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Yesterday LJ, today Outlook

I'd really like to log in to my hotmail account and check the tracking of something I ordered but alas (earwax), Outlook has been doing the unhappy spinning round and round allllll morning long.

I'm not the only one as many people are reporting it but it's frustrating. Come ON internet, stop being so darned fussy lately!

EDIT - HA! Suck it, LJ, I copy/pasted so screw your eating my post and saying "Must provide entry text"

EDIT PART DEUX: Figures, seconds after posting, I check and magically Outlook is working again. Something is afoot.

Spammin' LJ, meme style

I have fifteen minutes before my webconference and so don't want to start a new project so meme-ing away!

So the trick of this meme is to give me three topics that you think I know nothing about. I asked spikesgirl58 and she gave me:

*More of the curious unexpected topics meme. If you wish to participate let me know in the comments, and I will give you three topics, or spheres of interests, which I think you are not interested in, or maybe you'll surprise me with your interest and/or knowledge. Then you talk about those subjects in your journal. It's interesting to see who knows what about what.*

She gave me:
1. Impressionism
If I could have afforded a quarter or two more at OSU, I would have had an art history minor. Impressionism is a style of painting starting in the late 1800s in France which emphases the unique use of light and movement. Think Monet, Cezanne or Renoir. My favorite painting The Storm by Pierre Auguste-Cot is French but not Impressionism - he's Academic Classicism.

2. Classical music as pertaining to the Baroque
I love listening to Baroque music though I'm not all that schooled on the background of it. Vivaldi's Four Seasons is one of my favorite and I should probably play that at work more. An instrument used quite a bit in Baroque music that we don't hear much from today is the harpsichord.

3. Patriotism
Support for your country. Though that's a hot button topic nowadays since some folks equate patriotism with having to blindly support the President. You can support your country, energetically and wholeheartedly and disagree with the person currently in charge. 


I finally got my post to go through but I'm glad I copy/pasted it before hitting post because everything disappeared and an error came up saying that I needed to put in entry text.

Anyone else having this problem?

(Copy/pastes again before posting)

EDIT - What the hell? Now I have a bunch of friends posts appearing that weren't on the page when I just read it ten minutes ago. Things are screwy.

Well screw it, then

I wrote a whole bunch of answers to the friday five and all it posted was the questions. Meh. Not typing it out again.

I will post that I loved visiting Perry's Ocean Edge Resort in Daytona Beach as a kid. I didn't like getting there in the car from Ohio but I loved the private beach even though I'm not normally a beach person. I also loved their homemade donuts which I see on their site that they still make them. Also, when a friend came with us one year, we went to a psychic that said I'd live a long time but have a regret. I have no idea about the regret.

In other news, I'm waffling about the fast days. They're not particularly difficult but my weight is still fluctuating because I'm finding that I'm overeating a bit on non-fast days. I think I'll put that idea on hiatus for a while and try to just eat less in general. That means that I'll need to get my frustrations under control because that drives me to want to nibble.

Keeping it short, have a USDA webconference in half an hour. Booooring.

Busy bee

I have a few vacation days to use up this month so I took today off. I had previously intended to make it a laundromat day but I didn't feel safe putting the bag over my shoulder yet so I'll do that next Friday. Instead I did make it to the pool this morning. My friend didn't get there and I suspect unless I keep pestering her that she'll just stop going. I'm not responsible for anyone but myself so hopefully she decides to get back on the ol' proverbial horse.

After getting done there, I sipped my smoothie that I had put in an insulated mug in the car for the trip as I made my way to the post office. I mailed a Father's Day card, my lease renewal (kind of ticked that they'll no longer allow multi year leases) and a small box of books to send to my aunt and uncle in Kentucky. My uncle Bert drove up to stay a night with my parents and then my Dad and Bert drove down to...I think Indiana (they're on the border so I never know if they're currently living in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky) to visit their brother Dick who has dementia. It's a shame since Dick is the youngest of the brothers. Dad's two other brothers Howard and John died some years ago. It was a good visit according to the parents and I'm glad that Dad got to spend some time with family since we're bad about doing that. We don't see Mom's side of the family but that's mainly because her sisters are pretty awful (guess I got that gene with my siblings, alas)

Anyway, after the post office, I made my way over to Whole Foods - boy has construction season started with a vengance - since I wanted to get a few things that are specific to there. Peggy at work was so thrilled with the fake cream cheese I had her try (she found out after many many years that she's VERY lactose intolerant but she loves cheese). So since the weather was supposed to be cooperative today, I wanted to make some vegan lasagna to share. I also picked up some lemons since yesterday I scored some Jersey Strawberries (they are SO DANGED GOOD) and I wanted to make some strawberry-lemon freezer jam with them.

