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Happy Birthday!

To the loveliest lovely xina_gee


I do wish I had gotten something in the mail. I have piles of cards and bits to send folks but have been brain dead *huggggs*
Jesus H Christ on a saltine, the bosses have to DO something about Michael the idiot business manager. It's bad enough that he has no idea how to do his job, but when he can't explain something or when you tell him that something doesn't make sense, he reacts like an angry toddler.

Coworker Anna came by later and legit said "I was afraid he was going to hit you"

Yeah, welcome to my life.


More health updatery and vegan requests

Results came in from the GP and some good, some not so great. My cholesterol continue to improve. The LDL is still a bit high at 119 but my HDL went up slightly and my total cholesterol is now 188 so I have NO problems with that.

My triglycerides went up a smidge but are still within range. But what annoys me is that my A1C is now 6.1. BAH. Looking up the rise in both of those leads me to that I need to be better about avoiding simple carbs. I've been good about that during the DietBet but before that, I admit to having plenty of baguettes (white bread) and white pasta. I like whole grain stuff and I got some lentil pasta last week that I'll need to try soon.

Another small annoyance is that clearly I don't absorb Vitamin D the "natural" way because while I haven't been spending a lot of time outdoors, I have been out far more than I do during the winter and I haven't stopped my regular supplements but the readings went down another point to 23 (normal range is 25 or above), so I need to up supplementing that too.

Yesterday I finally got the email for the regional meeting that I go to in order to meet with other folks that do what I do. It's in Newark, Delaware Oct 20-22 which it looks like I do have one reasonable Amtrak option since I hate driving on freeways. I'll have to get that booked.

However it dawned on me that like when we hosted it a couple of years ago, there is the usual Sunday night banquet and then the hotel provides breakfast for the next two mornings and the conference host provides catered lunch on two days (the second day is usually box lunches that you can take with you since people generally leave right then). I hadn't needed to do this yet so it was the first time that I emailed and asked if they might have vegan options for the catered meals. There certainly isn't time to go anywhere during the first day's lunch and the only nearby walkable restaurant is a TGIFriday's which...yeah...no. The gal at University of Delaware said she'd check and get back to me. If they don't offer an option, I'll wing it but at least I can use the documentation so I can get reimbursed for it. It does look like the hotel's site says "Complimentary Cooked-to-Order Breakfast
No matter what you’re craving for breakfast, Embassy Suites Newark - Wilmington/South offers more options for the most important meal of the day. Enjoy a cooked-to-order omelet made just the way you like it with your favorite fillings. Our Newark, DE hotel features other fresh options – whether you prefer hearty items like breakfast potatoes, eggs and bacon or lighter choices like fruit, oatmeal and pastries. Or grab something quick and convenient if you need to eat and run. However you like to begin your morning, we’ve got what will hit the spot, with more than enough coffee and beverages to get the day started right.
" So as long as they don't put dairy in their oatmeal, I have a breakfast option.

I could have given some exceptions that I'm ok with some seafood and egg white but I thought that would be a bad idea. Because goodness knows if I did it would be "oh great! We had planned to serve fish in a creamy butter sauce and we're also going to have quiche with cheese" so I thought requesting vegan straight off would be smart. I've read where people get a sad looking salad upon making a request for something vegan so I thought I'd better pack some food for the trip just in case. Input welcome on that. Maybe nuts or nut butter? I want to keep the carbs down if possible. It is an Embassy Suites so I'll have the use of a mini fridge and a microwave.

Well this is one crossover that got REAL

Lizzo tweeted this video with her "Truth Hurts" beginning.

Hillary Clinton REPLIED. Screenshot of both for proof under cut

Cut to reduce friends page clutterCollapse )
I may try to wait until it goes on sale at least, but yeah, I need magical sims.

Greetings from the crock pot office

Because I need access to the shared drives and to use Adobe Acrobat Professional, I'll be sitting in the non-AC office today. Good times, good times. Right now it's 79 which isn't horrible but since it's forecast to get into the 90s today, it may get fun. I can only hope they finally send someone to fix this mess. We have the door to the slightly cooled hallway open which is helping...well...my coworkers more than me since you have to make a sharp right to get to my office so I don't get decent circulation. However, I have a little fan on my desk and I wore a sleeveless dress and slip-on open toe shoes.

