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April 2nd, 2019

A challenge I would never take

I don't currently have a version of the Sims on any of my devices but if I get a home computer workstation, it's going to be tooooo tempting not to get SIMS 4

That said, there is NO way that I'm ever going to try the 100 Baby Challenge. Having one baby in the Sims world is stressful enough. But it's amusing AF to watch Buzzfeed's Kelsey do the challenge.
Ep 1 (of currently 13, not including side quests)

Tired but busy

I couldn't wind down last night so as a result, I feel like crap today. So tired. But at least *knock wood* the stomachache I've had the last couple of days has improved. I'm assuming that the tummy issues were caused likely by stress exacerbated by the fact that I stopped taking the Xanax I was taking to relax my back the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping when I get home and lie down to rest my back from being upright that I don't fall asleep. It'll be much easier to get my sleep improved without chemical assistance if I'm just naturally so tired that I can't help but zonk out. But you can bet that once kitties have had "second dinner" that I won't be awake much after that.

The staff meeting was short today since Bossman had meetings to get to but there was lots of interesting news. One big thing was that as of July 1, Peggy is going to be 100% with us rather than only 40%. It sounds like the big whigs at the University are pretty stupid with reorganization and must be eliminating her Central office? Dopes. We'll be thrilled to have her. But there were also hints about reorganization of our office as a result and if part of it is to make it that I report directly to Peggy, I will be freaking thrilled. She gets that we need to get shit done and get it done in a timely manner and properly and I am all about that.

Since this month's meeting had to be short, what I was going to bring up could only be mentioned in passing but evidently next month it's going to be the Dine Show since what I need to drag everyone into needs to be a full-on group effort. My stuff will be the only thing on the agenda. I'll need to bring them all up to speed so I guess I should start working on a powerpoint presentation and handouts and shit. Go me.