I got home and made the lasagna which turned out yummy with some frozen spinach, Kite Hill fake ricotta and fake ground beef that I cooked with tomatoes and spices. I made sure to put in plenty of marinara sauce since I was using no bake noodles and I also topped some layers with some fake mozzarella and parmesan. I had a serving for lunch and it was absolutely delicious.

I realized that i forgot to pick up a box of pectin so I ran out to the local Stop and Shop to get that as well as some crusty bread since I'll take some of the jam to share at work. My coworkers ought to love me bringing lasagna and homemade jam. lol

I had to take a nap after all that since my back was getting achy. I hope it doesn't flare up since it was nice to get some cooking done for a change. Just in case, I'll make sure to take it especially easy for the next few days since on Monday, Emily and I are hoping to go to NYC for some fun. I'll make sure my phone is charged up to take lots of pictures to share.

Hope everyone is doing well! Hugs for y'all *flings*

Um...ew, dude. EW

Why can't I put this up in my office?

My coworkers would love it. Though that whole "not professional" thing would be brought up. Pfft

Stolen from the Food Porn community on FB. Freaking love those lunatics

Really body? Really?

So I thought I was good and careful and managed to get some housecleaning done that had been backing up for some time (still have more to do but feeling far better a having some done). I got the shower rod back up. I put it on the wall outside the tile rather than on the tile itself. Looking up why it keeps falling, if I want it on the tile, I'll need to get some sandpaper to create better friction as well as maybe some of those felt things you stick to the bottom of table/chair legs.

Then yesterday afternoon when I'd returned from Target with a number of bags, I noted that my right arm was a bit achy. Then it kept getting more achy, especially when I'd try to lift anything or put my arm up. Then by later in the evening I was having issues even scooping litter and by the time bedtime came around, it caused a good amount of pain to try to lie on that side? Oh freaking great. Since that's the "safe" side to sleep on and I couldn't do that, I kept ice packs on my back to sleep on the other side and tried to get in a position that wouldn't trigger my back.

Fortunately the kitties were mostly cooperative and I did get some sleep last night but I still can't do much with my right arm. Since I need to use vacation time this month, I had Wednesday scheduled off and was going to take things I don't send out to the laundromat, including kitty beds and blankets. I guess that's going to have to wait. I hope my arm is doing well enough to be able to go in the pool on Wednesday morning since the tail end of womanly fun kept me from going in today (as well as the arm).

It's like I can't get ahead at all. Oddly, both of my index fingers keep feeling like they need popped. The right one will do it but the left one doesn't want to. I'm suspecting that all of this has to do with the hypermobility/EDS. 

Fun weekend planned

Emily and I heard a clattering noise on the ol' kittycam (I gave her a link and password to check in on my goofs) and since I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything serious, I stopped home after lunch and found that the darned tension rod in the tub fell down. It was up for more than a year which was pretty good but now I have to figure out how to get it back up and how to keep it up there. Fabulous.

Also ending the week with cramps, nausea and other assorted fun girly things. bleh.


Looking forward to lunch

I'm steadily eating down the store of veggies and such in the fridge. The vegan pasta salad was gone by Tuesday. The shepherds salad was done by yesterday. I have one more container of vegan corn chowder which I'll pack for lunch tomorrow. I haven't eaten any of the daikon pickle but that will last a good while and I'm pondering getting a few items this weekend to make vegan bibimbap and vegan banh mi sandwiches this weekend/next week so that will use some of those.

