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ASMR at work

To try to stay as chill as possible, I play ASMR videos on a tab in the background. The nephew is still making them but he's getting decidedly uncreative lately (I don't like his "mouth sounds" ones especially)

I like this concept someone did.

However, it's not audible enough, even when I turn up the volume. If any of you lovely witchy types on the f-list want to make and upload a similar video with better sound, go ahead and I will totally add it to my work and/or sleep playlist. lol

This guy's videos are excellent.

I can fall right to sleep with some of his stuff. It's so relaxing. 

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Sep. 6th, 2018 08:48 pm (UTC)
These soft-sound videos honestly make my skin crawl LOL. When I want to relax I just throw on something calming like Terrifier or Scream... ;)
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