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Back at work

Taking a few minutes at lunch to download bits from the brain here. I'm one of those doofuses that tries to catch up quickly on stuff I missed while out of the office. But at least I'm also one of those folks that never returns from a vacation on a Monday. Because then you try to catch up and by mid week you're about to collapse. At least by getting back into the office on a Thursday, I have two days to jump in and try to hit the most important stuff and then I'll have a weekend to try to rest so I can get back to "normal" (quotes very intentional) on Monday.

Oh, I'm also one of those doofuses that commits herself to too much but if I don't, stuff won't get done and it's stuff that'll either get us in trouble if it's not done or stuff that when it's done, will make life easier to have it there. I'll explain:

As far as the "stuff that'll get us in trouble" bit, I was hoping to take off all of yesterday to regroup but ended up only taking off the morning to run errands and such because in the afternoon, there was a research meeting across town where there was a speaker there that I wanted to see what kind of BS he was going to spew. I don't recall if I posted about the University being out of compliance with Responsible Conduct of Research with the feds and were audited by the National Science Foundation five years ago. The guy that spoke yesterday is at the Rutgers central Research Integrity Office and that I've been conversing with because USDA decided to jump on board and that means I have HUNDREDS of people to get up to speed. However this guy that the University hired nearly a year ago, who his only job is this area and he's paid tons more than me has accomplished nothing and doesn't seem to have any plans to improve his performance or to keep the University from getting in trouble again. So as usual, I'm going to have to ignore the dipshit and at least get our campus in line. Then when the University gets audited again, at least we'll be safe. Eff the rest of them. Hm, maybe the National Institutes of Health will crack down next. 

The other stuff has to do with the meeting I just attended of the NorthEast Management Officers. Nice group of people that do research program, business and extension administrative work in 13 states. I would post a website link but that's kind of the problem. This group has been around for ages and has no website? I mean come on. I suggested it last year and got a collective "oh yeah that sounds great!" response but naturally, no one did anything. This year I've agreed to seek some resources and write a proposal to get funding to create a site. Yeah, not like I have the time but this is important for us to be able to communicate easier. Last year I volunteered to be the keeper of the google listserv since the woman at Penn State went ghost on everyone and that's why our conference in NJ wasn't as well attended as it should have been.

Speaking of this group, the term for both the chair and the vice chair were up this year (two year terms). The chair (this important sounding dude from New Hampshire) accepted the renomination and was voted in for another term. The vice chair is some woman from Rhode Island who didn't involve herself with planning this year's meeting nor did she show up to the meeting a few days ago. They didn't want to re-up her in absentia so the chair was going to contact her to see about whether she even wanted to do it anymore. In the meantime, they decided it would be best to nominate someone else to be vice chair of the organization while we had everyone in the room. Guess who was nominated and will probably be the vice chair for the next two years? 

Yup, yours truly. Though when they asked if I'd accept the nomination, everyone laughed and nodded when I said "Ah, I suppose so. I guess if I'm bossing people around, I may as well have the title to go with it." 

Other than that, the travel was long but went well enough. Northampton, Massachusetts is an absolutely adorable town, the dim sum was a little lackluster but decent enough for rural Mass and I only had moderate issues with the back. The bed was comfy so I was able to rest off much of the pain each night. Oh, here are a couple of pictures under a cut of the cozy little room. Sorry I didn't take more pictures of the trip but it was busy and I was beat each night.
SUPER comfy bed

Cute little chair and fancy pants exposed brick

And just for funsies, a picture of the highlights I let my stylist put in. I'm thinking of turning them blue for Halloween

I'll have more to babble later, I'm sure but back to work-insanity. Oh! One fun thing. When waiting on the platform for the transit train to show up to take me to Penn Station, I saw an ad and texted Emily about it. Naughty girl got us tickets to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra doing Star Wars: A New Hope on November 25. 

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Oct. 25th, 2018 05:34 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm also one of those doofuses that commits herself to too much but if I don't, stuff won't get done and it's stuff that'll either get us in trouble if it's not done or stuff that when it's done, will make life easier to have it there.

I'm the same! I overbooked myself everyday because I figure aim high, right? It just means I have a better chance of getting more stuff done.

CONGRATS on the possible chair position :D *hugs* That is so so great, and you definitely deserve/have earned it.

That bed looks so comfy and I LOVE the exposed brick :>

Yay for highlights! They look great :) What are you thinking of using for the blue? You know I recommend Manic Panic (just picked up two jars of ultra-violet actually...) and DO NOT USE COLORISTA BY L'OREAL IT WILL FUCK YOUR HAIR FOR 6+ MONTHS!!!!!!

Oct. 25th, 2018 05:47 pm (UTC)
I have some blue Viral shampoo by Celeb Luxury. I got it about a year and a half ago when I had the salon give me blue highlights but they faded quickly. It restored the color as long as I kept using it.

My sister recommended it and it does a decent job. I might go on ebay and get some purple for fun when the blue fades.

I'm wondering whether the chair will confirm my vice chair appointment or whether we'll vote online or what. I'll have to bug him about it in a couple of weeks because I don't want to presume that I have the title without confirmation.

Though ten bucks says when the chair's term is up in 2020, they'll probably make me chair. LOL
Oct. 26th, 2018 05:42 pm (UTC)
Either way I am excited for you :>
( 3 comments — Something to say? )