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March 10th, 2019

Fake food vs real food

My freezer is FULL after grocery shopping this morning. It isn’t necessarily “junk food” that I got but it is the type of food I need to do less of - the fake meats. However, ShopRite had an incredible sale on the Gardein products. Instead of them being $4.49 a bag (which Whole Foods is usually $4,99), all of them were $1.99 per bag. So I got one bag of something I’ve had before (breaded fake chicken patties), and seven bags of items I haven’t tried - chicken scallopini, meatloaf, crab cakes, fish filets, beef patties, Szechuan beef, and sweet and sour pork bites. I wanted to go with things I haven’t tried because if I don’t like any of them, I’ve only spent $2.

I haven’t found a Gardein product that I haven’t liked. I don’t see myself stuffing my freezer like this very often but if I get some favorites, I’ll keep an eye out for sales. Also, by having these handy, I intend to pair them with fresh items so that I am NOT ordering lunch at work.

I’m going to make a three bean salad today to have handy. I have fresh peppers, onions, and cilantro to add to it as well as I’ll put some frozen corn in it too. This should pair well with many of the other items I got today. I also picked up some fresh strawberries, fresh cut pineapple and green grapes which I’ll need to make myself eat. While I love veggies, I get lazy about fruit. Another thing I got was a container of plant based vanilla protein powder to put in smoothies.

Here is to going for a healthy week.

Gonna nom on this all week

No recipe, really. Just kept tossing stuff in. Three kinds of beans, mild peppers, a bit of onion, Trader Joe’s roasted corn, cilantro, Meyer lemon, lime olive oil, lemon baslamic, cumin, salt and a dash of smoked paprika