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Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

Make your own magic

Kitty Chinese food

Relieved but frustrated.

 Received a message from the nice doctor that did JuneBug's ultrasound. Her blood tests came back and nothing is out of whack. So aside from her being a pooping maniac, she's totally healthy. So I just have to keep keeping on with trying to adjust her diet to find what will make things chill out. If I can't, then a course of steroids are the next option. I got several different types of recommended food this weekend to try to slowly incorporate. One that I hoped would work (I loved the name "Oh my Cod!") which was fish but not too stinky didn't seem to help AT ALL. 

Also, I'm thinking it would also help all three of us to work harder at making the apartment a zen den. Stress has to be a factor in my health issues, Junie's pooing and JonJon's general insanity. Getting my budget under control may help that. This year we've had the expensive mattress that was needed, expensive car repairs and most recently, expensive vet bills for both cats. I am tapped out. Sure I have great credit but that's only going to get me so far.

In less frustrating issues, Mom's sudden extension of her family tree is cool. Evidently we're related to the Pyle line which has lots of famous historical muckety mucks from way back when? I was also contacted by Doris - who is my biological 4th cousin. Her 3rd great grandfather is my 3rd great uncle. I know he died in 1885 but didn't know how and she told me how she had newspaper articles - which I confirmed looking them up on that he was murdered by his neighbor who shot him in the chest at a county fair. Wild! 

Since is having the best sale I've seen on DNA tests ($59 if you've ever been pondering it), I did order one for Dad since the one that Mom took was one I sent for Father's Day. I thought it only fair to get Dad his gift again. Hopefully I don't find any scandalous information there but I would like to know his estimated percentages of what countries he's from. 

Ok, back to work. Need to hunt down the bossman to get some answers before he goes out of state for a week

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SW ObiWan Orly?

Asian people channel midwestern white people

So you recall this post a couple of weeks ago where I pondered making that odd sandwich? Well I made it!

I decided not to make any modifications to the recipe. It honestly was the whitest sandwich I ever ate. It wasn’t bad but it makes me think that 1950s midwestern recipe books must have become all the rage in Asia. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started seeing videos for fancy jello molds lol!!

Bunny is little and fuzzy

Monday, Monday

Not sure if I have a low grade virus or maybe that sinus issue or what but still feeling slightly under the weather since last week. The headache is persistent (it's down to just hanging out a bit behind the eyes so that's better) and each time I eat a meal, my stomach gets distended (not THAT again...ugh) and I feel queasy and the headache comes back. WTF? On Saturday morning I made the mistake of eating sausage gravy and biscuits at a diner with Emily - something I haven't eaten in years. I also had a little of the home fries on the side. My stomach was terribly sick all day and I had to try to sleep it off. I also wonder lately if I have an issue with potatoes, fried ones particularly. I don't eat them often but my tummy doesn't seem to like french fries or pan fried potatoes at all. So odd.

Other than that, I was so pleased to be able to have motherofjedi come by and have dinner with Emily and I last night on her way back home. She'd never had poke and loved it! So I found some places near where she lives to go try.

Yesterday I saw a thread on Twitter that was so sweet. Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, did the sweetest thing for a stranger. Here's a link to an unrolled version of the twitter thread. What a fabulous guy! CNN article about it.

Ok, time to wander back into workitude. So much to do.

My 2nd great aunt Amy

Lunchtime putterings

Almost took a second day because DAMN that headache was hanging on for dear life but after consuming copious amounts of water, doing deeeeep breathing to get more oxygen up there and having some coffee at work, things are down to just that phantom ache. I also was feeling somewhat nasally congested so I did the ol' saline spray. Hydrate errrrything!

Dealing with ridiculous amounts of stupid from at work this morning.  Bossman wants to meet about said dumbassery on Tuesday. Well,if it's not pre-award, I have no fucks to give. I am no longer going to stress myself out about stuff I have no control over. Or that I want no control over because people won't listen when I tell them things are being done incorrectly.