I was baffled during a recent meeting that Business Twit Michael didn't throw a hissy fit because new boss Peggy told him that she wants me to do the submission to the Feds to apply for our funding. I found out yesterday why he didn't and now he is spoiling for a fight which I refuse to give him. He was obtuse during the meeting and seemed to get the idea that I was going to do ALL of the background work and that he will still be the authorized individual and essentially be the person the Feds deal with. Uh no. If I'm doing the work, I'm the contact. It's preaward activity and it's appropriate for me to be doing it. While I don't exactly relish having more work on my plate, I should be the one doing this, especially if we're going to work on slowly pushing him out the door. To do this, we have to start separating him from these sorts of tasks. I'm sure he's threatened by this but I don't particularly care and I'm making sure that when he starts to resist, that I defer to my bosses to answer his nasty emails. If he comes down and starts in on me, I will calmly tell him that he needs to discuss it with them. I will NOT engage.

My eyeglasses appointment went well yesterday. Farsightedness didn't really change but my nearsightedness did get slightly worse. Also, my eyes are currently pretty healthy though he did say I should get the retinal imaging done sometime soon to double check for other eye diseases since I had the iritis in the past. He did warn me that when I get the new glasses, the reading part may be a strong and will require getting used to. But that by doing it, the glasses will last longer. So I'll mentally prepare for that and for work, I may wear my current computer glasses and do a slow adjustment. I also went for their buy one get one free and ordered a pair of (distance only) prescription sunglasses because I hadn't gotten a pair of those in years and could use them. Since I have progressives for the regular ones, it was still expensive as all hell but I expected that. The $250 I'm getting for the health thing will help offset the expense a bit.

I picked out round metal frames (get your Harry Potter jokes ready!) from the men's section since I liked that they were slightly larger for my huge noggin. The ladies working there thought they complimented my face more than my current plastic frames. Speaking of which, the doctor commented "how did they let you walk out the door with (my current pair)" because the sides are too short and don't go over my ears correctly. Well that will be corrected with the new pair. I should get them in about a week to week and a half. Looking forward to it.

Ok, have to crack down and get some work done. *flings huggles*

Cruising by

It's one of those times where I'd like to make full posts but the brain goes flitting off in other directions. So in dribs and drabs, here ya go:

Still remaining plateaued despite doing 1200 calories per day and yes, weighing things and all. Bizarre. However for some inspiration, I watched this series of vegan videos from Healthy, Crazy, Cool and I am loving so much of the stuff he made that my fridge is full of goodness. I got some hemp and flax (and actually put them in the fridge this time), plenty of veggies, a couple of sweet potatoes, more than one container of sprouted soy and a couple of packs of tempeh. This is the last week of the DietBet and the pools are closed so have to keep eating healthy.

I am bumming even MORE that I didn't just throw down the probably $200 a ticket to see Monsta X at MSG recently when Emily reminded me that Shownu will be starting his military service next year. NOOOOO! It makes me wonder when that starts if they'll ever be back to the full seven member group since it'll take several years for them to all cycle through. Booooooo. *hugs the Nunugom doll that Emily got her from Korea*


I'll be working from home tomorrow because the AC in our building is complete shit. It's bad enough that the main room only blows tepid air but now I can't have any AC in my landlocked office because it's leaking. Since it's in the 90s today with heat index over 100 and supposed to be like that for a couple of days, I'm not going to suffocate. I brought home and emailed myself to work on. Hopefully the kitties let me get some stuff done since I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now. If they don't let me work, maybe I'll take papers and iPad to a Starbucks or something.

Ok, brain is done for now. Need to do some things around the house and maybe I'll try to zone out with some Sims

Fuck off, I'm busy

Budget Office neighbors are throwing a birthday shindig for their boss. I'm not interested for many reasons:

1. Don't want to be tempted by cake or any other food. Cake since it's not good for me and other food because I'm trying hard to save my calories for dinner
2. I honestly don't like the woman that they're having the birthday thing for. I put on a nice face when dealing with her professionally but that's as far as I should be forced to bother.
3. We weren't warned that they were going to throw this loud ass thing literally directly outside of our offices
4. I'm super stressing about all the stuff I have to do and honestly don't feel social.

I hate forced social obligations. If I want to stay in my office and work, they should respect that.


Seems some pampering is in order

I'll admit to being lazy about skin care. Unless my face feels dirty, I generally either just splash it with water or wipe some toner across it. I'll moisturize it if it's really dry in winter but moisturizer feels gross in summer. If I'm going to be in the sun for anything more than a very short while, I wear a large brimmed hat.

Every now and then, I'll play around with a clay or paper face mask but that's rare. However, a somewhat embarrassing incident just now may prompt me to actually look into doing more for the undereye area at least. I was wearing my computer glasses today to see if it would help with another headache that developed midday. I usually change back to my regular glasses or take them off and go "fuzzy" when going downstairs to the bathroom.

