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March 19th, 2019

Drama city USA

I’m using voice to text so pardon any typos. Unfortunately, my back is much worse with spasms. The doctor was able to call in a prescription for Xanax and it actually was covered by my insurance so that’s good. Emily picked it up for me with another prescription and some more pain patches.

In other disappointing news, I received a Messenger from the girl that had arranged for the belly dance teacher to come. It seems that she is still not on the wagon as it were. The owner of the studio could smell alcohol on her breath, and thought she was drinking during class even. Also even though the location is very easy to find, she kept getting lost and also she was so out of it that they found some of her belly dance gear in the parking lot she parked in a few blocks away. She’s not answering the messages from the girl that arranged it but I told her to tell the studio owner to go ahead and terminate the contract which I’m sure he would do anyway. It’s scary to think that she actually drives there. I do feel a little ticked Off that it was supposedly left to me to relay this. I shouldn’t have been put in the middle of it. But I guess since I wasn’t healthy enough to go to class, they figured it out anyway. Sad though she really needs help before she hurt someone.