Been watching some suggested videos on YT. Tempted to make something like this.

I wouldn't bother with all of the scrubbing the outside of the lemons since why bother if you're not going to use the skins? Also, I might even toss stuff through the food processor to get it nice and small before setting it aside to get all melded together. But once it's done, a nice super sweet lemon smush combined with some seltzer - especially Polar vanilla flavor seltzer would make for one refreshing summer drink.

This odd sandwich also looked interesting

It seems rather thick with the bread but I know Pepperidge Farm sells thin sandwich bread. Also, I'd use far less mayo (as well as I'd make a lot less of the guts since it's just me). Instead of ketchup, I'd put a dab of gochujang to give it some zing. That would offset the sweetness of the jam nicely.

Ok, jumping back into the work-insanity. TGIF y'all.

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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Thought of you immediately, Spikes

Feel free to gank or share the post spikesgirl58 because this is near and dear to your heart in more than one way

kitty fortune cat

Spring cleaning in the summer

Yesterday before it got too disgusting outside, I did some food prep. I made some picked radish and carrots to use in sandwiches and on rice/poke bowls

The middle one I gave to Emily since she and her parents liked the last batch I made. It did go faster to use a spiralizer to slice the veggies, though you end up with a center core. So in the big container, I have those center cores pickling on top and in a day or two they should be properly pickled and slightly softened enough to use them to make kimbap.

After the pickling, I made a batch of that fresh corn and blackeyed pea "texas caviar" vegan dip to snack on this week. That stuff is so good. It makes a huge batch so I gave some of that to Emily's parents too. She also lucked out because we went to this fabulous bakery near Princeton on Saturday called Lillipies and the loaf of bread I got was so big that I gave them half. I would have frozen it for later but I already had a half loaf of other bread and some rolls in my small fridge/freezer to use up. But I'll be finishing those soon because you can bet I will get another loaf from there. Along with some of their mini pies because oh mah gawd...amazing.

So while prepping, since my kitchen counter is tiny and the spiralizer wouldn't stay put while turning, a couple of pieces fell on the floor. When I leaned over to clean them up, yeah, it was well past due for a deep floor cleaning in the kitchen. And gee, the stove needs some love too. So yesterday afternoon I donned the rubber gloves, dug out the heavy duty scrub pads and deep cleaned the stove, the counters, the sink and then I first swiffered and then steam cleaned the kitchen floor. Despite the heat and humidity that creeps into the kitchen no matter how much the AC is cranking in the apartment, it was a pleasure to be in there after because it's cleeeeean.

Speaking of clean, ages ago I bought this bag of charcoal litter deodorizer at a little niche pet store. It works SO well to get rid of odors, you only need a little bit, and the kitties don't mind it being scattered amongst the litter. However, not only is it out of stock everywhere online, according to the recent reviews, the product dropped drastically in quality (which is likely why it's not available). However I did read a tidbit in there which made me go DUH. Other people recommend to use charcoal bits that you use in aquariums. So I've added this inexpensive container of it to my autoship for August. In a place as small as mine with a kitty that has IBS issues, anything to keep the place from being stinky is important to have on hand.

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kitty no no

Straw or no straw?

I'm wondering what your opinion is on the latest in armchair activism - the straw ban. Even though straws have been around for ages and recycling has been around for ages, there's now a recent fever to ban plastic straws. Someone that is a former councilman in my town posted this, I guess thinking people were going to stroke his ego and pump their fists in agreement

Well, me, being the contrarian that I am, disagreed. Though I was polite about it. Straws are necessary for many disabled people and while I think it's great that people want to reduce the impact, I didn't think this shaming attitude toward doing it or even an outright ban is right at all. Is it so difficult to just do it subtly? To not automatically put down a straw and maybe just ask if someone needs one?

His ego was clearly bruised as he automatically got defensive, saying that disabled people can just carry them with them and that places shouldn't have to provide the accommodation. I countered, and yes, I did call him ableist, and asked whether he was going to encourage grocery stores to get rid of their energy-wasting electric carts for the disabled.