I had my glasses hanging on my collar and I ran into Dan from the office downstairs who asked me with concern if I was ok. Huh? Well seems my dark circles and puffy undereye area made him think I was upset about something. This is a guy that doesn't ask about this kind of thing so...yeahhhhhh, clearly I need to do something about that area. Yikes. LOL

Define ALL you can eat.

On a FB community for my local area, this made me snicker as it just gave me a very "famous last words" vibe.

I'm side-eying the department, not nutritional science in general, that is. I love nutritional science and even most of the faculty there. I love reading their projects and helping with their research since it's fascinating to me.

Anyway, on to the WTF things - I had a faculty member that I've been pestering for months to send me her research proposal renewal say that she "heard we don't have to do them anymore."

From fucking WHO? No, if I - the one and only person that administers the damned research program - is telling you that you need to renew your research, then hop to it. We've been doling out these funds since the 1800s and I'm betting that individual projects have probably been a requirement for oh...say...100 years or so. It made me groan because these faculty seem to start these sorts of asinine rumors and it just makes my already overwhelming job that much more frustrating.

Then I get an email yesterday from the business person in that department asking about the opposite issue. Another one of their faculty people is volunteering to write a proposal. Trouble is, she's not on our State dime and we only have the people that we're already paying obligated to do research projects. Chances are this person is looking for extra funding but that's not how it works here. Besides, that person does heavily medical-based research which isn't our angle. It needs to have at least some sort of way to tie it to agriculture. The business person in that department has been there far longer than the years that I've been over here so she should have known better. Instead she's being annoying by punting answering the question to me.

Y'all, I'll walk over there and knock some skulls if you don't stop annoying me. I have enough to fuss with.


Busy bee with an owie head

Went to my GP this morning who seems not too concerned about the odd episodes I had last week since they haven't repeated themselves. The systolic on my BP this morning was 122 which is normal and he agrees that for now, I should stay off the Enalapril, especially if I continue to lose weight. Speaking of which, I've hit the wall there. I'm still doing a little under 1300 calories per day but the loss has screeched to a halt. Time to assess what rather than just how much I'm eating to see if it needs tweaking.

We did blood tests to check the cholesterol, A1C and Vitamin D levels which hopefully those are still decent. I also got a refill of my Xanax which I use sparingly when the back is stiff, when I have cramps or when I've had enough bad nights in a row that I need to shut my head up to get good sleep. I may take half of one tonight since I have had a headache all damned day today. I'm playing this video which is actually helping and I just had a rare afternoon half-caf and am drinking more water to try to nip it in the bud.

I want to try to get to the pool at least two if not three times this week. I just noticed this afternoon that after this week, all of the University gyms are closed until after Labor Day. What crap timing for getting fit again and doing the DietBet - ugh! If I'm feeling ok, maybe early morning this weekend I'll try to get back to Planet Fitness and do some super easy exercise on either the treadmill or elliptical.

I haven't talked much detail about work lately but suffice it to say that it's stressful. I have so much due all at once and so many things coming at me and I've taken on a new task of doing the submission to the feds for our overall funding with putting together a master budget. I know I can do it but boy it's hard to keep up with it all when I'm fretting about my health and stuff.

Well, one of the things that I did sign up for this morning is NJWELL, a health program through my insurance and doctor's office and it gives goals for stress relief. So I should fit in some time for that. It's important and will help. Also, my coworker told me she got a $250 visa gift card for finishing the physical and online assessment. My doctor's office already had my physical from months ago in their system and I did the assessment and I already got an email that I'll soon get contacted about my own reward. Free cash FTW! They also did a thing where they're going to contact me to talk about my health goals and how they can help, yadda yadda and I say, bring it.

A poll for the Canadians on the F-list

Canadians only, please. Americans can comment but I'll explain why I'm asking after the poll:

Poll #2094823 What's in a name - thingies you eat with

What do you most often call the items you eat with (forks, spoons, table knives)

Other (I'll comment)

Here's why I'm asking - behind the cut as to try to not influence what you pick.

Cut for explanationCollapse )

Random Friday brain firings

Rheumatologist was satisfied with my blood results and the fact that my back is...relatively...stable. She wasn't concerned with the need to do a back to back steroid course as long as it doesn't increase in frequency. I need to continue to lose weight, keep going to the pool and NOT LIFT HEAVY THINGS. Yeah yeah yeah.

