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March 5th, 2019

Nope on the bellydance for now

My back is doing better after the scare recently but it still has moments of soreness that make me go "Nope, lay down now" every now and then. Yesterday I got up from my office chair at work and took a step and my knee tried to go backwards. Fortunately, I caught myself before it did, however, it feels too loose since then for some reason. So that said, unless I want to be in traction after, no going to bellydance class tomorrow. I made a post about the back a while ago on FB so I'm absolving myself of the responsibility of checking to make sure that the teacher of the classes is sober.

Because I've been hoping to make some stuff like cashew cream and impromptu nut milks, I ordered one of those NutriBullet little blenders yesterday since it was on an awesome sale. It should be arriving in a few days. I'm also thinking I'll try to do the healthy smoothie thing for breakfasts with it. My security camera sent a screenshot of me this morning when it spotted "a person" and yow...I'm not looking healthy. Need to fix that stat. I'm not eating complete garbage but I'm clearly eating too much in general even though it's vegan. My back, knee and cardiovascular system aren't going to improve unless I buckle the eff down. If anyone has smoothie recipes that they are fond of, toss them my way.

I'm not fated to have a very interesting post for the glimpseatmyday challenge on Thursday. The trip to DC was cancelled so Emily and I were going to play hooky and go to the Met Museum and other places in NYC. But poor Emily had her teeth go south over the weekend and now has an emergency root canal scheduled for Thursday (they did a temporary patch and gave antibiotics yesterday so hopefully she's feeling better). I said if she doesn't want to hang out with the old folks then, I'll take the day off still and we can hang out and watch movies and such. She's up for that so it'll be a mundane photo post but I'll see if I run into anything interesting. Heh.