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March 29th, 2019

Express appointment with the rheumatologist

Welp, my rheumatologist signed my form and gave me a script so I'll take that to the DMV soon to get a placard and ID card. I was more interested in the ID card since it'll provide me some protection at the University to have an official declaration of disability. I'll have to get to IKEA soonish and get that mini desk and stuff so I can set up a home work station for when I need it and will talk to Bossman about it.

Also, she offered a steroid shot but since I'm almost recovered on this bout, I declined since I didn't want any side effects from the shot now that I'm a bit more mobile. She did send over a script for prescription naprosen as well as a week pack with refills of steroids. When I feel a back episode coming on, I start the steroid pack to get the inflammation to settle down. Why that wasn't offered as an option in the past, I have NO idea. That could have helped me for years.

My GP had written me a script for aquatic PT and the rheum thinks that's a good idea. I'll have to find my bathing suit or maybe I'll treat myself and get a new one. Hell, mine are so old they'd probably fall apart anyway.

So moving along - hopefully in a positive direction.