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Squeaky wheeling and helping friends

Working on a college campus, going out at lunch is a pain in the butt. Between dodging idiot young adults who are staring at their phones while crossing the street and risking losing a good parking spot, when I don't pack lunch, delivery is the solution. It was handy at first when Panera Bread started delivering. They came quick, actually come up to the room and the food is decent. However it didn't take long before service started to get lax. Last week I thought I was getting a fabulous deal when they replaced four small coconut macaroons they ran out of with four HUGE lemon cookies (they called to ask what we might want to replace them with), but unfortunately my sandwich was crushed. I didn't file a complaint since we got the cookies which were worth more.

There have been a few times recently where they've been 15 minutes or more past their late estimate. That bugs me because hey, if it's going to take a while, just admit it up front so we can anticipate it. Don't say it'll be X time and then leave us to watch the little tracker drive all over the place delivering to others before they get to us. After last week, I was reluctant to order delivery from them again but I didn't sleep well so didn't pack a lunch and Julie the AA didn't get herself together either and I had a $2 off offer so we ordered. Big mistake. Not only were they now 20 minutes past the late estimate for delivery but I had ordered a full size baguette to take home to use for sandwiches and I didn't realize until after they left that they forgot that altogether! Bah!

I filed an online complaint and after a while when I didn't hear from them, I started bugging them on twitter. It took some squeaking of the proverbial wheel but I FINALLY got them to respond. I was hoping for a refund of the baguette and the gratuity that I pre-paid for but their solution was to put a "reward" on my account that I have to use within 30 day. Ugh...FINE. But hey, the reward was for $10 so I think what I'll use it for is when I go to Trader Joe's on Saturday, I'll go down the mall and have breakfast at Panera (yo veritasema - free brekkie for youuuu tooo!). Considering that their vegan options are slim (was bummed to find out the white bean spread I got yesterday had parmesan since I had high hopes for it), then I won't be eating there much anymore as it is.

In the "helping friends" part of the title, I'm getting closer to the work friend that I thought was fading away. She left her weirdly jealous boyfriend - thank GOODNESS and is now searching for a place to live. The guy is so jealous that he was actually harassing her about picking a male doctor (the guy I go to now that is awesome) and was even looking up pictures of the doctor. What an insecure freak. I was crossing my fingers HARD because she was checking out my apartment complex but unfortunately they didn't have a first floor place available and her elderly dog can't do stairs everyday. Boo. But today I helped her dodge a bullet because she was going to check out the nightmare of an apartment complex I moved out of a few years ago. Yeah sure the place was big, had a walk in closet you could fit a bed in if so inclined and had washer and dryer in it but between the BUGS (massive camel crickets, ants, termite swarms) and mail theft, car break ins and paying an INSANE electric bill in winter when I kept it at 60F, it wasn't worth the trouble. She's cancelling that and checking out a complex that I've heard decent enough reviews about...and crossing my fingers there because it's right down the street. Now that her daughter is living with her boyfriend, I think it would help if she had a buddy right nearby.

Tomorrow is the big deadline I gave to the faculty and I have barely over half the reports from them. Stress levels will be ramping up to eleven over the next day or so as they all try to make excuses and ask moronic questions and try to plead for more time because two and a half months is supposedly not enough. Oh, on the last, tough shit. Late is late. I've sent many reminders. 


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Dec. 11th, 2018 05:38 pm (UTC)
Good luck with your new friend and I hope breakfast works out!
Dec. 11th, 2018 08:07 pm (UTC)
Poor thing is having the worst time finding a place so I sent her some more options from when I was apartment shopping. Unfortunately none of them are super close to me but she has the challenge of having a dog.

We'll spend the full $10 for sure. Heh.
Dec. 11th, 2018 09:05 pm (UTC)
You, at least, are the voice of experience on this topic. I hope she finds something. Apartment shopping with pets is tough...
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