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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Root beer is what grosses folks out? Really?

Who woulda thunk that root beer of all things is the exotic, strange thing that people wonder why Americans like it

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What does it taste like? Like ginger beer? Neither of these "beers" are alcoholic right, which does somewhat defeat the point of them.

They're not alcoholic, no. If you've not had it, you'd probably have the same reaction. Ginger beer is lighter and fizzier most often than root beer. Root beer is a unique taste since they're not kidding that it's flavored of "roots" - sometimes sassafras, wintergreen, allspice, things like that and the sugar is a dark molasses flavor. I love it, but then again I grew up on it. My favorite brands are IBC and Stewart's

I'd be tickled if you found some to try and let us know what you thought! I'd suspect you might not like it. lol

Psst: it's improved if you add vanilla ice cream to it to make a root beer float. ;)

Hmm, and I adore A&W root beer. Ha!

We might have to survey the gang! Seems it's a US phenomenon.

I do like A&W a lot, though nothing to me beats a frosty mug of Stewart's when you can find a place that serves it that way. Never been a big fan of Barq's, though.

You should run a survey in the Canteen! I grew up on A&W, so that's why I prefer it, although I have to admit that it doesn't taste the same to me as it used to.

I'm with you on Barq's - not my favorite!

Yikes! Well, maybe they should try imported root beer now that Coke is...*shudder* questionable.

*laugh* On a lighter note, I moved to Australia 10 years ago and most Aussies hate root beer. A few seem to love it, though and while it isn't sold at the major grocery chains, it is readily available from the small Asian specialty groceries all around Melbourne.

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