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But I'm SPESHUL! Overlook my laziness!

Still dealing with recalcitrant faculty members that can't seem to submit their same short and easy annual reports they submit every year at this time in the same database. Right now I'm missing 23 out of a total of 128 reports. Of those 23, nine of them are ones with specially awarded money which if they don't get their reports in lickety split, they will be informed that I will instruct the business office to not approve any purchases or payroll until their reports are filed. It's every.single.YEAR with some of these people. Yes, faculty dude, I have been informed that you are currently in Bangkok but you haven't been there for the two and a half months that I have been sending you reminders to do your report. So tough shit, your department will now be penalized for your diva behavior. And too bad other faculty dude. I actually went above and beyond and copy/pasted a chunk of your report done by someone else into the template. The fact that you can't edit and copy/paste the rest isn't my effing problem. Also, stop with the gee shucks "I'm your friend" horseshit. Friends don't do this crap to other friends. Do you know how tempted I was to poke you on FACEBOOK posts to do your damned report? (Yeah, really, we're "facebook friends" which to be honest, that may be the one exception to the "online friends are real friends" rule in a few cases)

In better news, coworker friend may be moving to my town after all. Not my complex, but only a couple of blocks away. It'll be safer for her and it's such a nice town so once she gets settled, I think she'll be happy.

Going to see if this is good background noise this morning at work. Might get bored with it and need something different after a while.



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Dec. 13th, 2018 04:27 pm (UTC)
I have something similar on my speakers at the desk. I'm trying to keep it low so I'm not bothering anyone else.
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