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Pre-lunchtime mini ramble

Remembered to weigh myself this morning. Still hovering between 196 and 197. For the sake of my back and knees, I need to start pondering about getting that number down some. I'd be perfectly satisfied to end up in the 170s even if that still puts me in the "obese" category. I think I can maintain that if I can get there. I'm not going to get concerned about the number too much until I've been at this more than a month since by that time, I should have gotten pretty well into the groove of food prep and hopefully can do a better job of building the habit of nibbling on lower-calorie snacks or of not nibbling when I don't need to at all. I have crudite in my fridge that needs prepped so I'll try to get to that tonight.

Last night, Dad asked if I watched CBS Sunday Morning which I had caught some of it. He mentioned the piece on The Green Book and I found it surprising that he'd not heard of the book before. Here is the report (may not be viewable outside the US)

Here's more about the Green Book in case you are curious. I heard about it several years ago. It's sad that people had to put together a guide so they'd know where they could sleep or eat without being harassed or kicked out of town. In the video, it talks about towns that had offensive signs to essentially tell black people not to think about being there. Dad mentioned that years ago, towns near my hometown (specifically the towns of Galion and Bucyrus Ohio) had signs like that. How awful.

What reminded me of the conversation enough to post about it is seeing a sudden influx of racist BS on places like twitter and facebook lately. It almost makes me wonder if the Green Book is needed again. And sad to think that.



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Jan. 15th, 2019 07:01 pm (UTC)
Damn, the video won't play in my country. I hate to think we may need this kind of book again, but the world seems to be heading in that direction.
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