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Workplace holiday nonsense continues

She wouldn't confirm it but the smile by Julie said that she was hoping that no one would bring up the holiday party that was tentatively slated for Dec 11. It figures that in the already frustrating-as-all-hell Staff Meeting of Doom yesterday (won't go into the details of how and why I got especially salty about something), Bossman brought up the "are we having the holiday party?" and everyone looked at me. My response was "hey, don't look at me, I'm not in charge of it this year."

I find it rude that the coworkers down in my office are chucking the lion's share of arranging things to Julie just because she's the AA. They were the ones that want this and initially brought it up all they did was have Julie find a date good for the two people in charge and Joe booked the room upstairs. The sticking point was...

oh HOLY SNOTBALLS...some woman has arrived that is going for a grant and needs to sorely switch to decaf because she's in a constant state of annoying mania and is always so loud that I can't concentrate. I'm not meeting with her but GAH...wait, mania woman just declined a drink from worker because it has caffeine? SHE'S LIKE THIS UN-CAFFEINE-ENHANCED? Maybe she snorts coke or eats sugar by the pound and the caffeine takes it one step too far?

ANYWAY, back to my holiday party rant. So they're leaving the planning for catering and likely decor and making sure we have plates and crap to Julie. I would volunteer to help but you know what? I'm tired and didn't want this stupid party anyway. No one ever helps me so while I feel bad for Julie, she needs to advocate for herself for once.

(psst...just lied and said I had to make a call so I could shut my door to hear them less and I have on holiday music. It'll probably get over 80 again but it'll save my sanity some)

At the group meeting yesterday, one of the dudes in the related center downstairs brought up doing the white elephant that most of us thought was especially stupid last year. I ended up with the complete shit gift so I boldly said that I don't want to do it and I was thanked after the meeting for saying that. Second in charge Peggy wasn't at the meeting but I found out today that she wants to do the damned white elephant at the damned party. Well fine but I'm not participating. If I needed more useless shit, I'd go out and buy more toys for my cats that they won't play with anyway. I honesty don't give a rat's ass if it displeases Peggy that I won't toe the line and play the idiotic party game. She's not been showing me much respect lately and my job doesn't hinge on her approval so PTHBBBBT.

I am taunting my coworkers down here about it because they were the dopes that suggested we even have the party. I sent them this video and asked which one of them was going to get this for the white elephant. (hope it plays in other countries!)
SNL - The Christmas Candle

Hey, I volunteered to bake cookies for this thing and they'll be good cookies so stuff them in your gob, coworkers.