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April 4th, 2019

Guess I gotta call and schedule an appointment with the PT folks for aquatic therapy now that my swimsuit has arrived. I should probably have gotten it one size bigger but I can wiggle it on and well...hopefully some activity will make the suit feel looser eventually. Here's a picture from the Macy's website which is an accurate representation of the suit

I like the higher neck and the skirt. I also like that it's NOT underwire since I freaking hate that stuff.

In other news, stopping the NSAIDs is helping the stomach. Unfortunately that means I'm starting to get achy but for all I know, that could also be a.) somewhat psychosomatic pain since I'm already anxiety-prone by nature and/or b.) something that will resolve itself if I'm patient. I'll try to limit my use of lidocaine patches for my back but they do help stiffness in spots so that I sleep better so if possible, I'll keep them to nighttime use.

We started out ok...

Weeeeelllll, sonofabitch. This day started out SO well and now the site where I have faculty submit their effort reports is down and no one is answering us as to ETA of restoration. This is shit timing since the deadline I gave people is 4pm TODAY. THANKS GUYS, APPRECIATE IT.

I called to set up an appointment for the aquatic therapy and after being on hold for several minutes, the gal said she'd call me right back. That was an hour ago.

On a less shitty note, I experimented with packing rice paper summer rolls for lunch and was relieved that the rice paper stayed nicely moist but not too much so. I'll be packing more of these once I get more rice paper since you can put a combination of veggies and flavors and have a nice healthy lunch.

EDIT: Oh thank goodness, poked enough people that the site is back up now. Better damned well stay up, too.

Progress on some fronts at least

Still no call back from the PT people. If they don't call back, I'll pester them tomorrow morning.

However, I have an appointment on Saturday to get my hair cut back into my super short pixie cut and to get it bleached. I'm hoping I can also convince her to put the purple color on that I bought. I probably can since it's a professional color. If not, I'll do it myself at home but I'd rather have her do it even if she charges a few bucks so that I know the back is properly done since I'm doing all over color.

I also got an email from USDA of something I pestered them about months ago which no one responded. It so happens to be the thing that I was going to try to bug them about again because it's the item that I'm going to be presenting about next month and I wanted to ask some questions. I'll be hopefully talking to them Monday afternoon so I'll have to come up with my list of questions. I'm excited to get this moving forward since it's a BIG thing. Yeah, so research compliance, something I should totally be excited about?