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Kitty Chinese food

Here's another thing that needs to come back

Especially discouraged with absentee boss ignoring me for months yet praising others for their work (of which their work couldn't have gotten done without my significant yet completely unrecognized contribution). So I'm trying very hard to think about nice things.

Here's another thing I miss - fondue. I love that all the kids love it in the video

It's kind of lost on me at the moment since I don't get company at home but I remember enjoying it with the family years ago. We had two electric pots, one for cheese and one with broth or oil for cooking meat. When we wanted to do chocolate, we generally just melted it on the stove and dipped strawberries or angel food cake in it

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I think we were the only newly married couple who didn't get a fondue pot for a wedding gift. We never bought one, but I like them just fine at other people's houses.

Fortunately they still make them, at least. It's tempting to get a little one like this for fun.

Yeah, but I don't need the extra calories that even a small one would invite. Sigh... the battle of the bulge.

I still have a fondue pot and three cans of sterno up on a high shelf. In theory it is for making instant coffee or canned soup if the power is off for a couple days. In practice, I'm not sure the sterno hasn't evaporated or something.

Well y'know, since you're not sure if it's any good, perhaps it's time for a vat of cheese to make sure? ;)

Good idea. It would be a safety precaution, and therefor not contain any calories, right?

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