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K-Pop for the older crew?

Emily, bless her heart (and not in that Southern implied insult kind of way), keeps trying to get me into K-Pop like she is but although I kind of like a song or two, I haven't got hooked in at all. It just doesn't inspire me to listen to much more of it. When I was poking around YouTube, though, I came across this song by a semi-reformed band that had a song I liked 8 years ago. I really like this softer pop style. It reminds me of something but I just can't put my finger on what it is.

Also, I feel better thinking guys now in their 30s are eye candy rather than the bands with members that are teens. Though for most K-Pop, that's how the demographic of the band is due partially to the military requirement there.



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Jan. 3rd, 2019 01:11 pm (UTC)
*lol* This is me watching Riverdale, CONSTANTLY reminding myself that all the "teen" hotties are all in their early to mid twenties and I have not yet reached cougar status *lmao*
Jan. 3rd, 2019 01:14 pm (UTC)
LOL Well at least mid-twenties is old enough not to feel completely like a dirty old lady
Jan. 3rd, 2019 01:23 pm (UTC)

Seriously have you SEEN that show? As a bi 30ish gal there is basically no one I don't want to bang on that show... :D
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