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April 3rd, 2019


I felt ok all day yesterday but when I was leaving work, the stomachache returned. Oddly, however, it seems to improve if I eat something simple and filling and when I look that up, it's a pretty definitive diagnosis of gastrits - which is likely caused by taking the prescription NSAIDs that I should have refused last week and possibly some stress too. Could have developed a bit of an ulcer. Greeeeat. So I've stopped the NSAIDs altogether and on the safe side will reduce coffee consumption and will avoid acidic foods. Coworker Julie said she's had gastritis before and that Prilosec worked very well but takes at least a few days to kick in. I think I'll try that too.

I feel like with the health lately that I just can't win. The wobbly knees start cooperating a bit and the back goes out, now the back is getting a little stronger and the stomach is going out. BAH.

But I'll keep on truckin. And right now, will get back to work until lunchtime in an hour and a half or so.


Is today Kooky McNutball day or what?

Oh Facebook, you never disappoint with the wackadoos.

Background - got this email yesterday:
Please be advised that Highland Park has contracted with a company to conduct a census of the deer living in and around Highland Park. They will be performing the survey via a drone flight tomorrow, Wednesday (4/3) from noon until dusk (weather permitting). The drones are operated by trained UAS pilots who have been approved by the FAA. The flight plan includes the areas over Donaldson Park, the Meadows Trail area, Rutgers Ecological Preserve and Johnson Park, as well as the natural areas along the Raritan River between Donaldson and Johnson Parks. Census data will inform possible solutions for dealing with the growing deer population, which will be presented at an open public forum in the coming weeks.

I thought this was pretty cool. I did email the contact to make sure they cleared it with the university to fly a drone over the ecopreserve since Rutgers has air restrictions (they did do their homework which go HP!). I'm also hoping we can get access to the data since we have some folks here that do study the deer population.

Naturally the game of telephone happened and some misguided but well meaning granola cruncher posted this

Can someone please PM me Regarding what's happening with the deer in Highland Park? Last night one of my neighbors thought that there was a company going to shoot them today?... I have been working with white tell the are an exotic for many years.... There are several techniques for remove oil and relocation that do not harm the animals.. I currently live in Highland Park and happy to be a resource to our community...ty

I replied that there was no current plan for culling, that they were just doing a survey of where the deer are and how many there are. But that baited one of the local wackjobs who posted this

What the f***! They are little families and they don't even harm anyting! Leave them the f*** alone

Of which when I replied with this, that set her OFF

All they are doing is counting them and then having public forums about what to do about the overpopulation. Take it down a notch.

(She thinks we should just go hug the deer and that GOD will sort it out and merely counting them is OMG!WROOOOONG) and also said

And if you want to get into a Biblical discussion I'll take you on on that also!

Naturally since I can't help poking bears, I replied

I've no interest in discussing mythology, thanks

Which her head exploded and she's declared me an evil demon and that she was going to get the media to come and protest...counting deer. I told her to record it when she contacts them so we can enjoy all the laughing.