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October 2nd, 2018

Yo, purge him from your brain, chick.

There's a woman at one of our external centers who can't quite seem to get it through her thick skull that a) I'm not the administrative assistant anymore and haven't been for several years and b) The guy that was a temp for barely a couple of months is gone, GONE and will not be returning. Yesterday she emailed Bossman and copied me because she wants a signed copy of her own boss's annual review. I rolled my eyes and responded all that, I am not the AA and that I have copied Julie, the woman who has been our AA for several years now and may be able to assist her with her request. I get a response this morning that made me want to put a dent in my desk with my head.

"Thanks. Should I also ask Mike M*****?" (name obscured since I'm making this post public)

Woman, are you obsessed with the little snot that was quite possibly the world's worst temp? He was a smug little asshole that lied about his credentials and managed to do no work the entire time he was here yet thought he aced the interview for the permanent AA as well as tried to argue that we had a "contract" and had to keep him a few months longer (uh, no, dude, "at will" was in your hiring letter. BUH BYE)

I could swear I've told her that he was long gone before, on the phone and via email. So I looked up her name and yep. Check this out

April 3, 2017:
Title: Is Michael M**** still there?


I’ve tried emailing (Bossman) and copied Michael but it came back as not found and he is not in the system either.
Do you know whom to copy for Bossman’s signatures?
(Dingbat woman)

My response:
Hi (Dingbat)

Mike has been gone since 2015. I have Julie copied


And then yep, another previous time:
July 5, 2016:
Title: Michael M****'s email address

Hi Diane,
I am trying to copy Michael on an email to Bossman, using (DudeDon'tWorkHere)@aesop.rutgers.edu, but am receiving a delivery error. Did his email address change?
Dingbat Woman

My response:
Hi Dingbat

Mike M****** hasn’t worked here since December. Please copy Julie  (copied here) for these things as she’s now our AA of fabulousness.


I fully expect another email in....oh...April of 2019 if the pattern continues. 


She sheds o'rama!

From Buzzfeed - 19 Gorgeous "She Sheds"

#7 is almost big enough to live in. If they were a little bigger, they'd be the size of my apartment and if so, the kitties and I would be totally content.