I had another huge tomato that came with the delivery that was getting close to overripe but I didn't want to make another batch of shepherds salad. So instead, last night I got out the pressure cooker again (used it for the soup prep on Tuesday) and put in a cup of brown rice, 1 1/4 cup water, I chopped the core out of the tomato and put it in quarters on top of the rice and dumped in some dried thyme, garlic powder and salt. Since brown rice takes over 20 minutes even in a pressure cooker, that tomato was beyond squishy which was perfect since you just mix it into the rice. Last night I had a big ol' bowl with a bit of avocado on top. Today I have the leftovers and I tucked in some TJs meatless meatballs. Now I need to have the willpower to wait another half hour until noon lunchtime. SO HUNGRY.

The tomato in a rice cooker/pressure cooker is a "thing" on the interwebz. Here's a good version which he does another with the add ins you see on the thumbnail

I've made it before with just the tomato, rice and salt and that honestly was boring. But adding the spices really did the trick.

Little spark of hope

I am now very much looking forward to July. I don't think I mentioned this before but due to some BS at the University, instead of co-worker, former semi-Bossperson (it's complicated) Peggy being only over here 40%, she's going to be here 100%. Even though she's done incredible things for the University and brought in millions maybe billions of dollars over the years and fostered relationships with corporations and other fancy connections, the jackasses in the Muckity Muck University Research Elite suddenly decided to take her division away from her. Well, their loss will be our gain.

When we found out about this at one of our staff meetings a couple of months ago, there was a direct mention of having "my office" (let's get real here "my office" is only me lol) fall under Peggy instead of being directly under Bossman Brad. Considering that Bossman ignores almost everything I send him, no matter how important, this is great news to me. Peggy will still be busy with the centers she runs here (woman is the hardest working gal I know), but I know she'll give me answers so that I'm not so hopeless feeling as I've been.

Hell, this morning alone - even though she's not here full time yet - she's offered to review a proposal where I need an extra one and printed out all of the stuff I copied Bossman on where she knows he's not answered me and she's going to meet with him tomorrow morning and wrangle answers from him for me.

I almost had happy tears from that. I know there'll still be frustrations as being in charge of all this is hard and will continue to be, but at least I have some hope that I'll have someone that wants the Land Grant Research program to not just thrive, but innovate. 


Fuck this place

I'm having a difficult time fighting back tears while sitting at my desk and I'm failing at it. I'm feeling so beaten down and forgotten and ignored here. I have no help and when I appeal for help, I get empty promises or put off or just flat out ignored. It's utterly exhausting and defeating.

What broke me this afternoon was finally getting a response from a "nice" coworker where it took him nearly an entire week to respond. I was asking about the status of a database his office was supposed to revamp for us and the answer after a week? That other things are more important and that they didn't know when they could bother to get started on my stuff. We met with him and my boss about it a month ago but this is something I've been requesting for a full two years.

But fuck it. Using the clunky old database is more of a minor inconveneince to me and a larger inconvenience to Bossman and the dumbass Business Manager so big fucking deal. Don't revamp it. Bossman and BM can flounder through with me sending them a shit-ton of data in a crappy excel sheet and can sort it out themselves.


Oh cats!

I decided to check the house camera this morning since I figure I paid for it and may as well see what's up. JonJon seems to be rather restless this morning, wandering from room to room and whining and he even got up on a table and knocked down the flerken that Emily got me. To be fair, I could see him being jealous of the flerken.

If he doesn't settle down in a few hours, maybe I'll go pop home at lunch and give him a calming treat. I'll also check on the apartment since it got down to the low 50s last night and the damned heat kicked on. Uh, guys, it's JUNE, I think you can turn off the boilers for the season. Really. We'll live.

In cute kitty stuff, this video from TinyKittens is adorable. Evidently the kitten stayed crabpuffed at Grandpa Mason for a full eleven minutes.

But even funnier was the Instagram post from a while later where Grandpa gathered his kittens for cuddles in the yurt. Including the one that crabpuffed him.

Fridge is full to the brim

Wellll, I knew I was going a bit overboard with my order from FreshDirect but the lure of fresh veggies sucked me in. My fridge is insanely full right now. However it's not helped by the fact that somehow they thought it was appropriate to send me FIVE POUNDS of daikon radishes? Really?

