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We pay this guy? Yeesh.

Yeah sure, it's an interesting-ish theory and stuff. But dude, we don't pay 30% of your salary for hoo-ha like this

Then again, he kind of annoys me. He's a diva that thinks he doesn't have to do required reporting to the feds so we can pay him. I was bothering him politely one year for the umpteenth time to file his project report (along with other chronic late reporting faculty) and he quips back with "You say I am required to have a project, but you would not stop paying my salary if I did not have one. I have never been formally notified that this is a requirement of my employment."

Of which my answer (after providing him with copy/paste evidence of emails sent detailing the requirements he was sent in the past) was "You are correct that you would still receive a paycheck. However, without a project, if the leadership chose, they may move you entirely to a teaching line."

Most faculty that want to putter around speculating about cloud formations in famous paintings do the bare minimum when it comes to teaching requirements so the last thing they want is to be given more classes to teach. Magically he filed his report quickly after I made it clear that I wasn't taking his crap.

I also refer to him as "Mushroom Man" because he sent an email to the campus listserv with a picture of a mushroom asking if he could eat it and people were total smart asses, telling him to try it and see. Guess I'm not the only one that isn't a fan. lol


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Sep. 26th, 2018 08:50 pm (UTC)
What an ass...
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