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Friday Five - St. Patty's Day edition

1. Have you ever made corned beef and cabbage?
Yep, several times. Though obviously not going make corned beef this year. I may try to make a faux version with some seitan. Either way I'll do the cabbage and potatoes and carrots and will try to make it taste traditional

2. Will you be tipping back a decent pint of Guinness this weekend?
Nah, but it's been a hell of a week and I do have a beer I like in my fridge - it's a porter that is flavored like coffee.

3. Do you own an Irish wool sweater?
Oh good god no. I'd burst into flame. I get overheated so quickly

4. Have you ever ‘met’ the Tart with a cart (i.e. have you been to Dublin)?
No but I'd love to if I had the time and money.

5. Do you know what tractors, submarines and ejector seat all have in common?
Um...no and my brain isn't caffeinated enough to figure it out. I eagerly await hearing the punchline!


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Mar. 15th, 2019 04:05 pm (UTC)
No punchline, they were all incented by Irishmen.
Mar. 15th, 2019 06:58 pm (UTC)
1. Never

2. No, I'm not a beer drinker and Guiness isn't exactly easy drinking.

3. I don't do wool. It's not vegan and it makes me itchy and hot.

4. Alas, no

5. No, but I'm guessing it has something to do with Ireland.
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