My 2nd great aunt Amy


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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Peaceful Cuisine

I stumbled on this YouTube channel last night and had to subscribe. The channel's title of "peaceful cuisine" is so accurate. You can almost meditate to the food preparation. Also, the food he makes looks delicious - such as this marbled carrot cake/ginger cake (which is also vegan)

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Ohhh, that looks marvelous...just the pic on the vid-capture alone!


It does - but it's the whole zen with sounds prep that makes it especially nice to watch

That really looks REALLY good.

I wish I had a Vitamix, and not for the first time this week.

I know and me too. I know I can't justify the expense, though

It looks like most, if not all, of the recipes he makes are vegan. If you have to bring something to the family for the holidays this year, wouldn't this go over well?

I really want to get some kudzu and make this

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