I've made a big batch of pickled radish (with some carrots) and gave a container of radish only to Emily, will give a container of radish and carrot to my friend Lena tomorrow morning when I meet her for swimming and have a big ass container of radish and carrot for me. Fortunately it lasts at least a week or two so I just have to plan some meals there. I still ended up with one more huge daikon so I have it in three hunks in a bag in the fridge. I looked it up and so I don't waste it (it was obscenely priced...such a bad choice), I saw that daikon fries are actually a thing so I'm going to give them a go in the air fryer.

I have a big container of vegan pasta salad that I've been grazing on since yesterday - perhaps a bit much so as I've overeaten this weekend and need to rein it in. I also made a big bin of shepherd's salad and tomorrow will pack a nice portion of both salads for lunch. I did offset the daikon ridiculousness because the two huge tomatoes they sent me somehow cost less than $2. That and I had a $25 off offer so I'll be ok.

One thing I like from them are the "fish cubes" which I get half a pound of something that is only $6.99/pound and the fish is always super good quality. You don't know what you're going to get. I unwrapped the mystery and found pieces of cod, tuna and salmon. All were fresh and lovely. So with the mango mint salsa I always order from them and some fresh made tortillas from a company they contract with, I made some fish tacos for dinner.

Since I don't have the room to store the finished product yet, I couldn't make the vegan corn chowder I've planned but I did unhusk the corn and put it in a bag so hopefully I'll make that mid-week.

I am glad that I'm inspired to cook but perhaps I was a bit TOO inspired this week. lol

Talk about ugly crying

Man I love those On the Road segments. Even when I'm feeling empty and down (which I have been lately), they never fail to give inspiration and make things feel better

There needs to be more bus drivers, more PEOPLE like this guy

Mini me is a bit fuzzy but ah well

I iconned my little digital picture and on LJ it seems to make her a little on the soft focus side but ah well.

But she's a cutie-poo! Little handmaiden me. That's Star Wars handmaiden, guardian of the queen/senator, not scary dystopian Handmaid's Tale handmaiden, mind you.

Back is improving bit by bit but I'm still being super careful until I feel like it's safe to proceed with swimming and such again.

Since today is a holiday, I didn't do a whole lot. I made it to the grocery to pick up a few items, stopped by the RiteAid and got some shiny lipgloss and found some cute hypoallergenic silver hoops. I figured that would play off the buzzcut as a contrast. Not that I think I need to bother, but I figure I may as well have a little fun.

Even though I'm not "grilling out" for Memorial Day, I'll be "grilling in" and will have a Beyond Burger. Nom nom. Hope everyone's day is going well. Sending hugs and love to y'all.

Begone hair! Muahaahaa!

She thought I was kidding so it took a bit of persuading until the stylist cut out ALL of the dyed hair. In nearly two months it didnt grow out much but I don’t really care. It will be much better for aquatic therapy so I can just scrub the chlorine smell out with scalp happy tea tree soap after without worrying about caring for a dye job.

Besides, I think my dome is a pretty decent shape, eh? Who knew? And now I can also let JuneBug groom it when she wants 😉

The back seems to have stabilized with taking the hit of steroids. I have five days left where it tapers down from six pills the first day, five today, etc. I don’t like steroids but if I had known how quickly they work, I would have wanted them for previous bad episodes. Yesterday it was very clear that it was about to take me down for a week. I hope this has stopped that.

Short post

Boy LJ is being buggy. It won’t let me reply to DMs but I can see them so thank you for the well wishes!

My parents and brother were naughty and sent money/gift certificates. They also called. The sister sent a bland happy birthday dm on Facebook. Emily was awesome as usual and commissioned a picture of me as a Star Wars handmaiden

On the not so great side, I got sick when I got home from dim sum lunch. Also, my back is officially out again. I’m trying the steroid pack I was prescribed so I hope it helps

Edit, also xina_belle the smoothie book arrived! I’ve already gone through and flagged ones I want to make ❤️❤️

Settle the hell down, back

The pain in my side has subsided. Since it crops up every now and then, I suspect there's a bit of a tiny kidney stone being annoying until it finally decides to move along and out. However, later in the evening my lower back started being supremely pissy. I have no idea why unless I was sitting at my little desk for too long yesterday. I tried to keep it reasonably short.

