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November 6th, 2018

Want a holiday card? Let me know!

The lovely spiffikins made a google form to collect information for folks that may want holiday cards. I thought it was such a great idea that I've decided to make one myself.

So if you'd like a card, click on the linky link below and submit your details!

Holiday Card Google Form

In case you're concerned, I unchecked the box that would allow others to see responses.

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Doc update

I have to head to a dreaded staff meeting in five minutes so I'll give the cliffs notes version of the rheumatologist visit yesterday:

- She prescribed a muscle relaxer/anti spasmotic which I haven't tried for when my back goes wonky. Don't want the back to go wonky but it's only a matter of time so I hope this one works
- She wrote me a script for PT which is annoying to find a decent provider so back on that search. I don't understand why she listed the reason is for osteoarthritis in my knees. My knees don't hurt - I can go upstairs without issue. However they try to go out when I go downstairs which causes acute pain. Big difference. But she did say that I need to build muscle around the weak joints
- I asked about diet, to improve issues with inflammation. She said less sugar, less fat, lower but not "low" carb
- She also randomly said that I should NOT consider getting gastric surgery which is interesting because I didn't bring it up. She says I'm nowhere near big enough and it's entirely too much risk. She said maybe if I was 400 pounds and it was a lifesaving issue.