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March 11th, 2019

You have got to be kidding me, bro

My niece's little gift that I sent arrived about a week early for her birthday. They prodded her to call to thank me (side note: it's always disappointing since it's clear neither kid wants to talk to their aunt. Maybe when they're older and realize that I don't have a stick up my ass like their mom). I was prodding with questions to at least try to find out about her life and if she had birthday plans coming up. The SIL prodded her to tell me what she got for her birthday. Wait for it...

a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR MOUNTAIN BIKE. She's turning TWELVE for shit's sake. I wouldn't be so appalled but if you recall, these dopes can't manage money for shit. (Previous post for reference). Oh and also now she's taking violin and viola.

They are just so ridiculous.

In non-stupid-family news, I need to get a haircut soon. I'm debating doing one of two things. Either I want to make an appointment at this hip place on campus owned by a former football player and get designs shaved into the sides OR I want to go to my usual gal at the generic salon and have my usual short pixie but have her bleach it light all over so I can turn it purple or teal or something. Can't decide but I don't feel like doing both a shaved design and a color. It's a bit too much drastic change all at once.

Also, I'm feeling the urge when it comes to possibly getting a tattoo. I don't have any. I'm pondering little paw prints on the leg or something.