I ended up doing ice packs, half a Xanax and even crossed my fingers and took an Aleve (fortunately it didn't upset my stomach). It's a little better but I had to put on a pain patch to come to work. The damned thing needs to quit being annoying. I am NOT going to have my birthday dim sum fest with Emily ruined because of a twingey back. I'll likely be leaving early today because everyone else in the building will be for the holiday weekend. After feedling/spoiling kitties, I'll lay own and rest a lot.

The fast day yesterday went fine. Spacing things out evenly and having more of the calories earlier in the day seemed to help quite a bit with no headache and only a little bit of hunger annoyance. However, I did notice that I need to do these during work days. Being at home around temptation was more difficult than just trying to occupy myself at work and not find snacks.

I did have something arrive yesterday that I ordered a week ago - a pillow with a hole. No, really

Since I lay on one side due to my back, my outer ear scabs up and hurts from the pressure. It's taking some getting used to and I found that my ear didn't always make it to the hole but even if half the night it does, that should help heal it up some.

Not a lot of content really but hm...

So, fellow ST fans, what do you think about this promo for the Picard series? I'm not sure. It seems melodramatic even though they haven't done anything yet. I hope it's better than the recent series that I couldn't get into. Then again, I've never been a big fan of the Klingon arc.

Or it's one big wine commercial

I could use a break from this nonsense

This reminds me that I need to work on getting even more set up with shared drives and contacting the office of disability to have official authorization to work from home. Sucking down another sick day because of side pain. I've had this a couple of weeks ago and am not sure whether it's back pain or a small annoying kidney stone or perhaps a bit of both. I'll be playing it safe and not swimming tomorrow as not to overexert but come on. I'm trying here.

I figure I may as well continue with the fast day since if it's a kidney stone, my fast days include plenty of hydration and filling up on salads, soups and other water-heavy items. That actually should flush things out if it's that. Also, if it's the back, I'll be lying down a lot so I don't eat much on those days anyway since it's annoying to be upright long. It would have likely been an unintentional fast day as it is. I have so far gone to the effort of having some cold brew coffee as to not get a decaf headache as well as made a tofu scramble with some baby lettuce for protein and nutrients.

Been frustrating at work as per usual but one bright possibility is that ex-Bosslady may hopefully be finally EX soon. One of the big tasks she was given is to be submitted soon and Bossman isn't moving on giving her anything to do. Fine with ME. But she pissed me off because yet again she treated any critique of her pearls of wisdom as a personal slight and refused to add or correct anything. That pissed me off since she's not running the research projects, I am, but Bossman is pretty much checked out (he's heavily suggested that this will be his last year as director - fine by ME there too). But that bitch had the audacity to be dismissive and right after that starts emailing me fluffy bullshit to my non-work email. Woman, we are NOT FRIENDS and will never be. You can take your Ronald McDonald hair and piss off into the sunset. Elaine's boss was making cracks about ex-Bosslady's excessive nose hair to make me feel better. He needs to stick around though he's frustrated AF too.

Anyway, break time again. Blah.

The fucking YIKES of food

Found on the 70s dinner party twitter feed. Yeah, even the suggested bacon topping isn't going to save that horrifying frankenfood disaster.

Glorify the main dish? Mmmm, not. The file name I used while saving the photo is GlorifyMyAss

Fast two day experience

I'll put it behind a cut for those not interested

Cut for fast infoCollapse )

This morning I had a smoothie before swimming since I needed to break the fast but didn't want to eat too much before activity. I picked one that had more calories - the one that tastes like nut butter. It was a good choice since it gave me enough energy to get through running around the pool without feeling too heavy. I was a bad girl and didn't pack a lunch but I was kind of craving something prepared by someone else anyway. Maybe if I'm feeling up to it, I'll schlep down to Moe's and get a tofu and mushroom burrito bowl with nummy cilantro lime rice and pintos and oh man I'm already hungry. lol


Oops, I did it again

I stupidly trusted that coworkers would come through on what they said they're going to do. Today graduation is going on right in front of our building in about 45 minutes and it's chaos and once you're in, you're trapped unless you don't want to get a parking spot anywhere close. A couple of weeks ago, the neighboring office here on our floor said we'd do a potluck and one of the gals said she'd bring bagels which I was happy about since I can eat them. I told her I'd bring some accompaniment that I can eat and share. So this morning along with a bowl of mandarin oranges to share, I brought some fake cream cheese (Kite Hill, expensive but so good) and a big ol' tomato for folks to have slices on their bagels.