I also pointed out the irony that in the picture there is an equally wasteful plastic cup with unnecessary plastic lid which is many times bigger than a straw. He shot back that the cup is recyclable and I countered with the fact that it wasn't easily recyclable and it falls into the same category of plastics that are the same as the plastic grocery bag that he's lobbied for a local ban. The plastic grocery bags are much easier to recycle than cups so by cherry picking his activism, he was being hypocritical. All I was asking is that these places soften their message about conserving straws and that a ban NOT be proposed because it makes life very inconvenient for a protected class of people.

He railed at me, making a joke that I was making "straw man" arguments (I told him that pun was offensive) and also said that I could "keep my straws and my guns" (what?). Basically he was being an ass. Interestingly, he actually gave in when I pointed out that parents with small children need the convenience of straws too. Or maybe it was when I pointed out that the straws are made of the same material but the only reason they're not recycled is because they don't get processed properly in the recycling machines and maybe that is where to start.

I even said early on that I was bringing reusable bags to the grocery ages and ages before the proposed plastic bag bans. That I agree with reduced usage but that it was the tone of the message that it was wrong.  There wasn't one person on the thread that agreed with his strong arm tactics. He kept trying to encourage me to go offline and discuss it with him in person (what, so he can try to intimidate me? I don't think so, bud).

He ended up deleting all of his replies to me but left his post otherwise intact. Quite cowardly and lacking in integrity if you ask me.

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My 2nd great aunt Amy

It's an interesting day at work today

Coworker heard mewing when she was getting out of her car and called her daughter Sierra that works with me and we went down along with a couple of other coworkers. We didn't hear anything and then all of us heard the mew mew mew

It took a coworker with a jack and Sierra shimmying under the car and then paydirt!

Sierra got the snot bit out of her and she's a wiggleworm. We're trying to get hold of rescues and such and if nothing else, Sierra will take her to her other job at a vet. Right now she's hanging out in a box in our office.

My 2nd great aunt Amy

Happy Belated, Lupey!

I'd post on Facebook but then I'd have to wish the SIL one on there too. LOL Sorry I forgot to post on your birthday lupinfriend

My 2nd great aunt Amy

First full day of spring my ass

There are several more hours of the storm left to go. The back started being a little pissy last night so no way can I shovel. Hopefully there is a delayed opening for the local kids so I can hire one to dig out the car in the morning.

My 2nd great aunt Amy

It oddly fits

Heh, spikesgirl58 hint

Evil laugh

These are pretty spot on

Twitter thread fer ya - tis awesomesauce

Trump administration matched with their Bond Villian counterparts

Star Trek Seven's Icon is irrelevant

Making progress on the clean-a-thon

Instead of Spring Cleaning I have...uh...Late Autumn Cleaning going on. I now have deeeep clean area rugs in the living room. Feels darned good. I did 2/3 of the big one that covers most of the room and then I had to empty the water bin and clean out a crap-ton of gunk out of the various bits and bobs. Unfortunately when I put stuff back together, I didn't have much suction at all and was getting frustrated. I fussed with the bits and found out that I didn't have one of them back on just perfectly and that's what was causing the issue. Well, when you go for the cheaper model, you have to learn to roll with the punches.

I also slaughtered an entire hoard of rogue dustbunnies that were camped out under the entertainment unit. Ew. With cats, boy does hair and dust and bits of kitty litter get errrrrrywhere, doesn't it? I vacuumed but didn't deep clean the bedroom since the rug in there is new (yes, it has been barf-christened on once and quite spectacuraly so but I also had scrubbed like a maniac to clean that up so I could sleep decently that night)

I felt safe enough that it was going to keep functioning to also take the big box that the new cleaner came in out to the recycle dumpster along with a few other recycles. Since my place is pretty dinky, big boxes get in the way and while yes, kitties luuuve boxes, since JonJon had already tried to eat the styrofoam once, the box had ta go. There's a lot of little clutter around which has been bugging me so I'll have to methodically tackle it this week. Thanksgiving isn't going to be at my place but I'd like it to be nice for the extended weekend next week so I can just chill and enjoy it. Oh! I didn't mention that Emily invited me to have Thanksgiving with her and her parents down the street. Her sister and the nieces and nephew are going off to have turkey day in Virginia with others so it'll be the four of us. I haven't had Thanksgiving with anyone besides my two little furbutts in years so I'm very happy to have been invited and I'll get to make some goodies to share.

