Diane (missdiane) wrote,

The kitty cat poo report

Yeah yeah, I'll cut for mild kitty TMI but most of y'all get the trials and tribulations with kitties

After only using the box a little bit in the early morning, JuneBug didn't poo at all after that yesterday. This morning she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable - a bit of in and out of the box and mewing - but then finally settled on a box and while it wasn't a 100% turnaround, some of it was formed, others not but it was also considerably less stinky which is excellent since she'd been gracing us with some seriously toxic-fumed stuff. Here's hoping we continue with positive progress.

Also, got a call from the vet and as I kind of expected, aside from some slightly higher triglicerides (likely from having breakfast a few hours before), her blood tests were normal. Of course, because we French ladies can't ever have anything easy to diagnose or get rid of. The vet mentioned that if the B-12 doesn't straighten things out in a week, then we'll probably have to go with oral meds that are going to be a nightmare for both of us because evidenly I can't just put it in the food since it's bitter. However if I have to go that route, our student worker who also works for a vet calls shenanigans since she says her practice has a fish-flavored version of it which cats are cool with. Either way unless I can stumble on a dietary solution (going to try goat milk probiotic which I've read good things about), then even if the B-12 works, she'd have to get regular injections. I wonder if they have an epi-pen type version of that...
Tags: junebug, kitty health
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