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Hugs in a Box

Just a little vibe if you could spare one?

I've been trying so hard to keep my back from going out on me since I overdid things a week and a half ago. I'm still fighting and today at work was damned rough. I'd really like to be able to go to work to get things done tomorrow since is only going to be the smallest of crews and I can get so much accomplished with less interruptions That and I have my first appointment with the new psych at 5pm which I'd like to get to as well.

I did have some nice things. My downstairs neighbor left me a little thank you gift and a sweet note for the cookies and coffee I gifted them and Mom and Dad sent me a box of Harry and David pears.

Oh, also I may be organizing a diet bet for January for the building at work. Elaine, Latisha and I VERY much need to lose weight. Latisha because she feels sluggish, me because I'm obviously in shit health and Elaine because she has her 20th high school reunion this year. We're even going to have a healthy work potluck on the Thursday when we get back from break in January

Ok, need to get in jammies and get back flat on the couch *sigh* I hope things are going ok with everyone *hugs*

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Sending tons of good vibes, darling...


I will keep good thoughts and fingers crossed for you!

Sending you good thoughts for the back and also for the new psych.

Of course sending good vibes to you. I'm glad to read there is some good in there as well and it is not all sucky. I can commiserate with the bad backs and pushing through bc you have too. Do you get many days off for the holidays?

Sending you good healing and warm vibes.

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