Anyhoo, the kitties didn't seem too traumatized by the whole cleaning kerfuffle so that's good. JonJon is currently trying to negotiate for a really early dinner right now. Yeahhhhh, not, bud. I gave you treats.

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Junie stare

Vacation, smacation

I'm chipping away at the always-growing pile at work and will be taking a half vacation day this afternoon and a full one tomorrow. Alas, being me, I'm not exactly going to be frittering away the time eating bonbons (not that I should be eating bonbons but I digress). I'll be heading over to Target when I leave to pick up the small carpet cleaner I had been putting off ordering. Miss JuneBug yet again decorated the area rug (and the couch cushion, the bottom of the wood coffee table, several magazines, some paperwork and pretty much destroyed a pair of slippers with kitty barf). I'm not too worried about her, I think it was a situation where she ate more than her tiny body could hold. I'll tell ya, though, that wee little thing seems to be auditioning for the cat version of The Exorcist.

So I'll be spending this afternoon deep cleaning at least one large area rug and if it dries in a decent timeframe, another one. Early tomorrow morning I'll be schlepping over to the laundromat with the towels, bedding, etc. (and the stained couch cushion cover) that don't get done with the regular laundry. Probably more rug cleaning and possibly some moving around of furniture, and I'll try to squeeze in a haircut.

I guess since I can't really afford to travel and I'm not a fan of it anyway, at least I'll soon have a clean apartment to hang out in.

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The Blue Wave

I stayed up a bit later than I would post-time change last night since the curiosity over the NJ Governor's race got the best of me. They seemed to call it for Murphy really early so I was dubious but I was glad to see this morning that he has actually won.

To be honest, I wasn't all that opposed to Christie's former Atty General Guadagno until she took attack ads to a shitty level by trying to equate Murphy's support for Sanctuary Cities/State to him thinking it's ok for violent criminals to come to/live in the US without consequence. If you can't run a campaign without resorting to tactics that shitty, then you're not likely to be a good leader. Granted, yes, Murphy did plenty of comparisons to her being Christie 2.0 but considering her stances on things are pretty much in line with Christie's, that's not as egregious of a negative ad. That and I didn't want Planned Parenthood to be cut any more than it already is and she supported doing that.

Anyhoo, sleepy at work today so I'm going to have to put on some energetic music and take some laps or something to stay awake. It doesn't help that JonJon was a needy pain in the ASS this morning. Kind of like this little dude except much bigger in size

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Powerpuff Dine

We're nutty about our research

One of the times my job is cool. I get to hear first hand about stuff like this:

Rutgers researcher bringing new crop to N.J. (and joy to Nutella lovers everywhere)

I'd heard a few years ago about the meeting with the Ferrero Rocher folks with Bossman and it's great to see that things are moving along nicely. Bossman is Tom Molnar's co-Project Director on the hazelnut project they have with our department. They'd better make sure to note this deal in the impact statement for his research this year. If he doesn't, I'll email him to ask if I can edit it in before submitting it to USDA. By the by, these hazelnuts are smaller but they taste excellent.

Typing "Ferrero Rocher" always makes me giggle, though. When I was working at the Verizon call center over 15 years ago, I remember this woman with a strong hick accent yammering on about how she loved..and I am not exaggerating her speech "them thar FERRAHH ROACH-ERS." It took me a few beats to figure out what she was saying and it was hard not to giggle.

