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October 19th, 2018

Coworker has been angsting this week because she ordered a Doctor Who costume for her young daughter and when it came, was shocked that it was a plus size women's costume. Ok, I can see maybe when she ordered it, she clicked on the wrong adult vs kid link.

No, nope, she ordered it here...from TORRID. For those of you not chunkily-inclined, all that they sell is adult plus sized women's wear aimed at the younger hip generation. She got it in a size 0-0 thinking it would be just right for her elementary-school, average-sized nine year old child. Just...what? Since when is 0-0 a kid's size and if you were shopping online and yes, that picture of that obviously larger, adult woman came up, how the hell would you think you're buying a kid's costume?

According to the coworker, she wasn't aware that Torrid is a plus size shop. I could excuse that if she were older but she's several years younger than me. Also, I could excuse that if she weren't a plus-size woman, but alas, the coworker is a plus-size woman in deep denial. She shops at Kohl's and Macy's and I know for a fact that she refuses to venture into the plus section there either. I've been with her at Kohl's. The largest that she will dare buy is size XL in the regular section, not even XXL and it's cringe-worthy because at work, she'll have tops stretched tight across her stomach and she'll have her pants unbuttoned under them - and it'll show.

She lives in the past and can't accept that she's now big. Not just big but it really does look like she's still 8 or so months pregnant. Her past pictures show that she was non-plus size until she had kids and her youngest is at least four, I think. She also will go on "diets" (and I use that word loosely) for at most a week and whine and complain about how it's awful to eat healthy. Or she'll do things like lose a few pounds and then will reward herself...with fatty food. She'll sneak out to "run errands" and will claim she's being good (no, we don't ask about it) and I've walked past the trash in the hall to see empty Popeye's containers. She's also had hernia surgery and also had a kidney infection scare and still denies that it has anything to do with her weight.

Sad, really. I mean I know I'm not one to talk about eating healthy but at least I admit that I have a problem and that it's my fault and my responsibility to do something about it. I also buy clothing that fits properly.