dinners and when I overdo it, I pay for it.  I so overfull and nauseated when I got home that I couldn't even chew an alka seltzer because it was too sweet. I finally felt ok to lay down to go to bed but then at 4am I got a doozy of a migraine. Even the kitties must have sensed it since they left me alone for once. I got the head and tummy down to a dull roar later in the morning and went out just to get a few groceries but the headache still kept trying to return and everytime I tried to eat, I felt ill. So yeah, no more big meals.

Hopefully this week at work is more chill. Last week was horrible. 
Why yes, I have Friday-itis. Why do you ask?
Plan A Spooky Day And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Monster You Are

You got: Mummy
You have an old soul. You tend to hold grudges for a very long time and don't let people who have wronged you get away with it. Once you are passionate about someone or something, you will go to any and all lengths for it.


If You Were A Comfort Food, Which Would You Be?

You got: Mac 'n' Cheese
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Aaaaand the coworkers don't help

It was frustrating enough yesterday when I was actually making progress and the coworkers kept bothering me with their attempts at being comedians. Today, while I'm struggling...well, I'll share this just-tweeted nugget:

We moved upstairs to a different office back in February. Perpetually overly-dramatic coworker just figured out that the printer we moved isn't hooked up to a fax line. She's evidently been "faxing for months" and clearly never checked that nothing has reached its destination.

I had to leave the room and go fill my water bottle down the hall when she was angsting and flailing about it and going "Joe, Joe, did you know that the fax doesn't work? We need to be able to fax!" (For the record, for the...I think two years...we worked in side by side offices, I never once saw or heard her use the fax machine).

Then again the other day she spent a full hour pacing around the outer office loudly ranting about how our grants specialist is "annoying and dramatic" and pointing out how she herself is not dramatic, not at all, no, nope. AN HOUR.


FOCUS, already

Stuff that is floating through my brain as I'm trying to concentrate and churn through hundreds of lines of data one by one:

Why haven't I thought of making hard-shell tacos for breakfast?

Oh, another pointless Buzzfeed quiz won't take much time

I must find the perfect background noise on youtube so that I can work.

That's not it.

Nope, that's not it either.

Or that, or that, or that.

So, back to the breakfast taco idea...


Starting the day off with a bang

I have to go to a meet and greet and tour the turfgrass research today. Something I'm not all that fond of since I hope I don't have to walk on too much uneven ground with my unstable knees. But it got better when I put my arms up to stretch (old habits die hard since I'm not supposed to DO that) and ***TWONK*** managed to pull a muscle in my neck.

I've taken aleve, put ice on it for a while and at the moment I have a pain patch on it but it still hurts like hell.

Also, I'd previously sent Bossman the text I wrote to renew our administrative project - after making a trek across campuses to a library that had books with our hisory regarding forestry research as well as a proposed yearly budget. He ignored it. I sent it three more times. Still crickets. So today the feds sent a notice that on Oct 31, our official program summary was due and I forwarded it to him and made a comment that our administrative project expired and hopefully that isn't an issue with the feds. It finally got his attention and he answered with "Anything I need to do to get the administrative project approved?"

I was smart and didn't answer with "Yeah, asshole, try reading what I've sent you over the last few months" but instead yet again sent him what I put together and asked him to approve it so I can move it along.

Fabulous day, yep. Totally. *sigh*


Our idiot business guy strikes again.

To think that this is the guy that manages millions of dollars in federal grant money. Michael the Epic Dumbass did something stupid again, but being the benevolent person that I am, I had our AA let him know he needed to fix it.

We have a meeting of our regional land-grant administrators in Northampton, MA beginning on the evening of Sunday October 21 and ending at noon on Tuesday October 23. I'm glad that the organizers listened to me and picked a town that is on the Amtrak line, even if it has one stop per day. I wouldn't have wanted to drive and these meetings are generally at ag stations which aren't near big cities.

