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The Aerial Macks

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I can hear the sounds of the shoveling truck making the first passes in our parking lot. I'm sure they'll be back a time or two since it's finally now just snowing. I guess they thought it best to try to scrape up the layers of sleet that fell earlier (ugh). Here's a scenic picture taken from my doorway

The white stuff is coming down at a steady pace now and there should be many inches before it's over. I'll go out around lunchtime and start the slow process of digging out the car. I don't want to wait until tomorrow morning since it's supposed to get rather cold tonight and it'll be even heavier and harder to dig once it's settled and frozen solid.

The kitties are hanging in the bedroom at the moment. JuneBug is still intermittently hissing at JonJon who must have that "I got shots" smell. Also, so far so good on the FortiFlora stuff *crossing fingers* as she had a relatively normal visit to the litterbox this morning. That and holy MOLEY does she love the stuff. I usually have to crumble freeze dried shrimp on top of her food to encourage her to eat but not with this stuff. She goes for the gusto and even looks up at me for more when she's finished her food (which she doesn't get LOL). It's expensive stuff but if it works well, I'll have the vet write me a 6 month script so I can get it for tons cheaper at They have it that if you get it on autoship, a 6 month supply is $140. That and once her tummy is ok, I'd likely use half portions for maintenance so $140 for a year for a better kitty tummy is worth it.

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Lovely photo - got to say, better you than me. :P

That's a very pretty picture. Thanks.

Good luck digging out.

Lovely pic. Living it it is another matter.

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