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October 3rd, 2018

Being careful

I recovered ok from my trip to NYC. I did ok after hefting around grocery bags and other errands on Sunday, though I was generally physically tired at work on Monday. However on Monday afternoon, I awkwardly brought a box of cat food upstairs from Chewy.com and right away the back was a bit twingy. I fed the kitties and laid down some and got an early night.

I felt ok-ish yesterday morning but was achy on and off during the day. When I got home, after kitty-tending, I NEEDED to lie down. So though I dislike taking off the time, I called in sick today to try to do rounds of lying down and then getting up and walking around carefully. I don't need another week-long back episode so soon after the first one. So fingers crossed that a semi-lazy day today with pain meds, occaional ice packs, hot showers and careful movement will nip this in the bud.

I'll also be distracting myself with silly videos. Hey spikesgirl58 have you ever checked out the youtube channel emmymadeinjapan? Sometimes she actually TRIES those horrid recipes that you post! LOL Such as...

She has a playlist of jello weird ones! She also has a playlist of "hard times" videos where she does try some of Clara's depression recipes and some odd other ones like grapefruit pith steak.

Woman is brave. lol