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I'm sorry if this offends folks but I'm as done as Jim is.

My current favorite blogger/writer Jim Wright gets real about 9-11 - not the popular opinion but I'm glad he posted this.

I'm bone tired of feeling guilty for avoiding the memorials and the observances and the pressure to continue to wallow - especially after the 10th anniversary passed. No one is going to ultimately forget, really, they're not. Is there really anything wrong with not wanting to be a part of forcibly pulling bad memories back to the forefront?

I'm going to do something positive or relaxing or meaningful today and not feel guity and will make a point to do that each year the observance comes around.

EDIT: Damn. FB took the post down and there wasn't anything evil or inflammatory. FB sucks

EDITY EDIT: Someone screenshotted it - I'll tuck it behind a cut here

One more edit for good measure and for better reading - Jim updated his blog and copied the post into it where FB can SUCK IT.
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