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Kids Try Vietnamese Food

They created a whole channel when the videos became popular - the old ones are on WatchCut Video


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Mar. 29th, 2017 05:00 pm (UTC)
Their reactions, ha! The little girl who nommed the pho and then said "I would like to be here everyday" has an awesome future as a foodie - so many good foods to try! One of the grand nieces is such a... brat... as it has become a horrible battle w. her mom over eating. The more Leslie insists Macy try new things, the more Macy resists and acts out. Leslie has no patience w. her limitations (autism) and the 3 year old is eating everything in sight and loving it all. Leslie wants Macy to eat better but loses it after a short time and Macy knows she can push those buttons - me and WT in many ways is how I recognize that opposition. Macy will not eat at all if Leslie does not back off - which has meant Macy waking in the night starving and sick at her stomach. *sigh

Macy's dad can get her to eat out of her range of plain cheese pizza and mac n' cheese but he will eat something and be relaxed and she'll see him enjoy it and be curious enough to take a bite. He is sneaky as he needs to be but it is working. She discovered she likes chicken tenders like he makes at home (less of the breading outside) w. dipping sauces and seasoned green beans IF they are cut where she can eat them w. her fingers and is not 'made' to use a fork. Same w. steamed carrots w. a bit of ginger/honey sauce. He cooks on the wkends and prepares snacks during the wk (he works 2nd shift and misses dinner).
Mar. 29th, 2017 05:20 pm (UTC)
My coworker has friends with the same issues as your grand niece. The parents don't help because they'll go over to my coworker's place and the troubled kid will see my coworkers kid eating EVERYTHING but when she gets curious enough to want to try, the Mom will pipe up with "Oh she won't like that!" Yeah, she won't, if you have that attitude in front of her.

Macy's Dad is a smart cookie. And those carrots sound good!
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