In non-work news, I'm having Thanksgiving this year with Emily and her parents down the street from me. I'm looking very forward to it since it's been several years since I've had Thanksgiving with anyone. That and I'll get to cook stuff to share which I'm excited about.

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The Aerial Macks

One of my favorite authors

Copied from Sarah Addison Allen's FB - a cute short story.

Though well deserved, Heather resented her culinary reputation. She overcooked pasta, her casseroles were under salted, and her cookies were always black on the bottom. She was the one who, when asked to bring something for book club, was instructed to "buy something store-bought, like cake." But for their next book club meeting, held at her apartment, she was going to change all that. She didn't sleep at all the night before, making perfectly shaped, crustless sandwiches: dill and cucumber, salmon with cream cheese, and chicken salad. The scones she baked were blueberry and cranberry with orange, and she followed the recipe to the letter. Her smoke alarm didn't even go off. Her cream puffs were hastily bought frozen at 3 a.m. from the all-night market (who knew choux pastry was so hard to make?) but she wasn't going to tell anyone that.

She was feeling quite smug when her friends arrived with vegetables and dip and box-made brownies, even though she'd told them not to bring anything.

They sat at her table, curious and slightly skeptical, each with a mismatched plate in front of them. At the last minute, Heather had purchased the plates from a pretty stack at the charity shop, because they'd looked magical and Pinterest-y. However, as soon as her friends started to eat, strange things began to happen. Rebecca, who was eating off the Blue Willow plate, was suddenly sporting rather attractive blue hair. Dakota, who was eating off the Lady Carlyle pattern, started speaking with an English accent. Emily, eating off the Desert Rose plate, disappeared completely, and reappeared minutes later with a flower behind her ear, looking well and thoroughly kissed. They all turned to Heather, who had yet to eat anything off her Fire King Alice plate.

"Go on," Dakota said in her English accent. "See what happens!"

It was by far the best book club meeting they'd ever had. And it had nothing whatsoever to do with food.
Or even books, for that matter.

Some Sundays I post a short, short story about a photo. Feel free to continue the tale in the comments!
Photo from Style Me Pretty

Back to real life. Need to get changed so I can go over and help with the meet and greet registration for the work conference and lug the grab bags in that Julie was so wonderful to help me put together. The banquet is tonight and the even more nerve-wracking stuff (including my own session and the USDA webconference part) starts tomorrow. I'm not as worried about my ability to get my stuff right as others who have been frustrating through this ordeal. I did my best not to do what I usually do which is to take charge. Because y'know, even when I do, even when everything runs much more smoothly because I'm an overpreparer, I still get the responsibility without getting the thanks or the credit. Not to be a downer, that's just what happens.

Breathing in and out and off to get changed.

Domo Happy Bear and Bunny

Two, count 'em TWO fabulous birthdays today!

This one's for threecee and a_phoenixdragon today! How about some off-color humor, eh? ;)

JC and the Gang!

My 2nd great aunt Amy

It's still out there!

Emily and I popped by Wine Chateau since we're going to hang out tomorrow. She wanted to find a bottle or so of soju since she's into trying that. I was looking for wimpy girly wine since that's how I roll. I got a rose in a can to try since it looked amusing. I'm also going to try a sake that's about as girly as you can get in a pink bottle

Anyhoo, look at what else they sell - too funny!

Canei? Yes you can!

Riunite so nice!

Consequently, no, we didn't get either. Gotta have SOME standards lol

Also, Emily wants to do a marathon watching of the next season of Stranger Things when it comes out later this month. I think we should do 80s drinks - maybe beers. Have any favorites?

Junie and Bunny

Kittygirl update

JuneBug's lungs and heart sound ok to the vet. Her intestines sound gurgly but considering she has IBS issues (that are improving over the last few months), that's not surprising. He had thought about running blood tests "just in case" but since she just had those a few months ago and there was nothing there, I didn't think there would be anything out of the ordinary this time either.

His thought about the fainting is that it may have been a random vagus nerve issue from the retching she was trying to do just before along with being somewhat anxious because Emily had just arrived. So for now, it's a "wait and see" and if she faints again, we should get an echo to make sure she has no heart issues.

