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November 7th, 2018

Medical stuff

I'm not having much luck finding a physical therapy location that fits my desired criteria of being close to work or home, being open in non-work hours, and getting decent reviews. She also checked off the possibility of hydrotherapy which is all great and stuff but I can't seem to find a place that does that anywhere nearby. It's sounding like, with my picky attitude, that I'm going to have to research what to do and create a 3x a week schedule where I *must* go to the gym and do the exercises that will make my back/knees/hips stronger. This is, of course, once my back stops teasing like it's going to go out again. The last few nights, after feeding the kitties in the evening, I have to lie down to let the back de-stress for the night.

Another very frustrating medical issue is that I called to make an appoinment to follow up with my GP about my blood pressure meds, only to find out I can't see her anymore because she's leaving the practice as of next week. Oh that's just great. I've been seeing her for regular needs and gynelogical ones for sixteen years and with no warning, she's gone. I had to make an appointment for Monday with some other guy in the practice who had better re-up my meds.

One new thing that I am crossing my fingers turns out ok is that I found out that work has some sort of extra plan where you can have a doctor and pay no copays and once you have your consult with them, you can even pester them with issues via text and have appointments via video chat. They even do labwork on site. So far some people that have tried it are very happy with it and so I'll give that a shot. I mean heck, it won't cost anything so why not?

Okey dokey, back to work