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March 12th, 2019

Money back apps

I've been using Ebates for a while which I wish I heard about it a lot earlier. I've earned nearly $350 in cash back since using it (one big cash back was when I got a new cell phone and it was a whopping 12% cash back just for buying it). It's been pretty legit - you can either get a check in the mail, get money by PayPal which is what I do, or sometimes they have offers where if you get the money back via an offer, you'll get a bigger percentage. I've used the latter on Petco and Kohl's gift cards.

The way they make money is the retailers pay to be part of their site. Even though you're getting money back, it's worth it to the retailer since they know you are more likely to buy something if you're getting a hunk of money back.

I heard about the deal for the Gardein stuff on that FB community but then yesterday, someone mentioned that not only was it a good sale, but if you activate a deal on an app called Ibotta, you get money back. Whaaat? I looked it up and it's similar to Ebates except you have to put an app on your phone whereas I use Ebates when shopping at my PC or in the store. Well, even though I missed out on this opportunity, may as well hook up the app and link my shoppers cards to it to get more money back.

Well the cool deal was that when I linked my shoppers cards, it went back and gave me money back for what I got at ShopRite and at Wegmans so I already earned $6! If I use 10 offers by March 25, I'll earn a $20 new user cash back. I'm not going to buy things I don't need but if I end up earning that just from my regular weekly grocery and pharmacy purchases, well hot diggity.

Anyone else use these? If not and you're interested, let me know. On the Ebates one, if your friends take your referral and then buy something, you get money back. 

Dine's first con

They've announced the dates for Kcon LA and NY.

Some folks are not happy that it moved from Newark to NYC because it'll be more expensive. I'm not that bothered since that means it'll be more room and since I'm not a fan of crowds, having more space is a relief to me. I don't know if we'll do one of the evening concerts - they haven't announced the artists that will be there, but I'm actually looking very forward to the cultural stuff and the food and the mini meets and stuff. According to veritasema fans come and give things to other fans and the vibe is all positive and happy.

I can dig that.


Breaking the possible tie

For giggles, I put a poll on twitter but right now I have a tie! So just because I'm a dork, I'll repost it here

Poll #2090772 Frivolous poll of frivlolousness

What Color Should I Turn My Hair?

Royal Blue
Something Else which I'll say in the comments

For reference, here's the last time I tried colored highlights - but this time I'll have her bleach my hair realllllly light so you can say...SEE the color

I always giggle at the cat butthole photobombing