He didn't recommend getting her yearly shots just yet until there's no issues for a while so today was one expensive mani-pedi. lol
Oh she did lose some weight but I didn't worry about that because last time she seemed oddly heavy and today she was back down to what she'd been for a long while.

As long as she seems ok for a couple more hours and there aren't any kitty spats (that darned "vet smell"), I'll go get a haircut this afternoon back to my short pixie. 


Um...that would be a hard no

pb and mayo.jpg
Who the heck thought ANY of this was a good idea? Was there some sort of phenomenon back in the 60s and 70s where people's taste buds and gag reflex weren't working?

My 2nd great aunt Amy

Nail on the head right there

Dim Sum

It's all about the veggies!

Allrighty, to stir things up, if anyone's game, starting this coming Sunday August 13, we will be doing a Vegetarian-for-a-Week challenge. You can go full vegan if you'd like but it's not required. So if you can't part with that cream in your coffee or those eggs for breakfast, you can have those.

Weigh in if you'd like to play along. Also, if you're on Facebook and would like to join a small group called Part time vegetarians and vegans who love them — feel free to join in there too!

Amelie kiss

Happy happy birthday, Spikes!

Hopefully this cute e-card works!

kitty no no

Tell me I don't need any of this

Petco now has a Pusheen collection! OH NOES!

I have to remember that my favorite thing lately is brown crinkly paper. But it's all sooo cuuuuuuute!

My 2nd great aunt Amy

TGIF - I'm tired.

Made it through three "simple" regular work days and I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Halfway through the day my back starts to knot in multiple places - though mostly mid back and I get a headache from the effort to make it through the rest of the day. Hopefully this starts to ease up soon. Going to try to get a good night's sleep tonight (kitty willing)

I'm pretty sure I have a PT appointment Monday afternoon but I keep wondering if it's a week from then. I can't get into the patient portal so I'll have to call on Monday and double check.

That's all I've got about now. Hugs and stuff.

My 2nd great aunt Amy

Lumbering back to the land of the living

I was able to be upright long enough to drive the few blocks to RiteAid for meds. Yesterday I opted to try Uber to get to the doc and home. This round she is insisting I do PT once I am more mobile. I will try not to be too afraid that the exercises will put the back out again.

Been trying to keep up on post reading -sorry for not interacting more. Typing lying on your back is a challenge.

I was happy to finally make dinner (spicy kani salad) and eat sitting at the table. I cut up some huge bananas to make ice cream tomorrow and also need to venture out for cat supplies. I hope to work at least a half day on Monday.

Thanks for the thoughts all, I truly do appreciate the vibes.

Hugs in a Box

Wishes for a peaceful day

Happy Birthday ladyblue56

My 2nd great aunt Amy

Spring cleaning

This is for no particular reason except for the fact that I'm one of those weirdos that has to have a clean inbox and gets an uncontrollable urge now and then to go on clutter clearing sprees.

There's a lot of folks on my f-list that have long since abandoned LJ for one reason or another or that I know doesn't lurk without posting/commenting. So I'm going to go through and if they've not been around for years, I'm going to remove them from my list. Nothing malicious or anything like that, just housekeeping. It's too bad that you can't remove these dormant accounts from "following" mine since I want it cleeeeean, but can only do what I can do.

I'm guessing it may send some people emails that might inspire them to come back and say "hey, what gives?" which if that's the case, if there's an intent to be around LJ again, all the better!

Junie and Bunny

Happy Mothers Day

Pet parents count too!

For fun and to post on the Weekly Food Challenge group on DW (join if you'd like - my friend Jennie is lovely), I made a spin on a traditional eggs benedict. Trader Joe's pastrami-style smoked salmon subbed for the ham, added some sauteed scallion and spinach, used a biscuit instead of the crumpets I had intended since they were no good and added a smidge of dill to the blender hollandaise I made. Tasty and boy am I full


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