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Disappointed in people that once called themselves your friend

Not following the friend daily on FB but I do check his feed now and then since I may run into him at work functions and want to see if he's still ranting. Yesterday afternoon he posted this (along with increasingly more disturbing memes and biased blogs)

So it makes sick to see people supporting Hilary. First, she cheated her way past Sanders. Second, she takes millions from George Soros who basically wants a borderless world and destroy Israel Third supports bringing in more refuges that we can't possibly check so we can have problems like Germany. Fourth, she shared and attempted to delete confidential emails even violating the law.

The media is intentionally misdirecting people. The media is part of the same machine. If Hillary gets elected and things go sideways. Her supporters might as well unfriend me now because it'll be day after day of I told ya so!

We're being divided with this Black Lives Matter movement, not standing for the flag, and other bs. It's like a magic trick. We're being distracted with bs while they take our country away.

A few things strike me about this. I'll bet you a million dollars that last week he hadn't a damned clue who George Soros is - hell, probably not even the day before yesterday. But Soros is "left wing" and giving half a billion dollars to "refuges" (sic) so therefore he's horrible. That and I'm also betting he knows anything or cares jack squat about Israel himself either. That and the "refuges" - this friend is the son of Cuban immigrants. However, according to him, his parents were the "good kind" of immigrants.

He's posting more and more memes that look increasingly more racist which saddens me and then on a personal level, the "Her supporters might as well unfriend me now because it'll be day after day of I told ya so!" is really depressing. No difference of opinion permitted, according to his feed, now all "libs" are "communists" Uh...but he is a Bernie supporter...supposedly? I don't understand that connection at all. The fact that he's threatening to harass me and other friends that haven't been rude to him at all is truly sad. All over a difference of politics where mere months ago he proclaimed to side with someone most definitely not right wing.

It looks like I may lose a friend - but it won't be my fault. I'm not going to be threatened to change my vote to keep someone as a friend. A real friend wouldn't ask such a thing of me.

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