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October 15th, 2018

I need a weekend for my weekend

By the time Friday came, I was done, DONE. Brain toasted to a crisp. Then it was a chilly night because the temperature had dropped drastically yet the apartment folks still hadn't turned on the heat. Just in case, while running errands on Saturday to stock up on PetValu cat food and stuff, I picked up a small space heater and ran it on and off during the day until it got up to at least 70F before I headed out that evening. Late Saturday night they finally turned the heat on and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as insanely hot as they usually run it. Famous last words because holy MOLY did they crank it to eleven overnight last night. With it being in the low 50s outside and with a window open, it shouldn't still be 75F inside. I have a couple of the windows open while I'm at work today so hopefully it's a decent temp when I get home.

Saturday evening I had dinner with a friend and it was a pleasant and yummy meal. However, I made the huge mistake of eating too much. I don't usually eat big dinners and when I overdo it, I pay for it.  I so overfull and nauseated when I got home that I couldn't even chew an alka seltzer because it was too sweet. I finally felt ok to lay down to go to bed but then at 4am I got a doozy of a migraine. Even the kitties must have sensed it since they left me alone for once. I got the head and tummy down to a dull roar later in the morning and went out just to get a few groceries but the headache still kept trying to return and everytime I tried to eat, I felt ill. So yeah, no more big meals.

Hopefully this week at work is more chill. Last week was horrible. 
I watched the first episode of this Netflix show last night and I'll definitely be watching the other eps. The woman clearly loves what she does and the visuals are stunning.

I wouldn't recommend it for vegans/folks sensitive to seeing meat in it's raw state, though

On the flip side, spikesgirl58 this one made me think of your posts. LOL