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August 14th, 2018

Relieved but frustrated.

 Received a message from the nice doctor that did JuneBug's ultrasound. Her blood tests came back and nothing is out of whack. So aside from her being a pooping maniac, she's totally healthy. So I just have to keep keeping on with trying to adjust her diet to find what will make things chill out. If I can't, then a course of steroids are the next option. I got several different types of recommended food this weekend to try to slowly incorporate. One that I hoped would work (I loved the name "Oh my Cod!") which was fish but not too stinky didn't seem to help AT ALL. 

Also, I'm thinking it would also help all three of us to work harder at making the apartment a zen den. Stress has to be a factor in my health issues, Junie's pooing and JonJon's general insanity. Getting my budget under control may help that. This year we've had the expensive mattress that was needed, expensive car repairs and most recently, expensive vet bills for both cats. I am tapped out. Sure I have great credit but that's only going to get me so far.

In less frustrating issues, Mom's sudden extension of her family tree is cool. Evidently we're related to the Pyle line which has lots of famous historical muckety mucks from way back when? I was also contacted by Doris - who is my biological 4th cousin. Her 3rd great grandfather is my 3rd great uncle. I know he died in 1885 but didn't know how and she told me how she had newspaper articles - which I confirmed looking them up on newspapers.com that he was murdered by his neighbor who shot him in the chest at a county fair. Wild! 

Since ancestry.com is having the best sale I've seen on DNA tests ($59 if you've ever been pondering it), I did order one for Dad since the one that Mom took was one I sent for Father's Day. I thought it only fair to get Dad his gift again. Hopefully I don't find any scandalous information there but I would like to know his estimated percentages of what countries he's from. 

Ok, back to work. Need to hunt down the bossman to get some answers before he goes out of state for a week

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