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An active weekend

So I actually got out and about for a change this weekend. Emily really badly wanted to go to the Met Museum to see an exhibit on Fashion and the catholic imagination

Even though she had a cold, we were going anyway because it ends next weekend and because her parents are driving her nuts and she needed a break. It’s hard for her taking care of her dad who is in and out of the hospital all the time, and her mom who is suffering from dementia. It would be helpful if her sister was more cooperative and helped out more. Anyway, before we went to the museum, We had breakfast at a place called The Harold near Manhattan Mall on 32nd and Broadway. It was excellent. Emily had probably the most delicious pancakes I had ever tasted. They were lightly citrusy and fluffy but still moist and they had peanut butter and chocolate chips and were served with vanilla fresh whipped cream on the side. I had Sunny-side eggs on top of grits that had bits of bacon and Gruyere cheese. They were also served with rosemary roasted potatoes and a little salad. So good.

We did a good amount of walking around Midtown, and had to stop at a Whole Foods because my stomach wasn’t cooperating (as usual). But then we grabbed a cab for the last 40 blocks to the museum and got there a little bit after it opened. We did have to take frequent breaks mainly because between her cold, and the fact that both of us are very much out of shape, we didn’t want to push ourselves too hard. But we had a good few hours of seeing her exhibit, catching some other exhibits that were nice, people watching which we always love to do, and doing my favorite thing of making quiet snarky comments to if I can make some nearby stranger laugh. I did a few times in the Delacroix exhibit.

After a very, very long cab ride back due to Trump being in town, we made it back to the train station and got back home. Though on the train poor Emily twisted her ankle trying to be polite to give someone a seat. That girl has no luck at all.

Today had some interesting tidbits. I found out that I cannot take BuSpar after all. When I tried it years before, I would get heads zaps but otherwise it did a great job on my anxiety. I thought maybe since I was taking it with other antidepressants that maybe they were the problem. They weren’t. This morning when I started the meds not only did I have had zaps, but I was confused, lightheaded, and started sweating all over. So I had to wait at least an hour lying down before I could even think about going to the grocery store this morning. I picked out all the remaining pills from my pill case this week and put them back in the bottle. I won’t try that med ever again.

I finally went downstairs to clean the hallway that I share with whoever is going to be my new neighbor. I went through several wet and dry swiffer pads, and it was pretty gross. But then I also did something naughty. When I was wiping around the downstairs apartment door I noticed the door rattled so I tried the handle and it was unlocked. I was curious to see how it differed from my place so I checked it out. It was nearly identical in layout with an exception of the placement of the living room closet. However I am jealous of their kitchen because they put the cabinets higher and manage to put a full size cabinet above their sink and a full-size cabinet above the refrigerator. I only have a half size cabinet above my sink and no cabinet above my refrigerator and it’s very tight in the kitchen. They also seem to have a new stove, though I would smell the downstairs neighbors cooking a lot so they probably wore out the stove that was the hair LOL. So whoever the new neighbor will be will have a little more than me, then again they will have to put up with my stampeding cats.

All in all, it was a pretty busy weekend. My lower back was very unhappy from yesterday afternoon on but it recovered well which I am very pleased about. I managed to get around today without much trouble so I’m hoping I can keep increasing my activity. I also got a lot of nice healthy stuff from the grocery store today and I am doing food prep so that I will pack healthy lunches. Hoping for good luck this week.


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Oct. 1st, 2018 01:45 am (UTC)
"head zaps" sound terrifying! Definitely something to be avoided!

And - hee - I would TOTALLY have gone into the neighbour's empty apartment to peek around too, if I could! I'm always curious about how other units are designed - it took me forever to manage to get into a 2 bedroom unit in my complex (mine is a 3 bedroom) - and every 3 bedroom unit that has been on the market, I've gone in to see how THEY made it different. So far I've liked mine the best - and haven't found anyone who has solved the problems that I have in my unit.

Good luck with lunches this week!
Oct. 1st, 2018 05:56 pm (UTC)
Keep focused upon the healthy food and don't worry about the other stuff. That looks like a great breakfast, but I have to confess that breakfast would have lasted me a week. :D It looks glorious
Oct. 3rd, 2018 09:43 pm (UTC)
Gahhh!! Do NOT like the descriptions of how BuSpar makes you feel! Just...yikes!

That food looks sooooo goooood...I can almost smell it! Ack!

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