Also, the nurse tested my BP several times because the systolic kept being low for me. Ah HA. Maybe that was the reason I had the weird shit happen to me the other night. Doc said to stop taking my enalapril since I see my regular GP on Monday and to ask him about it. I was almost relieved that it was off since if the weight drop (and possibly the recent steroids) is what is causing weird body blips, I'm good with reducing meds. I still want my GP to check more stuff out, though, since I did have that weird EKG reading I think a year or so ago from another doctor that never got checked out more when my insurance turned down a nuclear stress test.

I got irritated early this morning at a response to something I posted on FB (yeah, I know I shouldn't even bother there but I kind of wanted to share my KPop luff). I posted this video of Monsta X on Jimmy Kimmel. I was impressed with them doing four active songs in a row, I'm stanning them hard right now because they're so nice and talented and fun and make me happy and my comment on the video was that I regret not spending the money to see them recently at MSG.

A recent FB friend that came from a group felt the need to snark "BTS clones?" (with a snarky smiley).

The hell? Ok, I'm posting some happy from something I like and a bit of sadness from not having gotten to see them in person and all you can do is act like they're just some knockoff from another group? How fucking rude. So I commented with
"As if. I can tell Asians apart.
Could call BTS BigBang clones, or TVXQ clones or EXO clones or Super Junior clones."

If I get any clapback, I'm tossing her out the airlock. Just because you're familiar with the ONE group that's really big right now, it doesn't mean all other groups are a substandard offshoot of that group. That and although they're the biggest, BTS is far from the first KPop group to get popular in the US (the other groups I cited as some examples). And also, if someone was posting that they were bummed that they missed some Backstreet Boys cruise (yeah, that's a thing...who knew?), would you go snarking "New Kids on the Block clones?" No, you wouldn't. So shaddup.

Essentially, if someone's excited about a musical artist, don't piss in their cornflakes. If you don't have anything supportive to say, keep your trap shut. Geez. {/rant over}

To end on a higher note before I jump into the insaaaaaane amount of work I have, I just have to say. OKAY BITCHES 4 LYFE lol

I'm not dead yet

Last night my body scared the hell out of me. Twice - at 11:30 and again at 3am when I'd get up from lying down and walked into the kitchen, I had an all-over sort of tingling pressure feeling and then my stomach would start to HURT and I broke out into an all-over cold sweat. I very seriously thought I was dying and that I needed to get to the ER right then (of course panic/anxiety-prone folks like me get that feeling a lot so I always have to take a moment)

Before I could give anything to the kitties, each time this happened, I made my way back to the living room and sat on the couch and after a minute or two, the feeling would subside and I could resume what I was doing. But GEEZ.

My regular doctor is out until Friday but I got a call from the doctor in the group that's subbing for him. She eased my mind that if I was having a stroke or a heart attack that I'd still be feeling awful now. Her thought is that I had a sudden drop in BP possibly from an inner ear infection or another issue. My stomach generally acting up lately (still can't eat lettuce) may likely be gastritis which could also affect this. Her advice is that I need to get up and turn super slowly and to take my BP and if it's low, to stop my Enalapril to every other day. I already had a regularly scheduled appointment with my doctor on Monday so as long as this doesn't keep happening, I'll address it with him.

I also have instructions to eat soups, drink plenty of water and take it easy. Also, yeah, the large drop in weight could also be messing with the BP which is why I need to get out my monitor and check things when I get home.

But if it picks up in frequency or intensity, she says to get into an urgent care to get checked out.

Bye bye booty

Now this is getting out of hand. Before the DietBet, I didn't realize until I did a pre-weigh in that I had already lost a little weight. I thought I was over the 200 mark but depending on time of day (and bloating), I was more in the 191 to 195 range. Since I didn't think I had lost anything, that's why I thought my size 10 underwear and also my 9s were just stretched out from frequent wear and I just needed new ones. But as of Saturday morning, I'm in the mid 180s and maybe a little lower now.

As I mentioned before, I found an unopened pack of 8s and put them on and was all pleasantly surprised that they fit. So I went on jockey.com and ordered three packs and used coupon codes and such so at least I didn't spend much. Then yesterday at lunch I went to Kohl's to get a couple of bras since I needed a size smaller there too. But when I was in the dressing room and turned to the side...what? My new 8s had some baggy booty. How crazy!

So while I am waiting for my Jockey shipment to arrive (their briefs are SO comfy, btw), I bought a three pack of 8s and I took a chance and got a three pack of 7s. I figured if I stay on track, I'll get into them eventually

The 7s fit perfectly with no baggy butt. I mean this is great but whaaaaaaaaat? I know they have a smidgen of stretch in them but I'm now wondering if I should get more or just deal with the looser 8s or what.

