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kitty no no

More reasons to vote this November - especially if you have a life-threatening allergy

Very interesting and knowledgable essay about the whole EpiPen debacle.

This dude and his blog and FB page has made me question and think about stuff I normally wouldn't a lot more than I ever used to. 

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Hear, hear...

We have had a Congress working against us for too long. Pretty much handing out 'free greed allowed here' signs as they went. Yes, she has a right to make a profit. a killing no. a profit yes.


If you have the time and the interest - and the stomach - in that subject for its own sake, you might like to read Ben Goldacre (yay!) 's Bad Pharma.

The makers of the Epi pens are doing all sorts of backpedaling now, offering a $400 'coupon' for a Epi two pack (when we bought some for the GD, they were $60).

It's just obscene what these drug companies are getting away with.

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