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March 28th, 2019

Turning that frown upside down

I just made a grumpy faculty dude a bit enthusiastic. Go me!

Since Bossman FINALLY gave me the go ahead to pester a laundry list of people about renewing their projects, I sent an email today. One faculty guy from Nutritional Science said he wasn't going to renew. Uh...unless you're retiring, what I'm sending isn't a request but more of a polite demand. He grumbled via email that he guesses he could spit something out but then mentioned there was something he'd been wanting to do a couple of years ago but it was shelved.

My interest was piqued and since I'm not one for being all that formal, my response to him was literally this "OOOO – I like new stuff! What have you got brewing?"

I think that interested him since he probably expected me to just spit out "you're required to do our bidding!" kinds of language. His brainworm that he wants to test sounds super cool to me (because I'm a NERRRRRD). He wants to do test mothers for their genetic sensitivity to bitter foods (called a PROP test) and then assess their infant's acceptance of vegetables. I've done the PROP test for a study - you put a little piece of paper in your mouth and they check your genes. I'm not a "super taster" evidently. Hmph.

He actually thanked me for the pep talk so hopefully I'll have his proposal to send out for review soon. I really do dig the projects from the nutritional and food science departments.