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March 21st, 2019

Mini update

I got an update later by messenger. It seems that the dancer clearly must have figured out she was busted, and the classes have been canceled I guess by her. That’s for the best and I really hope she gets help because otherwise she’s going to hurt herself or someone else or someone might get killed and that’s horrible.

As far as me I’ve been upright a little longer but still having issues. Emily was fabulous as she is and dropped by to get my cat food shipment off of my porch in the rain and also went out to get my mail. Once I am actually mobile again, I have purple hair dye and it looks tempting. I’m hoping to get back to work by Monday. I’m not going to try to beat myself up and get everything done at once or I’ll put myself out again. I’m debating Whether to try to have groceries delivered or not, because the dopes always end up coming to the downstairs door instead of the proper one.