Hey, GUT FIRST, all right?

Well it's not enough that I'm losing my ass, now the boobs are going too? C'mon! Yet again I thought that my undergarment was stretched out/old but seems now that the bras are loose. I mean yay for losing weight but at this rate, I'm going to look goofy. Yeah, yeah, I know you can't control where you lose it first but I reserve the right to pout about where it's deciding to come off first. I wasn't that over proportionally endowed on top or bottom as it was.

I'll have to make a trip over to Kohl's to try on the style of bra I like to find out if I should get just the next size down or the one below that. I could swear I was wearing my bras on the outer hooks just weeks ago and now this morning I'm on the innermost hooks, it's seeming like there's a bit too much give and if I keep losing even just this month, things are gonna start slipping out the bottom.

Heck, I got that new swimsuit at the beginning of summer and thank goodness it's the kind that has a dress over it since I was sporting some SERIOUS baggy ass in the pool this morning. I think I have a suit in a smaller size somewhere, I'll have to look.

Well whoa!

I did a check-in weigh-in this morning and if I hold steady, I've easily won the DietBet already. But you don't get to do your final weigh in until late August so I can't get cocky and slack. But right now I'm TEN pounds down which means I'm having a super successful start. I'm not starving myself at all but clearly the intermittent fasting I was doing a while ago was not all that successful since it shouldn't have been this easy to have that first week drop.

I'm upping my calorie daily goal by 100 and will see how that goes. I do still want to steadily lose weight but I don't want to be feeling so hungry which happens now and then. I don't mind a little bit of "Yeah, I could totally eat something" but yesterday I was HANGRY for a while but was running errands.

One pretty wild thing already. I had wondered if my underwear was just getting worn or stretched out since the "comfortable" ones were so loose that I had serious baggy ass going on. My "normal" ones were also getting pretty loose. So this morning I dug through a drawer where I had an unopened package in the next size down which I've not worn that size in years. I had ordered it by accident a couple of years ago and hoped to get back down in that range eventually. Well lo and behold they not only fit but fit very comfortably. Dang! So I placed an order for nine more pairs.

I have other crap I could babble about but y'know what? I'm hungry. Off to make dinner.

Ok well, I'll do a little fangirling. I'm bummed that I wasn't willing to throw down some money to see my new favorite band Monsta X at MSG today. I didn't know they were on tour (ok, I'm new to the fandom still) and just found out earlier this week that they were going to be in NYC. But tossing down nearly $200 a ticket and finding kitty care and worrying that my back would act up kept me from taking the plunge. But I have been having fun watching them perform on GMA this week and getting some silly swag at the local H-Mart like some posters today. Then Emily was totally naughty and got me my first lightstick there.

Lightsticks are a "thing" with Kpop and each band has their own design. Since Emily used the excuse of getting it for my "birthday" then I'll be tossing down some cash to get her one for her current favorite band, Seventeen, since they're coming out soon.

Hmph, I say.

The damned back is at it again. By yesterday afternoon it went from a nagging knot in the midback to "yeah, I'm going!" and so I had to start yet another steroid pack. I didn't want to but I resigned myself to the fact that it's about the only option since ice packs, rest, etc. wasn't doing the trick. It's feeling better on the drugs but I hope after this that I don't have to take them again for a good long while. I see the rheumatologist in a couple of week so I'll see what she has to say.

Diet is going well enough which is good since there won't be exercise to add this week. I'm hoping I can pick up the pool visits come Monday.

I'm wondering whether I should place an order for grocery delivery this week to avoid lifting groceries upstairs. Probably a good idea since I have a vanilla seltzer addiction and several bottles of those can get heavy. Speaking of seltzer, had the oddest thing happen. I opened a new bottle at work and started to drink it and went "Huh?" since it didn't taste right. I had Joe smell it and he thought the same thing I did - it was berry flavor and not vanilla. I called the company to report it and they're going to send a voucher though that really wasn't my main concern. I guess the flavors aren't bound to cause issues with allergies? Anyway, late last night I opened a bottle at home and had the same issue. I looked at the timestamp and it was very similar to the one I had at work.

Had a true eye rolling moment at work yesterday. A Postdoc that heads up a project came by to say hi and we ended up chatting for about half an hour. She also just moved to my town so we had that to talk about too - in fact she nearly ended up moving into my same apartment complex. After she left, Elaine came by all smirking and commenting about how much the Postdoc talked and talked.


