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SW Padme

Fuck you 2016

Was a huge George Michael fan and just heard that Carrie Fisher just lost her battle. DAMMIT

oh, still lying down mostly but very slowly improving in case anyone was pondering

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The last several months have sucked. I keep telling myself that things have to get better.

At least your back is getting better. Maybe you should try a "news fast" for a few days to eliminate one source of stress. Might help relax the muscles a bit.

I've actually been avoiding most of the news I usually watch but unless I avoid all social media (which that's the only human contact I have right now), I'll go completely buggy.

One other thing I have been doing is making a point of avoiding the FB posts of that former friend. I've accepted he's gone around the bend, I don't need to keep driving past the car wreck.

Glad you are getting better, honey. Too bad 2016 is giving us a couple of more kicks in the ass before it is over!


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