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Hoping for a trifecta

I feel like I should have a white board that says "We have gone X days with no kitty barfs." Currently it stands at two in a row and I'm hoping that today makes three. I don't normally have such a problem with this so it distresses me when it suddenly happens more often. I think that it's helping JonJon to have his bowl elevated on a thick book so higher bowl, here we come. He's a rather tall kitty dude so it's likely he has the same issue that dogs have when they lean down to eat.

I'm also crossing my fingers that the goat milk I've been adding to the kitty food is actually what is showing some improvement with JuneBug's problem with the opposite end of things and it's not just dumb luck for a day. I just got a letter about the fabulous new plans for my pet insurance which naturally means they've suddenly made things more expensive. *sigh* Do I need the insurance anymore? Well I'm just betting if I cancel the policy, something will happen.

Other stuffity stuff: Last night I went out to grab a cocktail with Emily (lookit me being all fancy and growded up) and proved yet again that I've become a lightweight. One fancy pants regular sized (but admittedly STRONG) martini and I'm all googly-eyed. The kitties seemed quite confused at their mommy's casual attitude when she was dropped back off at home.

I cancelled the HelloFresh because I didn't like that they were using a rinky dink local delivery service that had BAD yelp reviews. I did get my order - on the wrong porch than they were instructed, naturally. I also didn't like how the food was packaged. It was safe enough for now but there's NO way it would be if the weather were much warmer. I have one more box from Home Chef that'll come Friday since I didn't get that cancelled in time to avoid the last order and so I'll have one more weekend of not needing to pick up much at the grocery before I'll have to go back to my own meal plans. It was an ok experiment and I did pick up some new ideas - and learned how to cook tofu decently enough - so it was worth it for the kick start. Considering that I need to purge the damned spring ants, it's going to be frustrating for the next week to cook at all since I get so squicked out during this time. My stupid kitchen is CLEAN and everything is kept well packaged so I don't know why I tend to have this problem wherever I live. Maybe I just notice the little bastards more than other people?

I would love to have this Platform 9 3/4 thing on my wall but I don't need it. Just like I'm sure you don't need this pennant, eh spikesgirl58?

Finally, thumb, stop twitching. That's annoying.

Oh, finally finally, don't know if I mentioned. If you were wondering about my default icon, that's my 2nd Great Auntie Amy Olive Horton who was a performer overseas during WWI. She was also a sassypants according to an old yearbook. 


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Mar. 30th, 2017 08:36 pm (UTC)
snicker - that's a great pennant., especially with the reunion coming up. :D
Mar. 31st, 2017 09:22 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad Junie's on the mend. I wonder if I'll ever stop immediately going to the scary place every time one of mine barfs or makes a sad noise. But they are so worth the worry.
Mar. 31st, 2017 11:11 pm (UTC)
I hope she stays mended *fingers tightly crossed* she had a stinky poo and I was worried but when I scooped, it was ok.

The barfing normally doesn't happen and I've been SO jumpy lately. I'm actually wondering when my office had the incident where it got to 109 (couldn't have been for more than an hour), if it spoiled the food that was in a file drawer nearby? I've not given them that food for several days and if I make it through the meal in about 10 minutes without issue, it'll be four days in a row.
( 3 comments — Something to say? )