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kitty no no

And put it down the street from the place that stopped carrying my litter...


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It is a giant conspiracy: when you find a product that you really like and become loyal to, it immediately ceases to be available. I have had this happen with cat food, bras, jeans, and Chinese restaurants.

In this case I can't help but think it was a personality thing. No matter how friendly I am, the owner is always kind of surly - it's a small local place. I'd tend to buy two to three of their medium bags per month (World's Best Advanced Formula - a popular enough brand) and then all of a sudden, they decide to not bother to carry it anymore.

I don't like to order it from since bags of litter can tend to break. So I'll keep an eye out on sales at Petco for it or buy the big 28 pound bag for the better price.

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