I gave her this look but not surprisingly, it went over her head. I should have said what is in that gif. Elaine hasn't got one iota of self awareness. None. She yaps all damned day and when you try to mention anything about what's going on with you - even to relate it to something she's said about herself, she's practically bouncing waiting to talk again about herself if she doesn't just go ahead and interrupt.

I just can't with that woman.

Heat, eats and sneaks.

It is so disgustingly humid out there right now and it's going to get HOT and humid soon. Blecch. It makes it difficult to even ponder making food at home but I have to do so since that's the only way I can accurately track calories.

I've not had too hard of a time staying under the 1200 mark so far but I had to quickly readjust because I wasn't getting a good balance of protein/carb/fat. Yesterday was an excellent day, though.

Breakfast: Tofu scramble (note to self to make more of my nooch and spice mix since I'm low) with baby spinach, topped with ketchup. Iced coffee with almond milk
AM Snack: Cucumber slices with peel
Lunch: Trader Joe's Vegan Tikka Masala with basmati rice. Iced tea with splenda
PM Snack: Watermelon (sadly, was chewy so I'll have to toss the rest)
Dinner: Zoodles with veggie broth and lemon juice, vegan pesto and shrimp (using up the seafood bit by bit). Was surprisingly decent even made in the microwave
Dessert: 4 small dark chocolate covered strawberries that I made on Sunday
Total calories: 1170

Today I've packed a PPB&J for lunch and even though it's small, it's 400 calories. Dang. Bread is such a calorie drain. Maybe I'll have to start reserving sandwiches for home consumption and doing them open faced. One good thing, though is the Big Spoon Roasters Pecan Peanut Butter is only 170 calories for 2 tbsps - likely because it's not very sweet which I like. I did put some reduced sugar blueberry jam on the sandwich which is just enough to sweeten the sandwich to my liking.

I wasn't "done" enough with hormone hell time to hit the pool this morning. Also I'm trying not to fret about a small nagging backache. I'm just going to keep being careful and hopefully tomorrow I can do some light water aerobics. I have a regular checkup with the rheumatologist on August 9 so hopefully she can provide a little more advice and insight.

No new ghostie sightings and the kitties aren't acting out of the ordinary - well, for cats. JonJon did have a small instance of I was cuddling him in my lap and then he climbed out and looked curiously into the kitchen but I'm assuming if he actually saw something, he'd have run away since he's the world's biggest coward. Not sure how to proceed or whether I should just wait and see?

Sis, you are so dumb

My sister in Ohio, who I have thankfully not heard from in months sent me a FB message asking who "Rose Snyder" is with a screenshot showing the mutual friends. The mutual friends are me and daughters of Mom's (half) sister Pat. I let her know that it's her Aunt Marie because both grandma and her are named "Rose Marie." I was shaking my head that she couldn't figure it out with the mutual connections and the fact that Pat looks nothing like us so it clearly wasn't Pat (and now we know why since she's not a full sibling per DNA tests).

Hours later she asked if it was the one with "like 8 kids" which I replied with a simple "yup." You have a grand total of TWO aunts since Dad has all brothers and you know this. Is your brain fried? She thanked and said she "had no idea"

Clearly sis is freaking blind. This is Rose/Marie's FB photo

This is our MOM

You honestly couldn't see the resemblance? I guess not since for reference, this is Sis who doesn't think she looks like Mom.

Yeahhhhhh, sure

Ghosties or technical difficulties?

My "kitty cam" as I call it stays on when I'm at work but I haven't been checking it much since the kitties seem to retire to the bedroom all day when I'm at work. It is amusing to see JonJon come out around 3:45 or so like clock work and wait for me.

I clicked on the camera a while ago and saw that at 12:21 it detected motion in "Zone 1" that I set up as special since it would be where someone would walk in from either the kitchen or living room doors. I backed it up to see if one of the two furbutts was deciding to make the rounds but there was nothing there. It did go to sun to shade briefly but that NEVER sets off the detector sooooooo....what's up with that?

Shall have to keep an eye on the kitties and see if they stare at any new spots. JuneBug has been sitting on the table and looking vaguely up in that area lately.

Here we go!

I weighed in officially for the DietBet early this afternoon. The scale said 194.8 which is higher than it had been the last few days when I was doing pre-checks, but I also am feeling the pre-menstrual bloat so that's probably the issue. Hopefully that works to my advantage but considering the weigh-out is a smidge less than a month, I'll probably have the same issue at that time so it all balances out.

