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State of the Dine

I get bloating and stomach gurgles on and off - was hoping that the vegan diet would help but so far it isn't. But Monday night it increased to an actual stomachache and acidy feeling. On Tuesday morning I didn't feel much better and considering the iffy state of whether bathrooms are open in our building due to construction woes, I wasn't comfortable not being near a working one so I took the day off. I started to feel a little better mid-day so I did some litterbox cleaning and took out trash and also did a quick trip to the Asian grocery. My stomach was being annoying again when I got back as if it objected to me doing anything. I'm feeling somewhat better, if tired, today so I'm here at work. I have faculty people annoying me today so hope that doesn't get the tummy roiling again. I feel SO behind at work but it's to the point that it's difficult to get motiviated to go that extra mile to try to get caught up when my pleas for help fall on deaf ears.

In other news, had a couple of interesting bits on the ancestry front. Someone contacted my Dad's ancestry.com account which I manage it. It's from someone trying to help out his 89 year old mother in law who was adopted back in 1910 in the NY state area. She has a DNA match to my father and I with an estimated 4th to 6th cousin match. Unfortunately I can't find what line she might possibly be connected to, though I've ruled out Dad's Mom's line since she's not connected to Dad's cousin on that side.

Then I got an email from FamilySearch that had hints about my great grandfather on Mom's side. The one with this interesting picture I got and posted previously.
Hudec Petrovich Kubene  with flowers 1.jpg

One piece of significant information the hint had was his naturalization paperwork from 1914. It noted something I didn't know which is that his birthplace was listed as "Klenovec, Hungary." I looked up the town - which is now located in Slovakia. I found this very interesting article
Tiny village of Klenovec plays host to heart-wrenching film "Marian" and other Roma films and documentaries

I thought this bit in the article was particularly interesting: While not directly related to the historic film produced in Klenovec, Miháliková's ethnic theme aptly recognized the village's long-establshed Roma community, which makes up 20 percent of the local population.

Really? So there's a 20% chance that I have Roma ancestry? 


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Jan. 16th, 2019 05:00 pm (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon. Your system is probably just trying to get used to all the new stuff you are feeding it.
Jan. 16th, 2019 05:33 pm (UTC)
Yes! This! I was gonna say the same thing ^_^ Are you eating a lot of soy suddenly? Soy is apparently harder on women to process than men!

Loving this genealogy stuff ^_^
Jan. 16th, 2019 05:35 pm (UTC)
I've had the gastro issues well before starting the vegan diet. In fact, I had them several years ago and they thought taking my gallbladder out would solve the problem.

It's been about the last couple of years maybe where I've had issues being gassy randomly. But the acid issue doesn't come up as often.
Jan. 16th, 2019 05:37 pm (UTC)
I remember :( It has been a long ongoing issue for you -_- But this new diet might STILL help, but it might take the whole month to adjust to it?

I have wicked-bad heartburn :(
Jan. 16th, 2019 06:33 pm (UTC)
Ouch. My BIL has that too but he kinda deserves it. *evil look*
Jan. 16th, 2019 07:47 pm (UTC)
Jan. 16th, 2019 05:36 pm (UTC)
The gassy issues and bloating started a long while ago. I thought going vegan (cutting out dairy in particular) would solve the issue but clearly not. :(
Jan. 16th, 2019 05:38 pm (UTC)
Keep going, though! i'd keep the diet up for six weeks and see how I felt after that :)

Sorry I responded to both of these *LOL* I got mixed up and then just went with it ^_^
Jan. 16th, 2019 06:33 pm (UTC)
Oh I'll still keep it up. I may be an old gasbag either way but if my cholesterol, BP and/or A1C improve, it's all about the veggies.
Jan. 16th, 2019 07:45 pm (UTC)
*LOL* You are NOT an old gasbag!! XD

Fingers crossed. Yay veggies.
Jan. 16th, 2019 08:19 pm (UTC)
Jan. 17th, 2019 12:15 am (UTC)
Jan. 16th, 2019 06:31 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear that.
Jan. 16th, 2019 06:34 pm (UTC)
Well, cross yer fingers. I got some Beano to try and while I'm still a farting machine right now, I don't feel as bad as I have before.
Jan. 16th, 2019 06:36 pm (UTC)
Good luck!
Jan. 17th, 2019 03:54 am (UTC)
Yes, try Beano. They'll help your body adjust to all the plant based food.

Don't get discouraged hon.
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