The train schedule works out pretty well. It leaves at 11:30 am from New York Penn Station and gets there a little before 4 pm and the hotel is a bit less than a half mile walk away (or if I'm feeling sore, I'm sure there will be cabs at the station). I'll have to take a NJ Transit train that morning to get to Penn Station but I've done that tons of times - in fact recently when Emily and I went to the Met Museum. The train leaves at 2 pm to get back and gets into Penn at 6:30 pm so I'll get home in the evening but it won't be super late.

So Julie our AA let me know this morning that Michael was also taking Amtrak, which I groaned since I was hoping he was driving and I wouldn't have to see him. She mentioned he was leaving from Trenton which makes sense because he lives closer to there and could have his wife drop him off and there would be a good chance I wouldn't run into him on the train.But then Julie said...and he gets into Boston. Wait...where? Uh, Julie, did he mean to have you book a trip to a destination that is 100 MILES from the meeting? (By the way, Julie wasn't involved with this meeting, so she has no real clue where it is, she was just helping book travel through the service per Michael's request)

She asked whether she should check with him or just assume that he knows what he's doing. I gave her an amused look and she said "Ok, I'll check." Turns out, the dope DID somehow thought the meeting was in Boston. Clearly he didn't check the agenda, or the "Stuff to do in the area" link in the email. Nor did he check to see how he was going to get from the train station to the hotel. The hotel being not a Ramada or a Hyatt but called the HOTEL NORTHAMPTON? Where in the email to us it says "The hotel is located in the center of town at 36 King Street, Northampton, MA." Where there's a link to the registration with instructions on how to get there.

How the hell can someone be so spectacularly stupid and manage to get to work everyday? Just when I think he can't get any dumber, he grabs a proverbial shovel and digs down to the subbasement of idiocy. Lucky for him, Julie is correcting his travel plans. Though personally it would've been fabulously funny to get a call from him from South Boston, wondering where Kathleen and I are.

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New community

Well who woulda thunk? Have some interest from friends still on Facebook who either are or may want to resurrect their LJs! YAY!!

I've made a Harry Potter Memories community called pottermemories. I have to get to work here but it's open and even if you're just a passing fan or just curious and like new buddies, feel free to join. I'm hoping it gets populated. Fingers crossed!

I'm pondering...I'm thinking it should be dedicated to Addy/Bridget. She'd love the idea of buddies coming together. 

Willing Autumn here

I found some fantastic sales yesterday at Michael's - half off or more on their Halloween decor - and something I wanted at Lowe's so now my porch has a little bit of personality. A few pictures:
Biggish pictures behind the cutCollapse )


I have a comic con present!

Emily went with her nephew to comic con yesterday and she brought me back a signed present! You know the guy that tweet about Dear David and is an artist? Well she got to meet him and she got us each a signed copy of his book. So cool!

Before she gave that to me I was texting with her this morning and she was telling me how only wanted to take her dad to Trader Joe’s but her mom would want to go along to because she wants to go everywhere. I offered to take her mom to Whole Foods and they took me up on the offer. I made sure to keep things light and silly and 3/4 of the way through the trip, and mom even said how much fun she was having. I’m glad. She’s nice but impish and has dementia, so it’s a lot for Emily to deal with her and her Dad who is in rough shape physically.

You enjoy yourself, Mr. Dumpty!

From FB - too cute, had to share

Posted by Addy's Mom

From FB
I know some of Addy's and my mutual friends had been asking for the following information.
Posted just a bit ago by Addy's mom:

"The earth is still shaking under my feet! I guess that never stops.

After much discussion, we have decided to have a small memorial in the near future, and I would ask anyone to please make a donation in Bridget's name to your chosen charity in lieu of flowers.

Or, she would like you to plant a flowering bush or tree near your house to remember her by.

Bridget always gave to anyone needy. Her favourite charities were:

SAINTS (or anything to do with animals)
Doctors without Borders
the CF Foundation
St. Paul's Hospital Foundation.

But she would want you to go with your heart on this. I think she would have like an old fashioned New Orleans Funeral, with jazz playing in the street as the cortege passed by! That would have been her style.

I know Bridget had many friends online and off. We feel your love and pain. For those online, please think of her laughing and follow your hearts to help celebrate her truly remarkable life and love of everyone.

"For there is nothing which is lost which cannot be found if sought." Edmund Spenser.


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