According to their site, to win the bet, I'll need to weigh out at 187 which it would be great to get back into the 180s if I can manage it. I did some healthy shopping this morning at Trader Joe's to prepare and I'll need to get a few things from Wegmans tomorrow.

I also reactivated my Daily Harvest weekly delivery that will show up on Thursday. I wanted some easy meals and smoothies that won't be so annoying to track and I also chose the ones that were lower calorie. I can always doctor the smoothies up with some protein powder and can doctor the harvest bowls up with extra veggies and protein.

I feel like I have a lot of healthy options at breakfast - egg white sandwiches (until I use up my egg whites), oatmeal/quinoa bowls, tofu scrambles, smoothies. Maybe I'll have to start doing some "breakfast for dinner" meals too since they're easy to make and to calculate and are relatively low calorie.

I'm hoping the ol' uterus gets with the program since it's just teasing with cramps and bloat. I want it over with before the work week, otherwise it'll screw up that I want to go swimming at the beginning of the week.


Prepping and researching

Feel free to scroll on by if ya need. Tis another post about getting ready for the one-month weight loss kickstarter.

I logged into MyFitnessPal to get the profile ready for tracking (I loathe tracking but it's necessary to stay well...on track) and I retweaked the profile with current weight and the fact that I'm hoping to swim three times a week. Also, I entered that I was looking to lose about 2 pounds per week since doing the math, to win the DietBet, I'll probably need to lose about 7.6 pounds over the month so rounding up and all.

Well it gave a slightly unexpected result. MyFitnessPal will NOT recommend eating under 1200 calories per day which is okey dokey with me. However, it straight up told me that with the amount of exercise I can safely do, that it estimates that in the month, I'll only lose 1.2 pounds per week. Really? Well, I don't intend to go under the 1200 calorie mark either but I'm hoping that it's not true since that would be a bummer to lose the $50 I invested. Since I haven't done the intermittent fasting in some time, I'm hoping that perhaps since I've been slacking that I'll get that first week water weight extra pound drop and then the 1.2 pounds per week after that won't be too bad. Otherwise boooooooo.

Other stuff I'm doing is going on vegan nutrition sites to make sure I'll have stuff on hand to eat balanced meals (something I should be doing anyway) and bookmarking some videos with meals to watch this weekend. One thing I ordered was some Olly brand plant-based peanut butter protein powder from Target. I like their vanilla powder for smoothies and didn't know they had a peanut butter flavor. NOM. I'll have to get some banananananananas to freeze and with one of those, some plant milk (coconut is generally my favorite) and the powder will make for a yummy and hopefully filling breakfast or a dinner on one of those hot August days when I just don't feel like making a meal.

In non-diet ramblings, to get free shipping on my Target order, I also got a couple of things to also help beat the heat. Last week when it was near 100 for a few days, one thing I did is tape a black plastic garbage bag over the top of my bathroom window. While I already have a film over the window to obscure seeing in (or out for that matter), it's mostly clear and on hot days, it gets positively uncomfortable in the bathroom with the sun screaming in. The black bag helped keep the temperature down but obviously looked ugly as hell.

I wanted more of a solution since there are going to be some more nasty hot days before summer is done and also, something up there could also insulate in the winter. But damn if I can't find plastic or other waterproof type curtains that are shorter. I was really just looking for a long-ish window valance to cover the top part of the window to shade it some but also not so likely to get moldy from the moisture. So today I ordered a short curtain rod, a couple of 3M hooks to put the rod over that are designed for the bathroom and a PVC shower curtain in a blue print. I'll cut the curtain down to size and on the back side, will make a sleeve to put the rod through using white or clear duct tape that I already have. It should look pretty as well as help the heat situation.

Ok, back to work and stuff.



Facebook fatigue

More and more, Facebook is becoming tedious to visit. The people on the local groups are either pretty cool or complete assholes - there doesn't seem to be any in between and it's kind of exhausting.

Then this morning I posted a silly video that was actually originally posted by a local ITALIAN place and some Facebook "friend" and her evidently Neapolitan husband (who I'm not even FB friends with him) went on some peevy bullshit objection spree about the sadness of the poor oppressed culture of her stupid husband. Way to suck the joy out of something lighthearted. So I deleted the whole damned thing

That place just oozes toxicity and if I didn't have it as a resource for local news and some family and friends, I would definitely purge my whole stupid account there.

But here's a kitty meme I stole from there so I'll stop my bellyaching.
YouTube suggested a channel "Unnatural Vegan" and I'm kind of loving this woman. She's pro-vaccine, pro-science, pro-GMO, anti-vegansthatshame, anti-bullshit. Hell, she's inspiring me to try get back on the vegan bandwagon. I haven't strayed all that far with adding in egg white and seafood but I could do far better.

