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Minion - WTF?

Aw dagnabbit

There's N'oreaster on its way for Tuesday and is supposed to bring 8-12 inches of snow. Booooooo.

Well, I calculated and I have 17.28 vacation days to use before the end of June or I'll lose them. Guess where I'll be if that forecast holds. 

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Oh, this is good to read you have vacation days to use so you can stay home when the storm moves through the area. That would make me feel relief to know I wouldn't have to battle the elements to get to work.

I had not paid much attn to weather beyond us but now I see a lot of storms and colder weather. We had temps into the mid-high 60's day although the temp is projected to be 33 tonight. A pretty day and my husband said to enjoy it bc there is a chance of sleet tomorrow... (Huntsville, AL)

At least you have the time to use! Stay safe and warm!

Ugh! Yes, you take those vacation days soon.

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