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My 2nd great aunt Amy

Lumbering back to the land of the living

I was able to be upright long enough to drive the few blocks to RiteAid for meds. Yesterday I opted to try Uber to get to the doc and home. This round she is insisting I do PT once I am more mobile. I will try not to be too afraid that the exercises will put the back out again.

Been trying to keep up on post reading -sorry for not interacting more. Typing lying on your back is a challenge.

I was happy to finally make dinner (spicy kani salad) and eat sitting at the table. I cut up some huge bananas to make ice cream tomorrow and also need to venture out for cat supplies. I hope to work at least a half day on Monday.

Thanks for the thoughts all, I truly do appreciate the vibes.

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*gentle hugs* Don't worry about back reading. Just get better <3

*hughug* At least being able to read stuff on my dinky prepaid phone is what was keeping me somewhat sane as a connection to the outside world. Feeling ok so far today which will be good for running the few small errands I need to run today (kittehs need their special food!)

Happy that you are able to start moving around a little. Will keep the good vibes coming to you.

Don't be afraid of the PT.  She or he will examine you carefully and work out a program to very gradually build strength and flexibility.  If something hurts  or leaves you with increased soreness the next day,  you just tell them and they will back off.  You can ask to finish the session with cold or heat treatment too. (My favorite part)

I'm crossing my fingers! Cold has been the most effective for this round.

The annoying thing about the spasms is that I don't know I've overdone it until it's too late. I was making sure to take aleve and hot showers after all the painting and stuff and was feeling sore but decent. Then I went to lie down on my side and *ploink* I was done for. I mean WTF?

Your body's way of telling you to sleep standing up? : ) Seriously, tell the PT and they may be able to analyze what is going on. It could be a very slight adjustment in the way you move.

Continued hopes that you will soon feel better

Thank you. The doc is muchly in favor of me getting a bike like I'd hoped to get when I'm stronger. :)

Good for you. it's great exercise.

So sorry you're having so much pain. I hope the doctor and the PT will help.

Thanks. This every six months out of commission for a week plus is for the birds!

Whoa, sorry you've been down (literally), and sending good vibes for continued recovery. The PT sounds like a good idea, they'll be very careful to help and not hurt!

Typing while on back is not doable as I have learned too, always pull my neck in a weird way even as I try to NOT pull it weird.

Hope you are improved soon so you have more quality of life.

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