Speaking of eating, the tummy seems to be chilling a little bit, thankfully. It's still gurgly and some other minor issues but *knocks wood* the pain is not a problem at the moment. Since I have the DietBet coming up and I intend to do this weight loss thing HEALTHILY, I'll have to slowly re-incorporate fiber-rich foods to get things turned around. My tummy was doing pretty great when I was 100% vegan and I can't think that just egg white and seafood screwed things up so I need to figure out what else I'm doing differently.

I haven't gone swimming this week but I intend to pick it up again next week (the pool is closed Thursdays through Sunday for University swim meet stuff - but I can't bitch about that because it's free). The course of steroids seem to have finally done the trick to make the mid-back settle down but I didn't want to mess anything up until I felt more completely healed.

Ok, lunchtime. I have my sauerkraut/potato/tomato thing to annoy the coworkers with. heh heh

Called it!

Elaine came to work because if she was home, all she would do is cryyyy. Yeah, she said that.

Evidently there are a lot of branches and crap down in her backyard. Nothing damaged, just mess but just, just, just HER LIFE IS SO HARD AND EVERYONE MUST FEEL SORRY FOR HERRRRRR. SHE SPENT SOOOO MUCH TIME CLEANING THAT YAAARRRD.

My eyes managed to stay in my head after spinning around a few times. Honestly, woman. Dial it down about a million notches.

Another night of fun and frolic

No cranes toppling that I know of but holy crow was last night an adventure. Another round of powerful storms charged through the area last night. These went on for longer than the night before so lots of fun flooding and nearby power outages.

Ok, I chuckled at the dude riding the flamingo

Joe said he was out in the thick of it and it was nasty. I'm sure when Elaine comes in, she'll be all fainting-couch-worthy with her retelling of how she saved ten babies and a herd of horses while she floated her car home (she tends to be a smidge dramatic about...well...everything)

Again, I was lucky and I'm hoping there's no "third time's a charm" but in the opposite direction. When I was going out to my car this morning, a humongous branch had fallen right in front of but thankfully managed to miss my car. Whew! When I got on our campus, there were tons of branches of all size littering the area but they'd cleared ones on the road for the most part.

We're thankfully forecast to have a calm next few days.

The mind is willing

It was supposed to cool down some today but that isn't happening too much as it's over 90 out there and humid. Hopefully it's not too stuffy at home since I didn't crank up the AC in the bedroom since it was supposed to be in the low 80s today.

The stomach is hit and miss but avoiding things like salad seem to be helping the stomach swelling and pain. That's kind of a bummer since a nice cool salad in the summer is great. Damn...just had a thought that I should have gotten some vegan pesto to make a mac salad since that might be better. Eh, next weekend or maybe a trip to TJs at lunchtime tomorrow.

Tonight I'm going to get out the pressure cooker and make this rib-sticking stew that spiffikins found. I might rinse the kraut a little but I don't want to get rid of the stuff that makes the tummy happy so I won't go crazy with the rinsing. I bought two different kinds of fresh fancy sauerkraut to have with things this week. This recipe will get the roasted garlic kraut which should compliment the flavors in the stew nicely. I also picked up a dill-flavored kraut to go with some Beyond Sausage brats. I got the veggie brats for free from coupons they sent me. I'll probably cook them in the air fryer. So far *knock wood* I haven't had any digestive problems with the pea-protein based products so while I am working on doing less processed foods, it will be something to hopefully get the job done this week without creating more digestive drama. I'll try my best not to assault my coworkers too often with the tangy smell of fermented goodness this week but frankly, I'm not that concerned.

Since it's Monday and I'm chronically bad about getting myself together on Mondays and pair that with not cooking squat yesterday for obvious 100F+ reasons, I didn't pack a lunch. I was toying around with wanting to order something but not being inspired and I certainly am not going out into the soup until I have to. So I checked out what was in my small stash and found a scorched rice instant soup thingie that I found near the ramen bowls at H-Mart. I put in a little extra freeze-dried spinach that I keep in the cabinet too and it was delicious. I'd kind of like to make my own with some real broth and veggies so I'll have to see if they have these rice chips at H-Mart. I ate that about two and a half hours ago and so far so good on the tum.

I still have to make a gameplan for eating starting next weekend since I'm doing the Dietbet. I want tummy-happy but filling meals that will also allow for the weight to come down. I did get some frozen veggie mixes at the grocery this weekend which can be combined with tofu or with seafood for a good start.