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April 9th, 2019

Birthday girl

Many happy returns anisiriusmagus Here's hoping one day that you'll get the chance to come visit the US again so Veri and I can spoil you *hugs*

Gurl, you exhaust us.

Elaine, when your own boss has daily dialogues with me before you arrive about being tired of the unnecessary drama you perpetuate, that's not a good thing. If there's no real juicy stuff going on, she'll go out of her way to go find some or more often, she'll blatantly make some up. Her boss was telling me that yesterday she got back from some meeting that should have been benign, but Elaine spent the afternoon being all animated about spreading gossip that she either heard or spectulated about. She's blind to the fact that he doesn't CARE to hear it. But she's the type that if he tells her that, no matter how nicely, she goes into wide-eyed passive aggressive apology mode and parrots "are you mad at me?" about a million times. I swear, one time I'd like to hear "Yes, I am, now shut up." out of him. She needs to hear that.

This morning right from the get go she comes in and is flailing about how baaaaaad the traffic was. It was soooo horrible! Amazing that everyone else that takes the same route to work that she does (Julie down the hall and idiot business guy) managed to get here in a timely manner. So while she was readying herself for a fainting couch in the outer office, I checked traffic status and cameras. Not shockingly, they showed lighter than normal traffic. In fact, much lighter than normal. Did I bother to mention it to her? Nah, because I'm sure it's something that she'll say totally happened in the five to ten minutes before I checked it and somehow magically disappeared right after. Like the magical snow clouds that seem to dump tons more snow and ice on her particular house than any other house in the area (a previous BS drama fit she had).

Her latest other thing is claiming that she's got the inside track about whether the faculty at the university are going to strike. They're threatening to but they're also updating everything on a reddit message board and the news has also picked it up. This morning after the traffic claim, she claimed that they are definitely going to strike any moment. So I checked the reddit page. Nope, no update. I googled for news and while they're still threatening, they are still going to give the university another chance tomorrow. That one I sent her the news article about so that maybe she'll STFU about it today.

Oh, she also has no clue what reddit is. When I said "it's a text-based message board social media platform" her answer was "Oh, for Rutgers?"

Mind, she's ten years younger than me. I'd expect someone my age or older not to know what reddit is but...damn...clueless.

Pretty birds and odd birds

Ah, there's an update on the escapee peacock
So after some long hard detective work, our friend Chester has returned.
unfortunately it was not due to our excellent detectives, or awesome patrol officers.
Our gallivanting peafowl returned on his own because he missed his friends. a few nights on the lamb apparently made him realize what he was missing!
Thanks for all of the support in locating our majestic winged friend! Highland Park Police Department

That is just SO Highland Park NJ.

Emily amuses me by sending me "lottery houses" on the market. But then she stumbled across this gem. You have GOT to check out the interior. Hey, according to the listing, all furniture is included! Ooo, where do I sign up? o_O

Vegan recommendation

Last week at the grocery I bought mild Beyond Sausage since I love the Beyond Burgers. I thought it was going to be Italian but it was actually bratwurst. Don’t get me wrong, though it was really good and next time, I’ll make sure to have sauerkraut on hand.

This week I took the chance and got hot Italian sausage. I’m a little leery of hot sausage but it was not too burnout at all. I cut it into slices and pan fried it with red and yellow pepper and had it atop brown sprouted rice. It was absolutely delicious. With the other sausages, I’ll make some pasta with pesto. Pondering other combinations if anyone has ideas?

Each container is $8.99 for four generously sized links. That’s about the same price as four good quality meat sausages. Also, if you sign up for emails at the Beyond Meat site, they will send coupons now and then. They now make a block of ground fake beef and I am looking so forward to getting that to make maybe tacos or even stuffed cabbage.