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The Waiting Game

So in small breaks at work I called the radiology department (twice since I was cut off the first time and waited a few hours so I hopefully wouldn't get the same person that cut me off the first time) and then my doctor's office. Currently the status of my exercise nuclear stress test is pending more information from the doctor who for some damned reason didn't attach the EKG (ECG?) to my chart so they could forward it to get insurance authorization for my dumb test. Arrrrghhh. I want everything approved so that the radiology department doesn't have to cancel and reschedule my stupid test. I want to get it OVER with.

Anyhow. Busy busy busy at work so don't have time for bureaucratic nonsense since I have enough of my own.

I did go looking for a short, soothing video to watch briefly before the end of my "lunch break" (spent nomming down food while researching stuff). I follow this channel and saw this past video. So pretty. It's tempting to make the different kinds of bark though I wouldn't use kiwi because yuck.

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