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I use Facebook for generally three things - 1) Local alerts and events, 2) Keeping up with the occasional friend or family member that either migrated away from LJ (for shame!) or was never on here and 3) A couple of interest communities.

For those of you brave enough to bother with Facebook, what is your feeling about the fundraisers that people have? I was ok with them at first and donated to a couple but now they're starting to bug me. It's one thing to post an external link to something like Go Fund Me where you can donate anonymously or if you're not feeling it or money is tight, unless someone's passive aggressively doing detective work, won't know either way that you didn't donate. But these FB fundraisers seem like pressure. Your name is right out there as to whether you donated or didn't donate.

Hell, I don't even like wishing people happy birthday on FB because it turns into a clusterfuck of disingenuous piling on. When it's paired up with the bullshit of "hey, instead of birthday gifts, donate to this thing I'm interested in!" it's doubly squicky. Um... I wasn't about to get you a birthday gift anyway, person I hardly interact with, don't expect me to dig into my pocket to donate to your random thingie that also serves to make you look special. Now people are creating their own fundraisers for hurricane stuff. Which, I might add, I didn't see them doing during the hurricanes Puerto Rico had. Gee, why is that? It's like they're trying to score points to show how outwardly compassionate they are by guilt-tripping family and friends into giving to their thing (instead of say...giving anonymously to a charity which is good enough)

It may sound callous but I have it that Facebook doesn't let people know when my own birthday is. So when some lazy family member *coughSIScough* posts some Happy Birthday comment on my timeline rather than say, actually being a human and calling me, it annoys me. Because then out of the woodwork people pile on and reply or post and I know it's some sense of obligation to do so rather than feeling the actual sentiment. Hey, don't feel obligated. Really. I don't care if you wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. The places where I let my birthday show are the ones where I figure people actually give two shits.

EDIT: Ah, this should help - found a handy tip to turn off the notificiations. I'll feel better not knowing they exist.


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Sep. 17th, 2018 01:50 pm (UTC)
I don't donate to any charity directly in my name. I do it anonymously through justgiving.com because it drove me nuts when I gave ONE time to Habitat for Humanity for the Haiti crisis and they spent oodles of money sending me advertisements bugging me for more donations. Heck, they had to spend more on the ads than what I originally donated.

All I get when I donate through that site is an occasional email reminding me that I gave in the past.
Sep. 19th, 2018 03:58 am (UTC)
Gahhh, they do that now??? UGH. Rather donate to GFM or set one of those up, so as to not make other people uncomfortable.

Then again, I rather avoid FB like the plague most of the time. They did (and obviously still have) super issues with privacy and autonomy. Meh.
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