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April 5th, 2019

Hopefully eventually we'll get to this

So I called back the PT people and now the estimate for first appointment is May and I still need to wait for them to clear my insurance before they can schedule it. Effing really? Well, it's the most convenient location and I'm sticking close to work/home for this. I'll have to see what hours the University pool down the block is open so maybe I can get a little activity in before the aquatic PT people check me out more thoroughly...or something.

I've been taking Aleve at minimum a couple times a week - until the back episode where it was multiple times daily - that I didn't think it was all that effective. But now that I've not taken it all week to try to improve my stomach, I'm getting the clear signs that it was working. My knee started to ache yesterday and it's doing a nice low throb today. When I got a regular PT script from the rheumatologist months ago and didn't go, it was because she listed the diagnosis as arthritis in that knee since that's what was on the x-ray. But I was confused since the knee rarely hurt, it was just loose from the hypermobility. Welp, guess I'm finding out that it really IS arthritic. Bleh.

Oh jeebaslug, Elaine, shut the F up. The dopey woman left the window in her office open so our suite is a bit cool this morning (my office is 71 which is downright chilly since I"m landlocked). But she's now chirping up now and then with BRRR! and whining because she's SO COLD. For one, it's not THAT damned cold now that you closed it about half an hour ago and secondly, you caused it so you don't get to bitch. Honestly, I swear she does this stuff on purpose subconciously so she can have drama.

But anyhoo, it's FRIDAY and as long as there are no disasters, I will have finally been at work a whole full week. Here's a gross Jello mold from the 1970s to celebrate.

This is especially gross to me because growing up, they served the most slimy canned peaches in the school cafeteria and made us eat them. To this day, I hardly ever eat peaches and especially never canned ones.    
Maybe this is why I don't get invited to wedding showers nowadays.

Coworker Elaine feels the need to tell me her tale of supposedly amusing woe about some family member and how rude she thinks it is that the person put rules on the shower gifts. Evidently:

  • You must wrap the gift in clear paper so the bride doesn't have to unwrap it

  • You must put the receipt on the bottom

  • You must fill out the address and put a stamp on a thank you card.

Oh, and the wedding isn't until October and it's a destination wedding in some obscure, hard to get to location. Sounds like Elaine is going to actually feel obligated to follow the rules and take her brood of children to the wedding which is going to cost a mint.

Then she groused because this person had a registry for the engagement party which was two years ago. At this point I was mentally done with listening to this asinine story and we had this exchange:

Me: Don't tell me that you actually bought these selfish moneygrabbers an engagement gift?
Her: Well yeah.
Me: You're an idiot.

She laughed but nah, I'm serious. You're a complete moron, Elaine and your relative is an ass. Stop buying into her nonsense.

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