Except...no bagels. Nope, instead the person brought those giant, cheap, pasty-ass, DAIRY FILLED muffins that I can't eat. Yes, they know I don't eat that, even if I am now willing to make occasional exceptions for non-vegan stuff like fish and egg white. Hell, on Friday, one of them was bullshit-idly wondering why I wouldn't eat any of her pound cake. You do know that the traditional pound cake is a POUND each of flour, whole eggs, sugar and butter? Come on.

I was pissed but no point in saying anything to them since they seem to delight in being obtuse when I've politely declined offers before. With these neighbors, I suspect they're doing this on purpose so screw them. I will just have to continue to batter-ram it into my dense head not to trust these people when it comes to sharing food or getting lunch. I just ate my little cucumber finger sandwiches that I packed for lunch and thank goodness very early this morning I did make a little tofu scramble because I was really hungry since I didn't eat a big meal last night since it was too hot.

I did nab some of my mandarins to snack on later and if I get hungry, I do have a pack or two of those noodles that you can microwave. But just...UGH, AGAIN WITH THIS. I mean geez, what if I were actually allergic? I'm betting they still wouldn't give a crap. Jerks.

It's not starting off the best as it is since I skipped swim time since my back was being tender from extra walking in the heat yesterday down and back the few blocks to the wake and also because JonJon would not shut up and let me sleep much at all. 

LJ Love for Lupey!

To the lovely lupinfriend

I would send this on Facebook but since you share your birthday with my icky SIL, I'm keeping it real here on LJ. LOVE YOU!

Slight update to the mini office

I had to get a new cordless phone since the one at the desk died (why yes, I do still have a landline like a proper old lady). I also spotted a cute tiny lamp for $10 at Target today while I was getting the replacement phone.

The wall cling is super cute and it's nice to have at eye level as I'm sitting. There are two pictures above that but unless I'm constantly tilting my head up, I don't look at them while sitting. I tossed a couple of my clean baby blankets that I keep around for the kitties on the chair for some extra comfort.

Shaping up quite nicely! Nothing in the desk drawer yet and I'm thinking the desk still needs a bit more personality.

So far so good

Yesterday's tryout of doing a fast day didn't go badly at all. Personally speaking since my metabolism sucks royally, if my choices for a lifetime eating plan is either
A) Restrict calories every day to 1200 to a max of 1500, eliminate all "treat" foods
B) Eat healthily most days, allow for very occasional cheat days but two non-consecutive days a week, do an 800 calorie health-focused fast.

I'm picking B. It seems much easier to me to plan for two days a week of low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, and focused hydration than having to obsessively track everything I eat every.single.flippin.day. Food tracking every day made me neurotic and ultimately failed eventually with a fifty pound regain. How could I ever eat out if I couldn't analyze what I was eating? What if I'm tired and don't want to get out the food scale just to make dinner? What happens if I have been craving something naughty for ages but nope, no exceptions?

I'll see how it goes and if it is sustainable. Currently the plan will be to swim/exercise M-W-F and intermittent fast days T-Th. Fast days will include smoothies or tofu scramble with veggies for breakfast (no bread which I am supposed to be slowly phasing out overconsumption of simple empty carbs anyway), big ol' bowl of broth-based soup or a big-ass salad loaded with veg and some protein for lunch and for dinner, things like zucchini noodles or cauliflower "rice" or broth-sauteed spinach (YUM) with a healthy protein. Obviously if I feel out of sorts or weak or anything, this will be modified or stopped. Doctor has been notified and will monitor with labs as needed/requested.

The focus of doing this isn't merely to "lose weight" but to "gain health" so I'm not about to risk making my health worse by doing something unsafe.